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Booze Cakes

I just got The Boozy Baker in from Amazon. I haven't tried any of the recipes yet, but I'm sure I'll let people know when I do. I think I have about 6 more cookbooks do in this week. My library was a little lacking.

I haven't been able to try most of them yet, Midori Melon included, but I know that my pages runneth over with sticky notes for the weeks to come.

Grilled Cheese with peanut butter and bacon

I've tried variations of this before. I once had a peanut butter bacon cheeseburger at a restaurant that was pretty good. I'd heard people raving about a peanut butter BLT and tried to make it didn't turn out the best though.

I think my main problem with the straight bacon cheese and peanut butter is that there are too many soft ingredients and not enough textures, but I imagine that the flavor is fantastic.

This belly would burst

@seriousb: I never said that I wouldn't check into local charities or other organizations, but I do know that several of them will not be willing to accept homemade baked goods. I did not mean it as an attack on your or anyone else's suggestions, however, I think that is something that other people should consider when making their comments. That way I'll have more options to choose from in the long run.

Is This Food?

There has always been an element of science to cooking... mixing things together, grinding things down, taking things apart. I definitely prefer recognizing some food in my food though.

This belly would burst

Thanks PumpkinBear. I was wondering how well some of these would hold up shipping. I know I'm stuck with the cheesecakes and last week I made Whoopie Pies, which are high on the goo factor and not great for rattling around in boxes. This week I was going to try breads though and that would probably work. Maybe I can ship things out pre-icing with it as a side for them to apply themselves...

This belly would burst

I appreciate all the input, and it's good to know that I'm not alone on this. As far as schools or charities or outside workplaces though, I think that very few places will accept home made foods, and even fewer from someone that they don't know... And I'm certainly not in the position to make a living from baking, both in skill level and money assets.

At this point I'm almost looking for looking for bake sales or cake walks to start showing up. Other than that I don't know who would take them.

Street Vending/Farmers market What favorite food would you sell?

When I was a kid I decided that when I grew up I wanted to be a street vendor and sell garlic grilled cheese sandwiches on pumpernickel with side of tangy lemonade. I haven't ruled it out just yet.

Work or play?

I just recently started getting into cooking. When I was little my older sister always wanted her special cooking nights, so I just stayed out of way, except for baking. My mom would let me help her with Sunday breakfasts and Christmas cookies. I think that's why I have a soft spot for baking over other forms of cooking.
Baking...unless it gets disastrously out of hand... has always been fun for me. Though I tend to have more fun when I do it alone and can sing or dance or just talk to myself. It can be a very intimate thing for me, a way of centering.
As far as other cooking is concerned, I think it's more fun when I am exploring something new. When I get too used to a recipe it can be more of a chore than a game because I'm putting less thought and feeling into it.


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