• Location: Redding CA

What is your favorite food gift?

When my Grandmother was alive she used to give me a jar of black eyed peas that she canned herself for Xmas. She has been gone almost 30 years and I miss her and those peas.

Why did I even bother asking?

I always get asked to bring the paper plates and plastic cups.

Best of the odd combinations?

A slice of Gallo salami wrapped around a pepperonchini with a cottage cheese chaser

Eating in Public

Subway people sound fun!

Hard-Core Cooking Projects

My Grandma's french onion soup. It takes about 12 hours.

What to do with poor quality meat

When in doubt throw it out.

$200 kitchen spree

LeCreuset anything for sure. I received mine 30 years ago as a wedding present and let's just say the lasted a hell of a lot longer than the marriage. Congrats!

Most Beautiful Thing In Your Kitchen

My two dogs who constantly wag their tails at me even when I cook up the smallest of items.

What would you be ???

What Do You Call It?

Food Trend you wish would fade away?

Watching Mildred Pierce?

Joan made some bad-ass pies in the original.

The pantry of no return...

I hate to sound like Rachel Ray but i do have 6 boxes of poultry season in my pantry

Banana bread

Yummers on all! thank you.

What's For Dinner? (March 5, 2011)

I made chilli and cornbread.

Places I Should Eat While in Austin?

Try Taco More on Parkview excellent taco's but no booze.

What's the oldest food you've ever eaten?

One time when I actually stayed married for a whole year, I ate a piece of year old wedding cake from the freezer.

Whatever you want, what would you eat right now?

5 for 5 from Arby's.

Foods you never make the same way twice?

I am the only person I know who can screw up a steak. I always over cook them.

What's for dinner tonight on the eve of the big game?

i think I am going to send someone out for In and Out burgers.

I'm rooting for green Bay!

I bought two bic lighters yellow and green.

What is your family's "Fancy Pants" dish?

Hormel chili with no beans served over a plate of derby beef tamales. Yes we lived large.

If salt/pepper were a given, what would be your one other spice?

I am with bitchenfixens chili powder.

Vermont takes on MacDonald's and sorta wins

I worked at Burger King when I was in school. The markup on the food is unbelievable. In 1996 it cost 25 cents to make a Whopper. BK charged 2.99 not a bad profit.

Food Terms that should be banned from the media

One term I did enjoy I saw on the CHOW sight. It was douchebaggette. Yeah and that Guy winner winner chicken dinner crap is painful.

Crouton help

I have some leftover sourdough bread from the weekend and I would like to make some croutons. I went to a lot of sites with great suggestions, but would love if you guys have anything you can suggest?

A turkeylicious tale

I think I mentioned on board that my TG turkey did not cook in time and we just tanked up on sides and all was well. Anyway at the store on Monday I decided to cook my mother a repeat turkey dinner with a cooked turkey. What the hell I thought I will save some time and buy this frozen turkey tv dinner family pack thing. Back at home time to eat. I was a little concerned when i picked up a slice of the turkey and i could see my mother on the other side. Then it kept slipping off my fork. Damn get some mashed potatoes and stab and anchor that slippery bird. I finally get in my mouth and start chewing, well trying too. Gag I spit it out in my napkin and said to my mom "I love you" For the love of pot roast do not put that in your mouth. Anyway I won't divulge the brand except it began with a B and ended with a t. Well another night of TG sides for us. I am doing a prime rib for Xmas thanks in advance to Kenji for the great tips. And Merry Xmas to all my fellow SE's

A kitchen appliance you are scared to use

I know this sounds crazy but I have a kitchen aid mixer with all the stuff and I am terrified of it. I know I need to just get in there and practice. But every time I need to use it I back off and grab my old hand mixer. Does or has anyone had this issue or am I just a chicken sheet?

Wouldn't this be fun?

I was watching Chopped tonight and I thought to myself, self as long as this is hard what other kinda thing would I do to really screw these people up. My first thought I stole from Top Chef. But what about having them all go to the next cook station mid chop
Or I am just being evil? Any suggestions?

Have you ever pulled a selfish cooking move?

I made Cobb salad for some friends today and I wanted antipasto. So on the side i had all my cool peppers and artichokes etc They didn't seem to mind cause they already think i am weird. But I hope I didn't behave rude with my special plate.

Do you have a trademark snack?

Is there a snack that you are well known for be it at work or home? Mine is nacho cheese Doritos and Pace medium salsa. Yes I do eat way to much for the average bear. but it is just so good. I am known as the Dorito chick at work. How about you guys?

Food Network won't answer my question

I have tried on numerous occasion's to get a straight answer from FN. Maybe you guys can help me. This has to do with one of our favorite subjects here on SE Sandra Lee. Okay okay be patient. I have asked FN why when Sandra Lee's Semi Homemade show comes up on my T.V. screen it just has ... and no name or anything. Anyone care to take a gander?

Too many cooks spoil the pot.

This morning I woke up early and put on a big pot of chili in my slow cooker. It should be ready for chili dogs around 3pm. Anyway my point is my mother comes over around 10 am and starts opening up the crockpot stirring sniffing etc. just really getting on my last nerve to be honest. Then proceeds to tell me it will be ready by noon. This woman has never made chili unless you call opening a can of Dennison a major feat. I swear if she opens up that crockpot one more time and stirs I am going to wack her with a wooden spoon. J/K I am really trying to keep a smile on my face about this and just bitching about to you guys helps. Anyone else have anything like this happen to them? I would love to hear your stories.

Have you ever just been completly insulted preparing a meal?

I am so mad I had to post this to all my fellow Serious Eats pals to see if this has ever happened to you. I just spent 2 hours preparing a nice taco bar/dinner for my son and his girlfriend for Cinco De mayo. I asked them if they would be ready to eat at 6 pm tonight, they said great. Well they just informed me they are going out for a couple of hours for drinks and will be back around 8pm. I am so insulted and hurt after all the work I put into this meal that I just want to cry. Has this ever happened to any of you?

Times Square New York

My daughter who is in college will be going to New York City in about a week with fellow classmates. All our on a tight budget of course. Any suggestions for some real good NYC places in that area, even recommendations for food carts? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Is it just me?

Tonight at my little market that i dearly love, for about the 5th time the girl asked me what kinda apples i had. The guy behind me spoke up and said isn't that your job miss? I was flattered and embarrassed. But to be honest I don't feel i should have to tell the person if it's a fugi or a red. Am i just being kinda bitchy?

Serious Screwup?

I was making a crockpot style pot roast this morning and did everything right until I got to the liquid part. I had two containers in my refrigerator. One held some beef broth the other some black olives in their liquid. Well duh I grabbed the olives dumped all the liquid into the crockpot and didn't realize it until I saw a bunch of olives at the bottom of the container. After eating a couple of the olives and thinking to myself now what, I decided to go ahead and throw in the beef broth and some water and hope for the best. Any advice, or comments on how you think this will taste? Anyone else ever do anything this stupid?

Vegetable beef soup

I have a cooked leftover tri-tip and I would really love to make soup. I have no clue how to get started with the meat because it's already cooked. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I received a fresh pot of honey for xmas. Any ideas on what to with it as far as savory dishes?

No-Waste Tacos de Carnitas With Salsa Verde

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Grilling: Corn with Chili Lime Butter

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Pasta with Corn, Prosciutto, and Burrata

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