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Is the Coffee Break Dead? Bring Back Mug Time

I like that. I'm reminded of a comment (don't actually recall if it was real or in a comic strip) where a person was asked why he was leaving the office, and the reply was 'Think break. I'm going outside to think. It's like a smoke break but without the lung cancer.'

Mug Break. It's like a smoke break but without the lung cancer.

Super Peel Aims to Make Pizza Transfer a Breeze

Guess its in the touch -- I bought one, never had any luck keeping the cloth on the darn thing from mangling the my dough when I tried to roll it off. Now I just make the pies on parchment paper on top of the bare peel and slide the whole thing into the oven. The SP's a nice idea that didn't work for me.

Poll: Do You Like 'Charred' Pizza?

There's almost no pizza places where I live in south-central Pennsylvania; certainly, none that make your mouth water. At one local one, I've learned to say 'gimme a WELL-DONE pizza'. It helps.

Dear AHT: Sick of Undercooked Burgers

I like great meat cooked medium well, average meat cooked well. Charred, even. I figure, our ancestors worked to harness fire, and I'm not going to diss their memory - or my digestive tract. Pink is good in other circumstances and locations, but my burgers? No way.


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