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What is your favorite food gift?

When my Grandmother was alive she used to give me a jar of black eyed peas that she canned herself for Xmas. She has been gone almost 30 years and I miss her and those peas.

Why did I even bother asking?

I always get asked to bring the paper plates and plastic cups.

Best of the odd combinations?

A slice of Gallo salami wrapped around a pepperonchini with a cottage cheese chaser

Hard-Core Cooking Projects

My Grandma's french onion soup. It takes about 12 hours.

$200 kitchen spree

LeCreuset anything for sure. I received mine 30 years ago as a wedding present and let's just say the lasted a hell of a lot longer than the marriage. Congrats!

Most Beautiful Thing In Your Kitchen

My two dogs who constantly wag their tails at me even when I cook up the smallest of items.

Watching Mildred Pierce?

Joan made some bad-ass pies in the original.

The pantry of no return...

I hate to sound like Rachel Ray but i do have 6 boxes of poultry season in my pantry

Banana bread

Yummers on all! thank you.

Places I Should Eat While in Austin?

Try Taco More on Parkview excellent taco's but no booze.

What's the oldest food you've ever eaten?

One time when I actually stayed married for a whole year, I ate a piece of year old wedding cake from the freezer.

Foods you never make the same way twice?

I am the only person I know who can screw up a steak. I always over cook them.

What's for dinner tonight on the eve of the big game?

i think I am going to send someone out for In and Out burgers.

I'm rooting for green Bay!

I bought two bic lighters yellow and green.

What is your family's "Fancy Pants" dish?

Hormel chili with no beans served over a plate of derby beef tamales. Yes we lived large.

Vermont takes on MacDonald's and sorta wins

I worked at Burger King when I was in school. The markup on the food is unbelievable. In 1996 it cost 25 cents to make a Whopper. BK charged 2.99 not a bad profit.

Food Terms that should be banned from the media

One term I did enjoy I saw on the CHOW sight. It was douchebaggette. Yeah and that Guy winner winner chicken dinner crap is painful.