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A Sandwich a Day: Veggie Pita at Marrakesh

I get lunch from these guys at least once a week. I do their Vegetarian Sandwich Complete Balanced Lunch special. Sandwich is falafel and grape leaves, or falafel and hummus. I always add hot sauce. I side it with the Harira soup and the fruit salad. Lunch is the sandwich, dinner is the soup/fruit salad. I love these guys.

You're right though, they do not travel well.

Secrets from the Host Stand: 10 Things a Restaurant Host Wishes They Could Tell You

I get that it's hard work. That said, I disagree with the bulk of points made in this article, and the put-upon attitude I'm seeing in it makes me want to never visit whatever restaurant you or your friends work in. Dude, you seat people, take reservations and listen to a certain amount of bitching. You are not ronin. Jesus.

Patrons at a restaurant should show up on time, be pleasant, and leave a decent tip. That it's. That's as far as their jog goes. The hardcore requirements are for the people getting paid/tipped. As a host, seat me. If I have a reservation, don't make me wait half an hour for my table. Don't sigh when I ask, at 825pm, when I'll be finally be seated at the table I reserved for 8pm and showup on time for.

One of the reasons that so many people use OpenTable is because it is far easier than dealing with the restaurant itself. No endless ringing, no being put on hold.

I don't care one way or another about same-side seaters, though having done so once or twice myself over the course of my life, I don't get the appeal. It's uncomfortable.

Do You Agree with New York City's Soda Ban?

I think the ban is ridiculous. It's one thing to regulate size in schools, which I can kind of, maybe, see. It is an entirely different thing when the government has the audacity to tell full grown adults how large their soda pop is allowed to be. Bloomberg's nannyism is out of control. I rarely drink soda, so this doesn't affect me on a personal level, but it still really pisses me off.

And some of the exceptions are just... So, I can't have that 24 oz coke unless I put a shot of rum in it? Awesome!

Personally, I'm already gearing up for when they decide that my 8 oz cheeseburger needs to be shrunk, or that perhaps the cheese itself is just too much fat.

It used to be a matter of trying to keep the government out of out wallets and bedrooms. Now they've added dinner to the list.

Cereal Eats: Can We Talk About Weetabix?

I've always eaten me thusly - pour a cup of milk. Dunk the Weetabix like cookies. Eat. These and Cheerios are my two all time favorite cereals.

Taste Test: Jarred Pasta Sauces from Celebrity Chefs and Restaurants

Rao's is the only jarred sauce I use. It is delicious. I usually just make it, but there's always a jar in the cupboard for emergencies. It's funny, I looked at the sauce blobs in your review and I instantly recognized it.

Bread Baking: Reuben Danish

Donna, this totally lifts you up into the food god pantheon. This is freakin' brilliant.

Pudding...more than just mush?

@Mr. Fed Up, I refuse to believe your post is real, not on this site. You're joking and seeing who will bite.

Cadbury Creme Egg Salad Sandwiches

Just because one can do something, doesn't mean they should do something. Yes, it is possible to make a cadbury egg salad sandwich, but seriously, why?

Cadbury Creme Egg Salad Sandwiches

Just because one can do something, doesn't mean they should do something. Yes, it is possible to make a cadbury egg salad sandwich, but seriously, why?

FYI to Serious Eats on Latin Cooking...

Okay, this is pretty awesome. A need is stated, and it is met by TPTB. Thank you so much @Kenji! I love real Latin food, and can't stand Tex-Mex, so this will be an awesome addition.

If I may make a request, if you could come up with a great Peruvian aji sauce recipe (like the one from Sophie's in NYC) I will see about sending some of my 401(k) your way.

Overused food descriptions.

The list, it is endless. Sammie and Sammich. YummO! Nom, nom, nom. 'za. Artisanal/artisan used for any food that comes out of a freakin' factory. Dominos does not make an Artisan pizza, no matter what they think. Delish. I'm also not a fan of the NY weirdness pronunciation of certain foods, manacotti being managot, mozzarella being mootzarel, ricotta being regot.

Also, I think I want to marry @Bobthebunny25.


I do find Yelp to be a place of extremes, but it can sometimes be helpful. If I hate a place and then go into Yelp and read the reviews, I'm like, in my head, "yea, what he/she said!", and I feel better about my shared awful experience. I've loved plenty places the Borg's hate, and hated plenty places they loved. Where I find Yelp to be especially helpful is in apartment hunting, reviews on buildings and such. Not so much o. The food issue.

Giving eggplant a chance

Mollie Katzen's Tunisian Eggplant Appetizer is just about the most delicious thing a person can do with eggplant.

Google it. Trust me, it's amazing.

10 Fun Toppings for Popcorn

If you add mochi rice crackers to the furikake, you have Hawaiian hurricane popcorn, the best thing ever.

Also, Sazon Goya seasoning packets are awesome on popcorn.

Cookbooks with Stamina

How is The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan not on this list? I think it is, hands down, the best cookbook I've ever owned. Simple, straightforward, brilliant. The all-over-the-web tomato butter pasta sauce, and lemon roasted chicken? Theyr're there. They're her recipes.

Pantry and Fridge Frustrations. Has It Happened To You?

I am the exact opposite, at least with pantry stuff. If I like an item, I load up. I tend to have very specific favorites that are often hard to find, so I load up on them. My freezer is filled with Indian spice mixes, I buy verjus and Melfor vinegar six bottles at a time. Plus, I can get my favorite cereal way cheaper through Amazon than the market, but it's six boxes at a time. You'd think I was feeding an army.

New Sandwiches at 'wichcraft

They took the meatloaf off the menu for a while. It's back! And Pricier! They keep taking the stuff I like off the menu. I loved their grilled ham breakfast sandwich. Gone. Endive green salad. Gone. At least the meatloaf is back and they still have that awesome chickpea salad.

A Sandwich a Day: Spam Musubi 'Sandwich' at Ate-Oh-Ate in Portland, OR

I love spam musubi. It is SO ridiculously good, and SO hard to get people to try it once they hear the dreaded word spam. Never had it with the omelet though. Gotta try that.

Also, for anyone wanting to try it out, @Robyn Lee's tutorial is pretty great.

I call shenanigans!

I'm sure that there are people with huge problems when it comes to food, for whatever reasons. I have a friend who during a particularly stressful period in her life developed this thing where food that really needed to be chewed would gag and then her throat would close up. It took years of therapy for her to get over it, and even so, she could never eat something like a steak.

That said, I also think there are loads of people who will happily make mountains out of relative molehills just to be on television, or for the attention, or whatever.

The Vegan Experience, Day 0

If I may, keep umeboshi paste, capers and kalamata olives on hand at all times. They will keep you sane and happy.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

I've got a bunch of high end knives, but honestly, the knives I use most are these cheap Ginsu knives from a set I've had for over 30 years. The filet and the utility. I use them constantly. They are razor sharp (still), slice paper thin and require zero upkeep.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Southside Market Sausage, Chicken, and Steaks

Blue Smoke in NYC for NYC, which is not exactly known for its barbecue, and with good reason.