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Too many eggs, too little time. HELP!

Does anyone think I can do a large batch of carbonara and freeze it? If so, I'd love your recipe.

Thanks to everyone for chiming in, but to clarify...these are yolks and whites all whipped together, so I can't do meringues, or anything that requires just yolks or just whites.

You're helpful suggestions reiterated what I was already thinking (breakfast casseroles, quiches, frittatas, etc.), and I'm glad to hear that I can just freeze a pan of cooked eggs (thanks Scott!) for later use.

Too many eggs, too little time. HELP!

My restaurant cleaned out the fridge for the holidays and I have half a gallon of liquid eggs that expired yesterday. They look and smell fine, but I'd like to use them ASAP and want some fresh ideas and recipes.

To save time and sanity, I'd prefer to use MANY EGGS IN A FEW RECIPES, not vice versa. and ideally they would also freeze well so I don't O.D. on eggs.

Remember, these are liquid eggs so I can't separate yolks and whites (but they are not chemical eggs - they cook like the stuff from the shell).

Got any Eggs-cellent suggestions?

And if you must say quiche, give me a kick-ass recipe, specifically I'd love unique twists or new tricks/tips for crusts. (Don't forget cooking time & temps please!)

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