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Poll: What's Your Choice of the Chains?

I am shocked at Pizza Hut's popularity. I honestly cannot stand the sweetness of their pizza base..

Gluten-Free Tuesday: One Bowl Chocolate Cake

Hey quick question (or two).
Instead of using the mixture of cornstarch & rice flours, would it be okay to just use a regular gluten free flour? You know the kind that's a bunch of different GF flours mixed together and sold as 'basic GF flour'?

Also, is cornstarch the same as corn flour....?
(I'm Irish - Constantly baffled by the American terms on this site =P)

Shamrock Shake Returns to Select McDonald's, But Disappoints This Year

Do people think that green is a really appetising colour or something?
I'm starting to see the inevitable green ketchup, green cake, green soup (no, not pea soup - soup with green dye in it), and I'm pretty sure I saw green spaghetti hoops too.

Even worse, it's in Irish supermarkets I'm seeing this.

How Much Should You Tip on Pizza Delivery?

I live in the west of Ireland and we do NOT tip here... Is that bizarre, or do other places do the same?
I mean, we tip in restaurants etc. but never for a delivery pizza...

Gluten-Free Tuesday: If It Doesn't Have Gluten in It, I'm Eating It

I'd really love it if you could post the GF bread recipe.
I'm not a celiac (technically) but I don't eat gluten, aside from the occasional bit of oats..
Gluten seems to give me allergies identical to hayfever, so it was really surprising that my "hayfever" went away within a week of cutting gluten out of my diet.

All the bought GF breads I've tried have been dire. They have no substance whatsoever, and I have yet to find a tasty GF bread recipe that WORKS.

Pleeeeeease post it =P

Your Favorite Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I looove using a mixture of ketchup and bbq with honey sauce, under a good layering of goats cheese, with fresh chorizo, and chopped onion.

Utter. Heaven.

Gluten Free Cake Substitution?

I don't know which country you live in, but here in Ireland we have Odlums' Tritamyl flour, which is absolutely perfect.
There's a variety of plain gluten free flours out there which work the same as normal flour (but be sure to sieve it well, as it can be a bit lumpy...)

I do all my baking gluten free, and find it's not much different as using regular products. Execpt maybe slightly more expensive..

NB: Check the ingredients list on the white chocolae you're using to make sure it's gluten free.


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