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Graphic Designer / Photographer and frustrated amateur cook who would love to be designing less and cooking more.

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  • Location: Adelaide
  • Favorite foods: Pizza!, Cheese in all its blue and smelly goodness, Fresh Seafood, Rib Eye, Paella.
  • Last bite on earth: MSA Graded Scotch Fillet with mustards at The Old Lion Hotel.

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Cast Iron Cooking: The Easy Pull-Apart Pepperoni Garlic Knots That Will Forever Change How You Entertain


I made this on the weekend in my wood oven. I just waited for it to cool down to 400F and popped them in and closed the door. Worked an absolute treat, even good the next day at work!

Easy Pull-Apart Pepperoni Garlic Knots

Absolutely brilliant! I made this on the weekend. Let the wood oven cool down to around 200ÂșC and 30 minutes later was enjoying the golden brown goodness. Thanks once again Kenji!

Passata for a Neopolitan style pizza?

Hey Adam, the locals get the fresh tomatoes and mill and bottle their own (usually sourced from here Australian canneries do make a good canned tomato but that place is located 600miles away.

Passata for a Neopolitan style pizza?

Thanks Loco, it's not going to be a true Neapolitana restaurant, there are a couple good ones in South OZ already, but no true Locavore options. I guess I was just using Neapolitana as an example of a style. Im planning on trying a local Passata product on the weekend, from a local Italian institution. A providore thats been running for 60 years, whom makes and bottles their own. Certainly saves me the effort of possibly making my own - although there still be a chance.

Passata for a Neopolitan style pizza?

Thanks for your feedback Adam, Im looking at opening in the Adelaide Hills. I can source everything within 50 miles, its truly is one of the best regions for fresh produce / wine and craft beer around. I will be growing some of my own ingredients as well - totally organic lovavore stylings.

Shauna James Ahern's Grilled Pizza

Hey there - your link to your experimenting with your own honey sauce is broken. I'd like to read more how you went about making this. I live in Australian and the shipping is $23 - so I may have to learn how to try and make a dodgy Aussie version.


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