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Cooking Classes

Haven's Kitchen recently opened on 17th between 6th & 7th Avenues. They have classes daily...the chef/kitchen manager trained at Blue Hill Stone Barns. I haven't personally taken a class there yet but live in the neighborhood and am planning to soon. The space is super-cute too!

10 Smoothies We Love in NYC

I had no idea ABC Kitchen has smoothies!! Where's the take away counter? I've been there 2 x and have never seen a smoothie bar?

"Martha Stewart's Pies and Tarts" Pop-Up Shop

I checked it out yesterday around 1pm and was so bummed that all the fruit pies were gone. I did walk away with a coconut cream pie, spinach-feta turnover and vegetable tart. They weren't doing the "ticketing" thing that you mentioned when I went. I wasn't really jazzed to get the coconut cream but I have to say, it blew my mind!!! I kind of want another one. I totally agree about the veg tart. Bland and I didn't like that the vegetables completely deserted the pie crust after one bite. I was dying to get the rhubarb and was so disappointed they didn't have it... contemplating going back today but I'm guessing it'll sell out quickly as it's popular. I also thought it was wasteful how they were packaging the pies. They put each pie in an individual box so I ended up with 3 huge boxes for 3 teeny tarts. Seems like it could have been thought through a little better. I wrote a post on my experience with pics on my blog.


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