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Who's your most/least favorite food personality on Food Channel?

I don't know...I like Rachel Ray. I have success with her recipes and they're good, tasty food. Just the thing for an after-work supper. No, it's not gourmet, but I don't think she's touting it as such. For what it is, it's good, and she's a genuinely nice person with enthusiasm (maybe a tad too much, but stilll....!). I'm not saying she's my favorite, but she's not that bad....

Which wich?

I'd say one close to what stanley fatmax chose: thin sliced turkey on a good bread with cranberry sauce and a horseradish spread. Or, a really good egg-salad on white with lettuce and chips on the side (if I don't have chips, I can't even think of eating a sandwich!).

What wouldn't you eat as a child?

I have to agree with Stacy on fruit...the textures can be so fraught...mushy, slimy, too that a brown spot? Mostly what I disliked as a kid was onions in any form whatsoever...and fat on meat. I would cut a good one inch of meat off along with the teensy strip of fat that was on a piece of steak....just to be sure!

Question of the Day: What's your favorite dish to cook when you're trying to impress?

Neapolitan Mushroom Soup, Spaghetti Puttanesca and Roast Prime Rib au Poivre ('specially the soup...with homemade crusty bread...). Also some pretty good Venison Medallions with Blueberry / Juniper Berry in northern Minnesota we can shoot and process the venison ourselves and pick the blueberries.

Question of the Day: What's your most annoying food habit?

jbeach wrote:

"I don't think I'm alone, but I have to eat all the different dishes on my plate in the same proportion. I can't eat all of one thing and then go on to the next -- I know a lot of people who tend to eat that way. I like to end up with one bite of each component left. However, this probably doesn't annoy anyone. Hmm...I know I annoy myself with how many napkins I end up using when I go out to eat and they have those little dispensers with the cheap paper napkins--no matter what, I end up with a small mountain in front of me."

So true! I cannot figure out why my husband would want to eat one food at a the meantime the other dishes are growing cold in the serving bowls. THEN, he puts Crystal hot sauce on almost everything (I could get a complex from that one-does he need to drown the taste of my cooking?! He says it "enhances" the food...well, whatever...!). I try to eat in proportions so that there is one equal bite of each dish left...and the best-tasting item is eaten last...with the last swallow of wine to enjoy along with it.

Guilty of this:

thatgirl153 writes:
"I am a messy matter how hard I try, when the waitress takes my plate away there is a ring of crumbs and debri left where my plate wasn't. I always try to push the mess over to my husbands side!"

Oh yes, the messy spot left after my plate is taken away at a restaurant and the pile of napkins...oy! My husband uses ONE at the very end to wipe his mouth...and not a crumb under his plate (or on his shirt or does he do it?).

And christine writes:
"I can't eat bananas with any brown in them -- and so I make my husband eat them."

The brown banana one is funny-there really is only one "peak" time that I'll eat a banana-it can't be too green or too ripe-I think the window of opportunity for it to be acceptable is an hour and half! Luckily my husband will eat them no matter what (pretty much...he draws the line at black).


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