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'Authentic Barbeque Ribs'

The attack and agree crew. It's Comical!!!

'Authentic Barbeque Ribs'

Interesting comments! "Sometimes life is like being a referee, everytime you blow the whistle you piss off half the crowd". Deal with it. Good food is relative to ones experience. I suppose if you've never had the real deal, then you could not possibly understand the difference. What some consider good food others may consider cat litter.
You can boil a bowl of cornflakes but that doesn't mean you should.

'Authentic Barbeque Ribs'

I find your comment fascinating rather than distasteful. NO takers! 100 opinions is only part of the problem.

'Authentic Barbeque Ribs'

You suggest??? Please. I don't expect everyone to get it!

Just Because You're a Chef Dosen't Mean You Know How to Cook

Buffy, there is nothing wrong with my post, writings or my attitude. The attitude seems to be coming from you!!! I guess some people just enjoy agitation. Since you appear to be an expert on Culinary school curriculum, for the record anyone can cook to some degree.

What do you do with your leftover ingredients?

Leftover basil screams Basil Oil, Marinara sauce, Arribiata sauce, Pesto, soups and stews. Leftover thyme is great on Beef and chicken. Stuff your baked chicken with garlic, lemon wedges and a sprig of thyme. Go easy! Thyme is one of the more potent herbs. It can easily overpower a dish. Make a thyme beef glaze or a mushroom thyme gravy.

Update on my Mac'n'Cheese "project"

Soul Food is my specialty. I must say that I am taken aback with the notion of putting wine in a Mac and Cheese recipe. Note: Most Mac and Cheese recipes on the internet stretch the boundaries of Good Food into the next zip code. Sometimes simple is better! This is one of those times. There is however a simple fix. Send your question to me directly. Chef Emanuel Washington

Just Because You're a Chef Dosen't Mean You Know How to Cook

The more passionate you or (U) are at whatever You or (U) do, the greater your chances of success in Life. I have great respect for Chefs and for the profession. That is the only reason that I have lasted over two decades in the industry. I like what I do! I also have no difficulty giving respect to the many amazing home Cooks out there. Anything can be taught but it does not neccesarily mean you will be good at it. What makes a Champion when everyone else trained just as hard? Some things in Life are instinctive and most things are earned. Each time I strap on my jacket, I have but one mission. That mission is to give my customers a fabulous dining experience. In this business, any Chef is only as good as his or her last meal. It is All about reputation and consistency. I would like to see more quality and intuitive creativity from the younger Chefs in the industry. I always tell them to "show me something the World has not seen".
Also, I use Chef Emanuel because its a Brand.

Best Soul Food Restaurants in New York

Aya Kristen Alt You Start, Aya What's the Flow? Lol I thought it was a Good ? It's time to open the Conversation.

I'll try cooking anything once, but the worst thing....

They are clld Chitterlings. The slang term is Chitlins. You must always clean them properly before attempting to cook them. Soak them in a vinegar/water and seasoning mixture AFTER they have been thoroughly cleaned. This will help to sterilize, tenderize and reduce the smell while cooking. They will still permeate your house with the smell of 'Owe My God'! But, it will however be much less intrusive and won't force the kids to hide in the closet or make your neighbors move.

Who are the Best Cooks, Men or Women?

Calm down fellow Foodies. It's all Love. One of my Culinary students asked me the question. She is a Women, so I decided to let you geniuses help answer her ? Go easy!! She has read your comments. She just wonders why so many Men are showcased as Chefs rather than Women. Now I will post my next dumb ?

Is there a bigger food-Mecca city than NYC?

The #1 Food Mecca CHICAGO!! NY food is WAY over rated. I lived there for three years and worked as a prof. Chef. I like the food in San Fran and (Nawlins) or New Orleans much better.


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