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A Sandwich a Day: Gino's Special at Panino's

I have tried a few of the twenty odd options on Panino's menu, but the one that sticks out is Gino's Special ($7.95). Between two thick pieces of focaccia bread baked with sun dried tomatoes lies layers of fresh mozzarella, thin-sliced prosciutto, basil, and, what every Italian dish needs, extra virgin olive oil. More

Lunch in the Loop: Eppy's Deli

I need that Reuben ASAP

Lunch in the Loop: Tortas Frontera

Deep Fried Chicago: The Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse is a favorite of mine to go to when I'm craving wings. Great post! :)

Martha Stewart's Chicken and Kale Casserole

Baked pasta dishes should be hearty, but sometimes they turn out heavy, too—and those two things don't necessarily need to go hand in hand. Sure, it's easy enough to load up a baking dish with pasta and cheese and meat and whatever else, but this recipe from Martha Stewart is a little more delicate. There's plenty of kale to stand in for some of the pasta, and an airy ricotta to keep things light. More