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Graphic Designer / Photographer and frustrated amateur cook who would love to be designing less and cooking more.

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  • Location: Adelaide
  • Favorite foods: Pizza!, Cheese in all its blue and smelly goodness, Fresh Seafood, Rib Eye, Paella.
  • Last bite on earth: MSA Graded Scotch Fillet with mustards at The Old Lion Hotel.

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Sweet-Sour Macerated Cherries With Marcona Almonds, Mint, and Ricotta

Hey Dan - Im thinking of putting this on a pizza. You think it would work.?

Dress the cherries, pop onto base and fire it, then add the cheese and mint after?

The cherries in South Australia around Christmas time are like nothing else. Normally $5 and pick as much as you can carry in some places!

Figs With Marcona Almonds, Aged Goat Cheese, and Hot Honey

Well, you learn something everyday. I spent last summer in Australia eating figs straight from the tree in my mate's backyard. Perhaps I was doing it wrong. But from what I recall they were delicious washed down with a crispy Riesling. I never knew they were dangerous. Any who, mine were super ripe. I think I combine the above recipe into a Pizza recipe for the wood oven and then we're onto something mental.

Cast Iron Cooking: The Easy Pull-Apart Pepperoni Garlic Knots That Will Forever Change How You Entertain


I made this on the weekend in my wood oven. I just waited for it to cool down to 400F and popped them in and closed the door. Worked an absolute treat, even good the next day at work!

Easy Pull-Apart Pepperoni Garlic Knots

Absolutely brilliant! I made this on the weekend. Let the wood oven cool down to around 200ÂșC and 30 minutes later was enjoying the golden brown goodness. Thanks once again Kenji!

Passata for a Neopolitan style pizza?

Hey Adam, the locals get the fresh tomatoes and mill and bottle their own (usually sourced from here Australian canneries do make a good canned tomato but that place is located 600miles away.

Passata for a Neopolitan style pizza?

Thanks Loco, it's not going to be a true Neapolitana restaurant, there are a couple good ones in South OZ already, but no true Locavore options. I guess I was just using Neapolitana as an example of a style. Im planning on trying a local Passata product on the weekend, from a local Italian institution. A providore thats been running for 60 years, whom makes and bottles their own. Certainly saves me the effort of possibly making my own - although there still be a chance.

Passata for a Neopolitan style pizza?

Thanks for your feedback Adam, Im looking at opening in the Adelaide Hills. I can source everything within 50 miles, its truly is one of the best regions for fresh produce / wine and craft beer around. I will be growing some of my own ingredients as well - totally organic lovavore stylings.

Shauna James Ahern's Grilled Pizza

Hey there - your link to your experimenting with your own honey sauce is broken. I'd like to read more how you went about making this. I live in Australian and the shipping is $23 - so I may have to learn how to try and make a dodgy Aussie version.


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