• Location: Westchester, NY

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French in a Flash: One-Pot Sausages and Lentils with Sweet Roasted Shallots

Where can you buy Toulouse sausages? I'm in the NYC metro area.

NYC restaurant group gift certificate - Danny Meyer?

Thanks alot. Was viewing the moblile version Union Square Hospitality Group website on iphone....couldn't find the gift card link. However, found gift card link when I checked it out on CPU. Thanks for the help.


I had some salsify at Blue Hill up at the farm in Westchester back in February. First and only time I had it. A root vegetable...

After Dinner Games, Got One We Should Be Playing?

After holiday meals my family would get out the cards and play "joker", commonly known by it's college name "asshole". 2s are wild, consecutive 3's. Clear. Socials clear. Who is with me?

Rubirosa Pizza & Bar Brings Iconic Staten Island Pizza to Nolita

I spent my first 26 of 33 years on Shaolin. I often use that term to describe Staten Island.

BTW - Lee's Tavern is the best pizza experience this side of the galaxy.

Looking for some serious eats near Beacon Theater

Thanks for the suggestions. We ended up at Fatty Crab and had appetizers of sliders, pork buns and chicken wings. Pork buns were pretty good, chicken wings ok and sliders a bit disappointing. I was getting an off taste from the sliders...not sure if it was the pork/beef combo or some other reason. Will try again and order off the dinner menu.

BTW - Salumeria Rosi looks great. Can't wait to try.

Sunday Brunch: Eggs in a Basket

Eggs in basket. Toad in a hole. Same thing?

Blue Hill Cafe

Blue hill cafe definatley worth it. At lunchtime the lines get a bit long and they aren't that fast behind the counter. I recommend the homemade bologna open face sandwich or the open face egg salad. You won't be disappointed.