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Cook the Book: 'Kneadlessly Simple'

Banana bread with walnuts. I always feel good about using up those old bananas.

The UK's Favorite Dunking Biscuits, Plus Dunking Tips

I am a huge fan of plain chocolate mcvities digestives. I have to have them every time I'm in England. And they taste great with tea, coffee, beer, wine, snakebites, vodka tonic, vodka soda, scotch, gin...I could go on.

The Perfect Pancake Formula

Maths has never been my strong suit. I just can't believe he put ketchup on pancakes!

Cook the Book: 'On the Line'

FISH PIE! Or seared scallops with salt, olive oil and lemon.

Serious Grape: Preserving Your Wine History

I will definitely try the hair dryer. Thanks! Have a great weekend.

Serious Grape: Preserving Your Wine History

This is fabulous! Any good tips on how she got those labels off so beautifully?

Cook the Book: 'Almost Meatless'

Lentil or split pea soup. Both are so delicious in their simplicity.

Tall Order: Dessert with No Dairy, Sugar, Gluten, or Nuts?

How about a mango lassie - I found a cool recipe on this site.
It sounds good. I may have to try it. I've heard of people putting their lassies in the ice cream maker too, although I believe they used yogurt - but maybe soy yogurt would work there. Could be a fun experiment.

Snapshots from the UK: Ribena, and the Guinness and Black

Ribena is pretty gross - it's so sweet! I often drink snakebites in England but I always have to stress "No Black". The bartender looks at me like I'm crazy, but really, a snakebite and black is just too much.

I was in Germany once and the bartender made me a Guiness with Banana Juice. I didn't even know banana juice existed. Boy was that delicious. Who knew!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Food Giveaway: Russ & Daughters

2 eggs over medium, sausage, extra crispy hash browns and rye toast. Apple juice and coffee.

Cook the Book: 'Chocolate Epiphany'

Moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache. YUMMY!


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