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Homebrewing: How to Grow Hops at Home

Hops are very vigorous (can be invasive) so take care where you grow them. I have used them to cover a dog kennel, and an old shed that has collapsed. They come back every year in NW Washington, and have to be weed-wacked to keep them away from the rest of the world. That being said, if you have a view you want concealed, hops are great as a screen.

What to do with all those oyster shells

After a trip around Hoods Canal in Washington yesterday, where we could see the snow topped caps of Mt Rainer, Olympics and Mt Baker, we stopped at Hamma Hamma Oyster Company. We have finished 2 dozen Hammas and 1 dozen Blue's, now what to do with the shells? Anyone have an idea? Cannot put on driveway, may slice tires, but may use in the bottom of pots for drainage?

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