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Find Filipino Groceries at Johnny Air Mart in the East Village

Alphabet City might not be the first place you'd think to look for ingredients from the Philippines. Nevertheless, that's where you'll find the Filipino market Johnny Air Mart—on Avenue A, just south of 14th street. Ricky, the general manager, explained why: "In Stuyvesant Town, there are lot of Filipino. And nurses from NYU, Beth Israel, area hospitals, there a lot of Filipino nurses. This area is the main Filipino area [in Manhattan]." More

Market Tours: Lanka Grocery, Staten Island's Destination Sri Lankan Market

The sloping, tree-lined Victory Boulevard that crisscrosses Staten Island's Tompkinsville neighborhood offers visitors a spectacular view of Manhattan. But it's more than a pretty residential street with views that would make a Brooklyner rethink their rooftop: it's also the heart of the Sri Lankan community that's taken hold on Staten Island (with some great restaurants to boot).

It's also home to Lanka Grocery.


Market Tours: El Gauchito, an Argentinian Steakhouse and Butcher in Queens

The first hint that you've entered Argentinean/Uruguayan territory is the telephone pole on the corner of Corona Avenue and Junction Boulevard. It's painted blue and white, the colors of the flags of both countries. The second hint? El Gauchito: a butcher/restaurant. Don't be fooled by the seemingly small spot. Inside you'll find enough Argentinean goods to make any hardened expat or recent tourist ecstatic. More

Market Tours: Visit Carmel Grocery in Forest Hills for Eggplant Salads and Middle Eastern Staples

Look close under the green and white awning and you'll notice, in the window, brightly painted signs advertising dried fruits and nuts, homemade salads, and more. Welcome to Carmel, a tiny but wonderfully stocked Middle Eastern grocery in Forest Hills. The products are fresh, the staff is friendly, and the affordable prices can't be beat. More

Market Tours: A Taste of Germany at Stammtisch Pork Store in Glendale, Queens

To many, the bucolic tree-lined neighborhood of Glendale, Queens is known as 'Little Germany,' although, as is want to happen in New York, it's changing. "You used to walk the streets here and everybody spoke German, old ladies scrubbing the stoops outside, that kind of stuff," Werner Lehner recounted one recent Friday morning outside Stammtisch Pork Store and Imports on Myrtle Avenue. If you're looking for that old German feel (and flavor), Stammtisch is where you'll find it. More

Market Tours: Caputo's Fine Foods, an Italian Institution in Carroll Gardens

For 39 years, Caputo's Fine Foods has occupied a tiny sliver of space—just enough for wall of shelves and a butcher counter—at 460 Court Street. In that time, it's become an institution. Lines for fresh mozzarella are long on weekends, and many a restaurant, like Buttermilk Channel, make a weekly trek to buy mozzarella in person. More

Market Tours: Holyland Market

St. Mark's Place might seem an odd location for a kosher Middle Eastern market, what with its sidewalk vendors hawking colorful socks, spiky jewelry and gothic ware. Then again, Holyland Market—with its Hamsa emblem, its oh-so-New-York history, and Haran, its super-friendly, super-knowledgeable Latin-music-playing employee—seems very much at home among its neighbors. More

Market Tours: House-Smoked Polish Kielbasa and 2,300 Beers at Eagle Provisions

The sign crowning the awning of Eagle Provisions—whitewashed plywood with hand pained lettering in orange and black—seems like it's been there a long time. And it has: 34 years, an eternity in the gentrifying neighborhood south of Park Slope and north of Sunset Park. People come to Eagle Provisions for two reasons: its house-smoked kielbasa and its staggering selection of beer from around the world. More

Market Tours: Brazilian Specialties (and lots of Cheese Bread) at Rio Market in Astoria

Today, Astoria's "Little Brazil"—the stretch of 36th Avenue around the N/Q subway stop—is a different place. "Most Brazilians have gone home [to Brazil]," says Ricardo, owner of Rio Market. I'm just one of the last places left selling Brazilian goods." Take a tour of the aisles for mate gourds, cassava snacks, and lots of cheesy bread. More

Market Tours: Bangkok Center Grocery

Chinatown can be wonderfully chaotic, and often a mere stroll along Mott or Mullberry will turn up a serendipitous find. Sometimes, though, you need a little bit of guidance to navigate the exhaustive maze of pan-Asian grocers. If you're looking for Thai ingredients, and some know-how for what to do once you find them, then head deeper south, past the crush of Canal Street, to the otherwise nondescript Mosco Street, where you'll find the Bangkok Center Grocery. More

Market Tours: Titan Foods, a Greek Grocery Giant in Astoria

Like the immortal gods of strength and stamina (descendants, no less, of Earth and Heaven) from which it borrows its name, Titan Foods is a giant among Greek grocers. Take a tour of this Astoria giant, which sells about a dozen varieties of olives, some of the best feta in New York, and everything else you'd need to cook and eat like a Greek. More

Market Tours: Irish Ham, Boiling Bacon, and Black Pudding at The Butcher's Block in Sunnyside, Queens

On a quiet side street off Queens Boulevard in Sunnyside, Queens, there's a cartoony wooden cutout of a maniacally gleeful butcher (with unnaturally blue eyes), grasping a red cow. Then you notice the shamrocks painted on the window behind him. And the bold red letters hinting at other treats inside: boiling bacon, corned beef, black and white pudding, rashers. Welcome to The Butcher's Block, one of NYC's few Irish grocery stores. More

Your New Summer Drink: Luxardo Aperitivo

This was made for me! Thanks for the intro, Andrew.

DIY Cornmeal from Popcorn

What?! This is amazing. Popcorn is one thing I always have on hand. Will try this my electric coffee grinder (now reserved for spices) and report back!

Market Tours: El Gauchito, an Argentinian Steakhouse and Butcher in Queens

@bkfoodie131: empanadas to go and to stay at El Guachito!

Market Tours: El Gauchito, an Argentinian Steakhouse and Butcher in Queens

@janav: medialunas across the street at Río Plata bakery!

Market Tours: Visit Carmel Grocery in Forest Hills for Eggplant Salads and Middle Eastern Staples

Hummus (and the rest) will run you >$3 and I don't know what goes into the Romanian eggplant (which is a spread and excellent on the Queens Bakery pita) but I assure you it's delicious.

Market Tours: Sunrise Mart, a Japanese Market Hidden in the East Village

@Farro: they do have genuine wasabi root! Though not every day and it's expensive (though otherwise as tinybanquetcommittee notes, prices are definitely good). Call ahead to check!

Market Tours: A Taste of Germany at Stammtisch Pork Store in Glendale, Queens

@AndrewCoe: Sausages are from Forest Pork Store, in neighboring Ridgewood. It's on the corner of Woodbine and Forest, but they no longer do retail. I've been assured they're "German to the core" and from the looks of them, I'm sure the weisswurst won't disappoint!

Market Tours: A Taste of Germany at Stammtisch Pork Store in Glendale, Queens

yeesh. typo morning. thanks @metaphora

Market Tours: Holyland Market

@Otis: No Tim Tams when I was there, though it is possible they were sold out at the moment.
@Greenlass: Thanks for the interesting updates. Also, I'm always looking for new markets to cover, so if you have some tips for good spots to get Arab and Palestinian food, do send them my way!

Market Tours: Brazilian Specialties (and lots of Cheese Bread) at Rio Market in Astoria

@HungryDan...I stopped in at their mid-afternoon lull, so they didn't have fresh ones on hand but they definitely make bacalhau daily. No shrimp pastels, just chicken!
@PhillyRay...no Cachaça unfortunately. But you could ask them if they can recommend liquor stores in the area that carry their favorite brands? (How's your Portuguese ;))

Market Tours: Schwartz's Kosher Supermarket in Williamsburg

I'll add to the mix that the bakeries in Chasidic Williamsburg are some of my favorites in NYC, and Flaum's has its own outpost on Lee Ave with all the smoked fish you could want. There seems to be a division of labor among stores, which makes sense given the small, close knit community in that particular neighborhood.

Market Tours: Schwartz's Kosher Supermarket in Williamsburg

@rodalpho: Not insulting! Just curious. And hey, Brighton Beach's not too far, just don't know where to go. So again, suggestions always welcome :)

Market Tours: Schwartz's Kosher Supermarket in Williamsburg

@rodalpho: always taking suggestions for better markets. Send them my way!

Serious Entertaining: What to Eat Before a Robyn Dance Party

I sense a new dinner party theme in the making.

Spice Hunting: Pandan

How long will the homemade extract keep in the fridge, you think? Indefinitely (ish) if the plant solids are well strained?

Market Tours: Titan Foods, a Greek Grocery Giant in Astoria

@thesteveroller & @saria, thanks for the clarifications! (and recs!)

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Ice Creams in NYC

Cones! Argentinean style gelato...the corn with cinnamon is fantastic. And the white chocolate!

Why British and Irish Crisps Are Brilliant

Mexican Eats: Mexico 2000

This place is fantastic. Not sure how I first came upon it - it's a real hole-in-the-wall - but it's worth it. Also a great place to pick up Mexican ingredients, especially dried chilis!

Cook the Book: 'Ripe'

quince! cooked down into succulent blocks of red paste. mm. nostalgia in a spoon.

Grocery Ninja: Have a Mate, Mate?

to izzy's mama...if you are choosing between countries, note uruguayan yerba blends tend to be considerably more bitter than argentine blends. of the argentine blends, as the argentinean roomie, my personal favorite is cruz de malta. however, rosamonte recently came out with a new "suave" version which has all the awesomeness of regular mate but again, is less bitter...not that less bitter is better.

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