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What Are Your Favorite Hot, Boozy Drinks?

Hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps!! Recently discovered hot chocolate and chambord too...mmmm

Poll: Do You Eat Ice Cream In The Cold?

Winter is just an excuse to stock up on the stuff and eat it inside your toasty warm house wrapped up under a blanket :)

Hotcakes from Pamela's in Pittsburgh, PA

I currently attend CMU for grad school...Too bad they're not open for dinner or I would totally run down there right now mmmm. I disagree on the strawberry being the best- banana and chocolate chip all the way.

Something in your kitchen design that irritates you!

My kitchen is tiny (4x4) and I'm running out of room for things as I accumulate more and more stuff :-/ The most annoying thing is emptying out a carefully stacked cupboard so I can get to whatever's in the back.

Cook the Book: 'Mary Mac's Tea Room'

eating a muffuletta for the first time in New Orleans!

Poll: Ice Cream, Gelato, or Frozen Custard?

Frozen yogurt!!! A shop recently opened a block from my apartment and now that I am hooked, ice cream just doesn't hold the same appeal to me as it used to. But if I can't have frozen yogurt, gelato is a close second.

Cook the Book: 'Recipes from an Italian Summer'

orzo pasta salad with a raspberry vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes, and mint!

Cook the Book: 'The Book of Tapas'

chicken wrapped in pandanus leaf at the silk elephant in pittsburgh

Best Baltimore crab cakes / seafood?

Ok cool! We've been thinking of hitting up Lexington Market and now we will for sure!

Here's looking at you kid--Dinner 4/29/10 ?

Tonight I'm going to a Thai cooking class...chicken satays, spring rolls, shrimp pad Thai, and Panang beef curry!

burned out on lunch sandwiches

Thanks everyone for the help! I especially like the quinoa / couscous / pasta salad ideas! I'm thinking about making a quinoa and black bean salad this week.

Cook the Book: 'In The Green Kitchen'

add more garlic than the recipe calls for :)

Weekend Cook and Tell: You Ate Where?

On a recent Caribbean cruise, I did a van tour of St. Lucia. At the end of the day, we stopped at a bakery in a village, our guide got out and came back with bags of bread and cheese. The bread was piping hot, crunchy on the outside, and oh so soft on the inside. The cheese got all melty and gooey and delicious stuffed inside the bread. One of the simplest meals ever (and eaten in a van) but so amazing!


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