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Yeast-Raised Doughnuts

this sounds yummy! Might have to try this sometime soon! I got a deep fryer for Christmas!

Anyone know a good, simple salsa recipe?

Any sort of pepper you like banana or anaheim without seeds for a mild salsa, jalapeno for a spicier kick.
Chopped or minced garlic
Fresh lime juice
1/8-1/4 cup of white vinegar depending on how much salsa you are making.
Salt and pepper to taste.

You can chop all of the veggies by hand and the only tool you will need is s spoon to stir. This salsa is very flavorful right away but even better after a night in the fridge! ENJOY!

January 30th -- National Croissant Day

Chocolate Croissants are one of my most favorite things! Also ham and gruyere filled Croissants are awesome! I think I will celebrate by having one of EACH! haha....I am pregnant and now am CRAVING a hot buttery Croissant!

Cooking with Beer

I am definitely not a beer drinker, but LOVE cooking with it! I feel it can really add a richness to the flavor of lots of dishes without making them taste like Beer. My favorites are different beef dishes braised in a Stock and Beer Mixture, or a Beer Battered Coconut Shrimp! I like using a Dark Rich Beer for my Beef dishes and a lighter wheat beer for Shrimp. Good luck!

Help me ease into Indian and Thai!

So many good suggestions up above! Thai food is my favorite and there are lots of things that beginners would like! If you like a sweeter dish than Pad Thai is for you, and if you want a more savory noodle dish, Pad See Ew can be a very mild dish if you get only 1 star. Massaman Curry is also a delicious starter dish that almost everyone that I have ever had try LOVES! The great thing about Thai food is that you can get most everything pretty mild or really hot depending on your tastes! Spring Rolls, and Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce are also great small plates! Swimming Rama is a must if you LOVE peanut sauce! It is noodles, spinach and your choice of meat smothered in delectable peanut sauce!

ThermoWorks Thermapen

Uh Oh...I didn't know what this was 10 minutes ago and now I want one!

StarBuck's Salted Caramal Hot Choc, to drink or not to drink?

With regards to the calories, I get it made with nonfat milk and no whip and that takes it down to 310 calories...and still very decadent tasting! I don't feel QUITE as bad about that!

My family of 4 is now a family of 7... tips for cooking large?

The Crock Pot can be your best friend! You can throw almost any combo of meat and veggies in there and when you get home...dinner will be ready and can feed a crowd! Soups are also great as you can make a big pot for not too much money. Things like Taco night and Pizza night can also feel a lot of people with not too much hassle! Good luck!

Best Vegan Thanksgiving Dish?

I make a Vegan Fudge that is SOOO yummy! I use the Vegan chocolate chips from Whole foods and go from there! It is a family favorite especially for those in our family who are lactose intollerant!

Wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free meal ideas please

I just made this recipe for Taiwanese Chicken Noodles and it is really quick and easy and meets all of your allergy requirements! Try it out!

Calling All Soup Nuts.....Gimme Ur Fav Recipe,PLEASE!

I have a Roasted Butternut Squash Soup that I LOVE and serve with Feta cheese and a Balsamic Vinegar Drizzle! This soup reheats well, freezes well and is good with Goat Cheese too!

Dish for a Mexican-Themed Party?

Churros, or Mexican Hot Chocolate, or a Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream!

"I only have 1 item. Can I sneak ahead of you?"

I was recently at the store behind two people with quite a few items and I only had 2 nectarines. I didn't say anything, but both people saw that I only had those two nectarines and said, "hey, why don't you go in front of me as you only have 2 things?" It was SO nice of them and really made my day! If I ever do see someone with only 1 thing, and I have many, I will do the same!

Need help with squash soup

Sounds good! I might have to try that combo in my next squash soup!

An Apple a Week: Calvados Caramel Apples with Salted Walnuts

Oh yum! This looks fantastic! I am making my caramel apples in just a week! SO excited!!!

Caramel Apple Ice Cream!!!

Merstar...thanks for noticing that...I have fixed it on my blog and I just used 1 Tbls of Butter.
Ebell...I often do not use egg yolks in my ice cream. I have before, but I like the consistency of an egg free ice cream more! I am sure you could make your normal Ice Cream base with egg yolks and this would still be wonderful!

Mixed Review: Vosges Caramel Toffee Chocolate Chunk Brownies

YUM! Anytime I can combine chocolate and toffee...I am in! I will have to try this some time!

In Season: Butternut Squash

Just made a delicious roasted butternut squash soup with lots of other fall veggies as well! It was REALLY good and we garnished with a little bit of feta and a balsamic drizzle! Check out my blog for the recipe!