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Beginner Baker

Thank you all for so many great ideas, I can't wait to start baking! One other thing I was wondering about, do most people need that kitchen aid mixer to really make baking better? I see everyone on the cooking shows always using it.

Speaking of beef stew....

sheri1970, I cooked it on the stove top and didn't really cook it slow or low because I was kind of in a hurry and also since I needed to cook the potatoes I cooked it on high, I guess that wasn't right?

Perceived Food Passion vs. Actual Food Passion

Who cares? They're not hurting anybody! geeze...

Easter Brunch Dish

Wow, these all sound great! @AnnieNT, I would love that recipe!
@CJ McD, It's a potluck and I wanted to bring 2 dishes, one of which I want to be vegetarian.

Jalapeno burn

Thank you all for your suggestions! I was in pain until 4 am and I'm trying to stay awake in work as I type this. Not sure if its all gone yet, took my contacts out last night before I asked you guys for help and felt like a hot poker was in my eye!!!(threw them out!)I had to put my contacts in(had a spare pair, thankfully) with rubber gloves this morning (I know I should have used them in the first place). I only had milk and sour cream, worked eventually but wore off and I kept applying. Anyway, thanks everyone, I will NEVER do that again.

Pie Crust

They all sound like great ideas! I'm going to try them all!


Thank you! I didn't think to roast the vegetables first! I will try another batch tomorrow with all your wonderful advice. Thanks.


Wow, thanks so much, they all sound great!

New York City Wine and Food Festival: Ticket Giveaway, The Grand Tasting

I've always been a huge fan and I always wanted to taste his food: Bobby Flay, Bobby Flay, Bobby Flay!!!

What is the best store bought salad dressing?

I have always loved Marie's blue cheese, and NOW they came out with Marie's Blue Cheese VINIGRETTE!!! It is simply AWESOME!!!

What nut is next?

I just finished a whole bag, which I shared with my 3 year old!!!! She adores them, now I'm very nervous!!!

Slow going on Food Network website

I don't even bother with it anymore, it's not worth the trouble....

Super Bowl Food Swap Update

@Josdean, what is chipped chopped ham
@izatryt, I was screaming too (crying in my beer here in philly)

Great and Affordable in NYC?

Thanks so much, I feel so much better about our trip now, I thought we'd be have to make do with McDonalds!

Great and Affordable in NYC?

Thank you for all the advice! Keep it coming, she's attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 120 Madison Ave (I don't know if that's uptown or downtown)

What's your favorite candy-box chocolate?

What is See's? I live in Philadelphia and used to buy the Big Red Box of chocolate candy at Strawbridges every Christmas, but they have closed, sadly. Wish I could find that again!

I always make____for the holidays, because my Grandma did

@lakeloverhh, I'm dying to make sticky buns and coffee cakes, but have never made them before, can you share the recipe? Thanks