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Cheesy Short Rib and Sausage Lasagna Soup

Going to make tonight for dinner tomorrow. Not adding pasta until I re heat. Think it will set up too much in the fridge to properly cook the pasta without soaking up all the broth tomorrow? Should I cook the pasta on it's own, then add to hot soup? Our is there a way I can add more broth without ruining the flavor profile? BTW, I've been putting P{OACHED eggs on everything since watching Kenji's video earlier this week. Wonder how one would taste on a bowl of this??

Any Foodies with Gastroparesis?

@ambhall, I had never heard of this condition. I survived a battle with colo-rectal cancer,diagnosed in 2008,and have never been the same. I've had several instances of bowel obstruction requiring three to four day stays in the hospital with an NG and all the trimmings.
Most mornings I wake up still full from the night before. I self manage by doing clear liquids one day a week. I need to ask my GI about this.
Thanks for posting about this.

Looking for fabulous Chex (Mix)

My MIL makes it completely from scratch. Couldn't tell you how, so I'm no help here, just wanted to give a shout to my MIL Ree-ners:) I like baked items "well done" and she always makes me a special batch that borders on burnt, yumm!!!!

Albuquerque, NM: Green Chile Cheeseburger at Q Burger

@SwEaterGuy, been there, done 'em. My job has me constantly traveling the ENTIRE State. Ever been to Tai Ban? I have. Nothing there food worthy, just wanted to give an example of the fact that if it has a zip code, or even if it doesn't, and it's in Nuevo Mexico,I've spent time there. No doubt los Surenos make some fine food, I'm just saying the Bobcat, for me, is the best ever...

Albuquerque, NM: Green Chile Cheeseburger at Q Burger

Hmmph. As bRgR you could tell just by the name they were trying too hard. Problem was that effort didn't carry over to the service or the food. And the "Q" in Q Burger is a half assed attempt at the City of tryin to market the Duke City as something it isn't . Head a mile or so east to Howly Cow for a great Downtown Burque burger.
And yes, the GCCB at the Bobcat is the best, in the WORLD.

Tips for sanitizing beer growlers.

@gdev,thanks for the info, I think you covered it for me.
@dmc., I could Google lots of stuff, but my Serious Eats peeps cut thru all the BS and help with just the info I need :)


Cacique makes excellent pork and beef. I prefer the puerco myself.

Why do the raisins in my wife's cornbread sink to the bottom?

@eilonwy, you get it. It is a Mexican thang. Being Mexican, we also love our sweet tamales,several of which are made with raisins. And after all they both use corn as their base. BTW, Golden Palate, as misguided as my feelings may be, I feel the same way as you do when someone tops some "chilli sauced" ground beef concoction with cornbread and calls it a "tamale pie" or "easy tamale" or some such thing. As we know, unlike cornbread, there is no such thing as an easy tamale...

Why do the raisins in my wife's cornbread sink to the bottom?

Kinda funny the reaction this thread has gotten. You'd thought my post read "Why does my wife's cyanide bubble and hiss when she adds hydrochloric acid?". Fortunately,for me anyway, at some point in the past someone thought it a good idea to mix raisins in cornbread, or pick an urchin off a rock in the surf, or...

Why do the raisins in my wife's cornbread sink to the bottom?

@Cary, I couldn't imagine it either, I'm not a big fan of raisins on their own, or in cookies etc. The first time I saw her making it my reaction was "NOOO.... don't ruin all that cornbread". But the proof is in the tasting, it's a favorite wherever we take it. Go figure...

Dinner Tonight: Fideo (Mexican Pasta with Vegetables and Chile)

Ah, fideos ... Next to the trusty frijole, this was the second most eaten pantry item in MY family. My mom would toast them in light oil till they were nice and brown, then add some chicken stock and tomato sauce. The rest was up to the individual. Me, I was longhorn, my sisters were parm, mom and pops queso fresco. There was green onion, lime, Meyer lemon, Tabasco. My tio Toby, who was a bit of a drinker, would eat them cold with yellow mustard and salteens. Yumm. Now my wife makes kind of soupy and adds half a dozen eggs to pouch. Try them, you'll love them.

Milwaukee: The Decent, the Bad, and the Ugly at Milwaukee Ale House in Grafton

@ALRUI, you beat me to the punch. I don't know why that bugs me so much, when ordering a burger, gratis lettuce, tomato and onion is expected. What's next, a complimentary bun?

29 Touristy Spots in America That Are Actually Good

Tomasitas, yeah tourists, it's the most AUTHENTIC and tasty New Mexican food in town... Thanks Serious Eats for sending as many future tourists to our fair city as will heed your advice to this fine destanation, thus forcing us locals who know the truth to eat --- ----, or --'-, or ...

Maine: When Pigs Fly Bakery Opens an Awesome Pizzeria in Kittery

Thanks for ruining my Saturday night pizza / fight night. I've been looking forward all week to settling in with my wife, my son, and a pie from our favorite joint tonight. Now I don't know if I can look at our pizza a without a bit of disappointment in my eye...

Chain Reaction: Blake's Lotaburger

OMG, now I remember why I stopped eating here: 27 minutes in the drive thru with three cars in front of me. That said, my green chile double meat Itsa Burger was AWESOME. Great greasy crispy rings also.
No comparison to In N Out. I grew up in SoCal, but have been here since 19 and 87 and I would GLADLY trade every Blakes in the State for one
In N Out.

Memorial Day weekend's coming !!!

Borrego (Lamb) is on the menu this weekend. My FIL and I are picking up a live 80lb lamb tomorrow. We'll kill and butcher it at mi Tias house, then start cooking. There'll be grilling, roasting and braising, depending on the cut being prepared. Lines have already been drawn in the sand over who gets the eyes (blech...) cheeks and tounge. I can't wait for some crispy skin, yumm.
There'll also be plenty of red and green chile, home made tortillas and sopapillas, etc.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Let the Grilling Begin, Part 2

Borrego (Lamb) is on the menu this weekend. My FIL and I are picking up a live 80lb lamb tomorrow. We'll kill and butcher it at mi Tias house, then start cooking. There'll be grilling, roasting and braising, depending on the cut being prepared. Lines have already been drawn in the sand over who gets the eyes (blech...) cheeks and tounge. I can't wait for some crispy skin, yumm.
There'll also be plenty of red and green chile, home made tortillas and sopapillas, etc.

Tasting raw ground beef / hamburger for seasoning.

@Adam, absolutely. You can shoot the works, sometimes I go a little coastal with chile lime salt, sometimes more southwest with some Chimayo red or Hatch green in the beef.
It's what's for dinner tomorrow, I have to work late tonight. I'll post a recipe and some pics. They are freaking delicious.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Meatless Mexican

Humph, my links don't "link". Gotta copy and paste.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Meatless Mexican

Ok folks; let’s think outside the box, there is allot more to Mexican food than burritos and tacos. This being the Lenten season, and being that a whole heck of a lot of us are Catholic, let’s look to our lent menu:
Torta De Huevo - A pretty good and easy to follow recipe. LOVE LOVE LOVE this, my wife made this Sunday night for dinner with:
Fideos - Substitute chicken stock with vegetable stock, and your meat free. Let’s not forget:
Calabacitas, beans and chicos, and beans and spinach, etc.
The cool thing is, all these can be made with meat, and when they are, they are completely new dishes.

Why Post?... Several reasons.

I don't think there is anything wrong with getting a bit of an ego stroke when a topic you post runs wild, when said post was organic in nature and not TOO forced. I think we know when someone is pushing it.
For the most part I post specific questions adressing specific issues I'm facing with food or technique, because you all provide great answers based on your experiences with what I'm asking about.
I posted a general discussion question once and was stoked when it hit a 100 comments, it was kinda cool.
I've only had ony real $h!tty response to something I've posted, and just let it go.
I think we should all just continue to do what we do and let it work itself out, cause the world would be a far less interesting place without all of and our opinions.


@Everybody, thanks for all the great info. This is exactly what I was needing. I've found a CSA here in Albq. that seems pretty reasonable. It gives me the option of adding eggs, cheese and grass fed beef with out getting in too deep financially.
What I really liked is that they printed the contents of the past years baskets.
Pretty good variety, I didn't realize so much was available locally.
Thanks again.

Opinions: America's Next Great Restaurant...

I think it's odd, but not really surprising, that so many of the contestants have no real kitchen or cooking experience. Last night one of the contestants was puzzled by the phrase “flavor profile ".
But the goal of the show IS to create another crappy corporate chain, much like Chipotle…

Starting another Chemo Thread

@samiamb, First and foremost, be well, as well as you can be.
I was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer in '07 and wore a chemo pump 24/7 for two months pre-op, and three weeks post op.
I lost my sense of taste compltely for about a week both times. I just kept trying things no matter how they made me feel by just looking at them. For the most part I survived on Cream O Wheat and alphabet soup. Thru my process of elimination, I was able to add cheesecake and tacos from a joint in town, along with some other things. Didn't matter what it was, if I could get it down and keep it down, I'd eat it three or four times a day.
Now, ALL OUR situations are different, and my process was approved by my Doc, even though I went from 255lbs. down to 147lbs., now at a healthy 180 :).
Anyway, good luck with it. Just hearing about someone elses diagnosis brings back a flood of memories...
For my part, I'll be out here thinking good thoughts and sending them your way.


Thrre times a week, at least a half hour per. If my beloved betrothed weren't such a picky eater, I'd go every day after work. But now we kind of plan meals in advance to satisfy her picky nature :)

How to preserve dried New Mexico chiles in Washington state

I'm going to be sending my brother in coastal Washington some dried Chimayo red chiles. Out here in Nuevo Mexico where we live in a mile high desert with zero point zero humidity we just hang em by a string till we need them. I'm wondering if all the moisture of the Pacific NW would cause the chiles to mold or rot. And if so, how would you protect against that happening. My thought is to bag em and freeze em. Any other suggestions?

Not a wine drinker. Need suggestions for dinner at friends 2nite

I know there are Web sites for this kind of thing. But I just need to know what time it is, not how to build a clock. So I'm relying on you, my SE peeps.

The main Menu will be pretty casual, but all OVER the place. Grilled Ribeyes, steak tacos, someone is doing fresh trout, caught this morning I'm told.... For desert, some mixed berry pies, and two peach pies, one double crust, one with a "crumble" topping.

I'll be happily drinking Happy Blanche de Burque Belgian Wit from La Cumbre BC but would like to take a few bottles of GOOD wine for my fellow fiesta goers.

I know there is no definitive list. But of those of you in the know, what would YOU take?

Thanks for the suggestions.

Tips for sanitizing beer growlers.

Not a noob here. In the past I've always washed and cleaned my gwowlers after each use. But about six months ago while in the middle of a particularly nasty chemo cycle, after coming home from a dinner party with my wife, I was too tired to play and put my growlers in the garage where they've sat. Looks like they were all at least rinsed with water last time. Anyway, gonna need 'em Friday night and I'm looking for some tips on getting them clean and safe.

Why do the raisins in my wife's cornbread sink to the bottom?

My wife makes an amazing sweet cornbread with raisins, but the raisins always wind up baked into the bottom.
A family member had suggested soaking them before mixing them in the batter, but this just resulted in soggy cornbread.
I can't give you any specifics on her recipe, cause I don't know any, other than she bakes it in a 14" cast iron skillet.
any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Chicken sat in kosher salt based dry rub for 2 days,ruined?

Ok, so I've been craving some good fried chicken, and I found a recipe that uses a kosher salt based dry rub, and it calls for the chicken to sit over night in the fridge, after being rubbed. I rubbed the chickenTuesday night and was supposed to fry it last night, but due to an exploding faucet in the kitchen sink, I wasn't able to. I still plan on frying it tonight, but I'm wondering if I should expect bad things. Or, might it even be better having spent the extra day being infused with tasty goodness? I'm kind of worried that two days in kosher salt might draw out too much moisture. Any thoughts?

How do I keep cheese from oozing out of my enchiladas?

Back Story, when my Grandparents came to the U.S. from old Mexico back in the day, they settled in Dodge City Kansas. At the time my Abuelita had limited access to masa harina for corn tortillas, though she did have plenty of red chile, ristras as well as powdered.
Anyway, she was able to make flour tortillas and that is what she would make her rolled enchiladas with. Living in New Mexico people scoff when I wax about 'em , but trust me, they are DELICIOUS.
I want to make a big old batch for my Pops tomorrow, they are his favorites. They require some baking on low heat after being dipped in a pot of red chile then filled with cheese and onions.
The problem I have is opening the oven to find a bunch of rolled tortillas floating in a pool of molten cheese on a cookie sheet. Not a bad thing, just not the intended purpose. Is there something I can do to the cheese to help it stay set, so it will melt and not run? If this helps, I use a blend of sharp/mild Tillamook, and bake for about 20 mins. at about 250 degrees.

Tasting raw ground beef / hamburger for seasoning.

I've got a friend who makes these amazing ground beef tacos. She seasons the beef, then rolls it out real thin between a couple sheets of plastic wrap, folds them into a corn tortilla then griddles them on a hot lightly oiled comal. The result is HEAVEN. Nice crispy tortilla on the outside, soft and juicy on the inside from the frying beef.
My problem, I can never get my seasoning quite right. Mine are usually under seasoned. Her solution is to pinch off pieces of the raw GB as she seasons it and tastes it until it's right.
Now, I've known her for 18(?) years and she has shown no ill effects from her tasting process. Me...I'm still not sold on tasting raw ground beef.
Anyone else out there do this? If so, please share.


I had never heard of them until I started coming here, and I'm totally ignorant as to how they work. Today I finally ran a Google search, and I am very interested. I came across a site, Local Harvest, that is offering up some great info.

While I still need to do a lot more research, I'm coming to you, Serious Eats peeps, for the short story.

I would like to know what kind of experiences you've had with providers, what I should expect, etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated

Homemade preserve jar? Do you think its safe to eat?

Ok, yesterday I took a jar of of peach / orange jam that is canned by a family member, out of my pantry. The outer ring on the jar was kind of loose and came off real easy. Now the flat cap that seals everything was tight, when I poked it with my finger there was no spring and when I pried it off it popped. Smells good, looks good and tastes great, but that loose outer ring concerns me. Any thoughts ? Thanks all.

Looks good,I wanna like it,keep trying it,but it never satisfies

First off let me say that this is NOT an attempt to flame a region or its cuisine. This is about me, or you, being underwhelmed by food that on paper you would think you would love.
As a teen I can remember staring at the TV, drooling and wide eyed watching Justin ("Oooh Wee, I wonder if that pig know he tastes so good?") Wilson and Paul Prudhome (sic) preparing all sorts of Cajun treats. Around that time the blackened everything technique took off, and I gotta say, as good as it looked, ech...
Growing up in SoCal, I was able to forgive the lackluster Cajun fare I was able to sample. I just figured you had to have it "in region" to really experience it. That said, in the mid 90's, my job took me to Louisiana, Slidell to be exact. I thought finally, REAL Cajun food.
Jambalaya, Gumbo, Etouff'ee,Boudin, Andouille, Red Beans and Rice, even Po' Boys, though not sure if those are Cajun. They all LOOK so dang good, but, for what ever reason; the flavor profile has just never worked for me.
Just curious what your culinary "let downs" area. Again, it's not the food or regions fault 
Oh yeah, my other is Thai, my wife's fave. Thai restaurants smell wonderful, but the food does nothing for me.

Kind of gross, and I probably shouldn't eat it, but can't resist

I write this as I sit at my desk desperately trying to hold onto my stomach. Let me start by saying that I can cook, and I love to cook, and I'm surrounded by great cooks who also love to cook. One of my favorite dishes is fried chicken, love it. My mom makes the best ever, my sister a close second, with my wife not far behind her. For whatever reason, I've never mastered the technique; it's just not something I do well, which leads me to this post. Is there something that you can't resist, that's WAY over processed, no where near artisanal or organic, or even close to made from scratch, that you know you shouldn't eat, but you do anyway, only to regret it like hell the next day? My FMD (Food of Mass Destruction) is Banquet Southern Style, skin on, of course, frozen chicken in a box. Served up with a side of Stovetop and a can or jar of generic gravy... I know, how I can claim to hold fried chicken in such high regard and then eat this. I am only but a man...
Anyway, do share,

Salsa Fresca. Need canning help / tips etc.

Hello all, this is going to ramble a bit, but here goes. My wife makes a KILLER salsa fresca. Not an artisanal, heirloom tomato, organic veg affair. We're talking canned tomatoes, yellow hots from a jar, vinegar and assorted spices. The problem is that a batch yields about a gallon of salsa. All our friends and family dig it, so we're able to give allot of it away, but... Anyway, the wife wants to can it in 8oz jars. We were thinking a water bath method of canning would work, but it looks like we will need to invest in a pressure canner which is fine. My question to any canners out there, is it necessary to cook the product before canning? My wife doesn't cook or heat hers. The canning websites I looked at suggested heating to at least 180 degrees. We tried that last night with some and it didn't work, taste wise. Allot of the recipes I saw call for replacing the vinegar with lemon juice for acidity reasons to inhibit spoilage. We had tried that once before also just tinkering with the taste and it changed the flavor profile quite a bit, and not in a good way, for us anyway.
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
BTW, we did try making smaller batches, but it just wasn't the same.

Mail Ordering Chicago Style Stuff Crust Pizza. Suggestions?

Hello,all. I'm in the desert Southwest and want to try a Chicago style stuff crust pizza. As I'm not going to Chi-town anytime soon, I though I'd try the mil order thing. I saw a video on Youtube of someone eating one and it sure did look good. Never having had one of these tasty looking treats, I'm gonna rely on my Serious Eats peeps for some guidance. So, if you've ever mail ordered one of these pizzas, I'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas etc. Thanks in advance,
p.s. Not a word to the wife, she'd KILL me if she new I was dropping this kind of jack on a "frozen pizza"...

Want Real Eggs at McDonald's? Just Ask!

Here's the deal: you can get your McDonald's biscuit sandwiches (or any breakfast sandwich, for that matter) made with a 100% real egg, cracked and cooked fresh on-premises. All you've got to do is tell the cashier that you'd like your sandwich made with a "round egg" and they'll replace your folded egg patty with a real egg, free of charge. An egg sandwich from McDonald's that actually tastes like egg? Who'da thunk it? More


Biscochitos are a traditional New Mexican holiday cookie; a subtly porky confection made from lard, with anise seeds and brandy or rum. In December, biscochitos comprise maybe thirty percent of the diet of the average New Mexican. It is considered bad form to go to a social gathering or leave one without having brought your own batch and sampled that of your friends and coworkers. More