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Sonic Hopes to Open 1,000 Locations in the Next Decade

Wait what? 56 over the next 6 years and one thousand over the next 10? Soooo.... 56 in six years and 944 in the four after that??? How does that work???

KFC Introduces New Big Mac Copycat in Canada

Oh god. I'm so embarrassed. I think I need help, but ya. I wanna eat the heck outta that.

Reality Check: We Try Burger King's New Rodeo Sandwiches

ya, the rodeo burger is an older menu item (albeit a cheap one) from before the value menu craze. it was one of my goto cheap/tasty meal options during less opulent times in my life. truthfully, i remember it as being pretty damn tasty compared to the equivalent, granted i have always had a bit of a bk onion rings soft spot. glad it's back, hope it comes to canada. i'd eat one and a bottle of water for lunch!

So This Exists: A Burger Bun Made From French Fries

yawn, i've bee using lattice/waffle fries to do this for ages...

mmmm now i want lattice fries

Poll: How Often Do You Eat Burgers Without Any Cheese?

Never. And not just because I'm anti-lactose. It's too strong a flavor. Only garbage burgers need cheese, any half good burger stands alone.

Poll: Do You Cut Your Burger in Half Before You Eat It?

No. NO!. no no no no no. this is wrong. you are wrong. what you are doing is wrong. cutting a burger is paramount to ordering a filet mignon well done or i dunno, hurting children. stop it!!

Are These the Best Burgers in NYC for Every Budget?

(and i know the hate it gets here but...) in the $6-$7 range i think you cannot beat the burger joint (the original location)

Poll: How Do You Like Your Burger Cooked?

Beef I assume? Then its medium unless I ground it myself. Period. If the place is questionable I go "fully cooked"

Poll: Burgers with Two Proteins: Way or No Way?

following on from everyone else and assuming you mean "meat" then nope. it's not only too much food to eat, but if the hamburger was any GOOD then it wouldn't need pulled pork on it...

Poll: What's Your Favorite Type of Bun for Burgers?

I too voted for potato b/c martins rock and there was no onion bun option!

Poll: Do You Like Your Burger Toppings Above or Below the Beef?

Not sure "below the beef" is fully accurate. I make the burger standard with top bun, toppings, beef, bottom bun. But I deliberately and 100% flip it on the plate and eat it upside down. Keeps the bottom bun from getting soggy and the stuff from sliding around on onions or lettuce etc.

We Try the New Campbell's Chunky Hearty Cheeseburger Soup

Ya. Gross. And not just because cheese makes my lower GI turn into an atom bomb either. This is gross at a elemental level.

Poll: What's Your Favorite Hamburger Side?

Yay!!! Thanks Erin, although I'm always witty and insightful, I've never been quoted before!

As for starches I wanted to click waffle but truthfully not with a burger. They are just too much. I like a nice thick cut fry. I didn't feel like "fry" meant thick so I picked steak cut.

Poll: What's Your Favorite Onion Preparation?

oooh oooh, i forgot my other favorite: "Whole Grilled" from in-n-out!!!

i too am wishing for an "all of the above"

Poll: What's Your Favorite Onion Preparation?

i voted for caramelized onions since you left off my favorite: Crispy Onion Straws which are distinct from onion rings, in that they are smaller, always much crispier and usually more seasoned than their circular counterpart.

Reality Check: Burger King French Fry Burger

>> As a point of comparison, do you like any value menu/dollar burgers?

sure. wendy jr bacon burger. the double hamburger from McD. both acceptable and tasty when time and funds require.

Poll: Doughnut Burgers: Way or No Way?

hey just a request btw: can you guys start including a link to last week's poll in this week's poll? it's nice to go back and revisit...

Poll: Doughnut Burgers: Way or No Way?

eww. no. this is up there with deep fried butter on a stick. unnecessary and gluttonous, and kinda gross regardless if it tastes good.

NYC: Burger Joint Can't Meet High Expectations

@pomodrunkard and @ronnieshapley i am with you. i don't get the negative reviews. the meat is awesome and fresh. cooked absolutely perfectly with deft expertise. the fries are great. and woe is me, salt your own damn food! i happen to dislike burgers that are overseasoned which is generally everywhere. I have introduced dozens of people to the burger joint who adored it (and FYI i used to live in hells kitchen/clinton and walk right past other faves like island burger to **gasp** head to 50th for dinner... I am really sad that after ignoring this place for review for so long this is what was managed. the vagina joke was as poorly conceived as the review. maybe check your snark at the door and revisit the burger joint again sometime when you feel up to it.

New Pizzaburgers, Burger-Stuffed Pizza Pockets, from Canadian Chain Boston Pizza

Fwiw I have never eaten anything including free bread or chicken fingers off my kids plate from Boston pizza that was worth a darn. Place is literally lower quality than McDonald's... too bad because the stuff usually LOOKS good.

And ya, I steal my kids chicken fingers. Not proud of that but hey, its how I roll.

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

its 90 degrees outside. i'm in the shade with a beer. i use the grill to get my old and incredibly well seasoned cast iron skillet nasa-hot. 70/30 chuck that the missus ground just now (its nice to throw a pork fatback in too). salt, pepper and thats it on the smallish (4-5oz) patty. on the martin's potato roll bun: pepper, mayo, 1 piece of leaf lettuce. cook the burger for 100 seconds a side. put it on the bun. flip the bun over so the juice runs into the mayo and soaks the top bun. eat. drink beer. repeat ad naseum.

How to Make Dean Martin Burgers

thats nearly exactly my recipe... except i like a bun.


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