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What's the worst/weirdest thing you found in restaurant food?

Wow I feel extremely lucky I have never had an incident as horrible as these. I have found bugs in my salad - which is totally natural, no big deal.

My dad did find glass in his blue cheese sauce once and we never went back to that restaurant.

Poll: Do You Care About Cupcakes?

They are cute and tasty so yes I like them. I have never waited on line for a cupcake but I do like them as I do all desserts. The more frosting the better!

The Crisper Whisperer: How to Handle Eggplant Overload

Roast eggplant in toaster oven, no oil needed. Drop cooked eggplant into blender skin and all, add almond milk and salt, blend. Lovely soup enjoy hot or cool!

How Did You Celebrate National Ice Cream Day?

I didn't know but celebrated anyway! I made my favorite 5 minute blender ice cream with fresh figs, so delicious!

City Council to Introduce Anti-Food-Truck Law

WTH? That is crazy. Parking tickets are a money maker for the city.

UPS and FEDex trucks each get dozens of tickets daily in the city, it is built into their cost of business. Should NYC also revoke their licenses to do business in the city?

As long as they don't park in hydrant areas, give em the ticket and let em be.

Cakespy: Pop-Tarts Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ever since I was a kid I was appalled at the Taste of Pop Tarts. Maybe because my mom makes real pies and jam. They taste so bland to me. The crust is completely flavorless yet has a weird greasy mouth feel. The "fruit" is like sugar on a mashed up gummy smear. Nowadays I do not crave any junk food but when I was a kid I loved Fruit Loops, Oreos, Twinkies etc. Pop Tarts always looked good and tasted bad. A waste of ice cream if you ask me.

Poll: Kids In High-End Restaurants: Way or No Way?

If restaurants are frequented by kids they are not frequented by me. Let your kid try interesting food at home.

Peanut Butter Sushi

Perfect idea for my sister's baby shower since she loves peanut butter and hates sushi. Peanut butter is always a good idea!

Reality Check: The Iron Man Whiplash Whopper at Burger King

I think I will have to try this today simply for the mayo. I haven't eaten a burger or fast food in over a year but spicy mayo calls to me. Team Mayo!

What is your worst cooking disaster?

We had a pot roast in an oven that died that finished cooking at the neighbors across the street. Whew!

I have made pumpkin or banana bread 2-3 times without baking soda or powder - big whoops. Flavor is still there if you can get past the rubber brick consistency.

Is Your Pet Named After a Food (or Food Critic)?

That dog is adorable!!

My little bunny is named Chambinho, which is a Brazilian yogurt treat for kids. We wanted to name him something white.

My hamsters name was Peanut RIP :(

Ben and Jerry's Flavor Graveyard

Wild Maine Blueberry how I loved thee!

Poll: Are You a Sweet or Salty Breakfast Eater?

Everyday I have oatmeal or yogurt with fruit. But if I go out for brunch I will usually order the omelette but a chocolate croissant on the side would make it perfect.

April Fools' Day Brings In-N-Out to NYC

No NY does not have California quality fast food. We only have McDonalds, Burger King and Wendys. Wendys is the best option. But in CA In-and-Out, Carl Jr and many others make awesome cheap burgers that Mickey D's does not even compare too. And I hev never been to Shake Shack, I'm sure it is delicious (if a bit overpriced) but I don't wait in crazy lines for food.

So yes, this was a very cruel trick on NYers.

The Best Carrot Cake in New York City

My friend has carrot cake as her wedding cake, it was great! It was a fall wedding and fit the theme perfectly.

Cook the Book: Black Pepper Panna Cotta with Figs

As a fig lover, this sounds great, I would definitely double the figs in the recipe though.

Taste Test: Chocolate Easter Bunnies

What about white chocolate? I picked up this beautiful bunny at Dean and Deluca.

White rabbit!

My regular chocolate craving will be satisfied by a giant Brazilian Ovo de Pascoa!

Poll: How Do You Like Your Mac and Cheese?

The classic recipe that used to be on the Ronzoni box. White sauce, lots of cheese, touch of onions and mustard covered with buttery breadcrumbs on top.

I never order mac and cheese in restaurants because the version I make at home is so superior!

Cook the Book: Chocolate Chip Cookies

I made half a batch last night. Mine looked much smoother than your photos but yes they were delicious. I used Guittard 72% Wafers a(chopped) and Bakers Bittersweet chocolate chunks. I added vanilla. And the dough itself was amazing! Made me love cookie dough again, most times I don't even bother.

What kind of chocolate do you prefer?

Dark chocolate, 72% seems the best. Hot and melted brings out the best flavor but any form will do!

And I also munch white chocolate and milk chocolate on occasion.

My favorite chocolate indulgence lately:

Rustic Bread With Dark Chocolate, Olive Oil and Salt

4 servings

4 (1/2-inch-thick) slices rustic bread

4 ounces dark chocolate

4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil

Sea salt to taste

Toast the slices of bread in a toaster until golden.
Drizzle toast with the olive oil.
Melt chocolate (microwave or double boiler), spread onto toast.
Sprinkle with salt and serve.

What's for dinner Christmas Eve?

Lobster feast! With smoked salmon to start. And some scallops and baked potatoes. And hopefully a green veggie of some sort.