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The Scoop: On Taro Ice Cream, I Love You

My Japanese-American friend FINALLY convinced me to try this at the local yogurt place here...with Fruity Pebbles on top. Ommmnomnomnom. So creamy and subtle. I don't know how I went without it. Also: PURPLE FOOD IS AWESOME.

Bake the Book: 'Momofuku Milk Bar'

Mine would be called Shut Your Pie Hole and would feature pies (obviously), and other southern sweets served up with a TON of sass but in a good-hearted Southern way (see also: Mel's Diner from "Alice").

Football, Deviled Eggs, Bloody Marys: NFL Week 7

You inspired me to have a pepperoni roll this weekend from a place called Mancini's in the Strip district of Pittsburgh....mmmmmmeaty.
Also, I look forward to seeing your precious Pats get destroyed in person here in PGH on All Hallow's Eve-Eve.

Serious Chocolate: 3 New 3 Musketeers Bars

Sorry to be a snarkzilla, but haven't these been out for quite some time? At least the mint ones, I know, have been out for over a year or better. And the truffle crisp has been haunting the vending machine at work probably since winter.

Blueberry Waffle Sandwich at Dunkin' Donuts

I have to confess to being a little sad that my local Pittsburgh DD is kosher and will therefore never carry this (we don't have half the menu of a "normal" DD), but somehow all of the breakfast sandwiches (egg and cheese and veggie meat substitute combos) are all MILES ahead of average DD sandwiches. I'm not sure if being a kosher store has anything to do with it, or if I just hit the franchise jackpot.

My Latest Obsession: Cheerwine, the Cherry-Flavored Pop

Food Lion in the Piedmont region of VA and in NC, obviously, carry both Cheerwine and Sun Drop sherbet. And they make a mean "Cheerwinesicle" when blended with vanilla ice cream and milk. Also, Wendy's in NC usually have Cheerwine on tap and it is a revelation in soda form.

Our Favorite British and Irish Crisps, Candies, and Other Snacks

@shady lane: you are spot on with the caramel biscuits. We used to put them in the freezer when I lived in Dublin for University and they would be so hard you'd almost chip a tooth, but it was almost like a cookie + a butterscotch or taffy. SO GOOD.

Also: Paprika Pringles easily contributed about 15 lbs to my frame while studying.

The Cider Press: Foggy Ridge Cider in Dugspur, Virginia

Thanks for the great write-up...I'm certainly biased, being a native Virginian, but I think the orchards and vineyards of the state are often overlooked or discounted unfairly. Hopefully this will help spread the word a bit!

Does This Food-By-State Map Look Accurate?

@pgym definitely agree with you about the dry bbq for NC. I'm from the Piedmont area originally and it doesn't exist as such. Mustard based vinegary sauces, for sure. But it ain't dry.

And the WV ramps thing is ridiculous....they grow more apples than ramps, I'd say. I'd actually put biscuits as a WV thing. Not exclusive to the state, obviously, but certainly pervasive.

Taste Test: Dunkin' Donuts' Pancake Sausage Bites

Alas, my local Dunkin Donuts (you know it as the former Boston Market of Squirrel Hill) is kosher and therefore bfast corndogs for me...well, that is, unless I feel like venturing to any of the other DD's invading the 'burgh these days.

Poll: Do You Use Pre-Ground or Fresh Nutmeg?

Fresh, always. In fact I use it so often that I am pretty much known for always having a whole nutmeg in my pants or hoodie pockets. (And that's how you know you might be slightly obsessed with food...)

We Ate at Pop-Tarts World in Times Square

Oh, whatever y'all. Pop-Tarts are the jam (pun intended-HAR!)...of course, I do have perhaps the world's highest tolerance to artificial fruit-esque sugar snacks. But seriously, it's not like they are's just fake sugary commercial crap, it's not going to instantly kill you, I promise. That steady downfall takes YEARS!

Richmond Virginia

Richmond has become quite a good food town of late. If you stay in the "Fan" area of town which includes Carytown, you'll be fine.
Bill's Barbeque is on Broad Street and is decent, but then again, I'm from the Piedmont section of VA where we have a different style of BBQ. Carytown Burgers and Fries is great and greasy. The Galaxy Diner is a good breakfast spot, as is Three Monkeys.

Cakespy: Pop-Tarts Ice Cream Sandwiches

Yes homemade things are delicious. But sometimes, so are chemical/trans fat/preservative laden monstrosities of food science. Sorry, but it's true. I'd eat 4 of these. 1 for me and 3 for my inner fat kid.

The Vinnie Pie Lives on at Vincent's Pizza Park in Pittsburgh

Man this would be great if it was *actually* in the city of Pittsburgh...
(Sorry....still a snob about the burbs sometimes)

Mixed Review: Stonewall Kitchen S'Mores Brownie Mix

@miamia....I'm so glad you mentioned the their/they're issue....I didn't want to be the first.

This Weekend in 'New York Times' Food News

So great to see that little spark of Bruni sass back in the NYT.
Katie Lee drives me crazy. :)

Snowpocalips 2010 - Free Pizza at the Office

@Kerosena I wish I could share your good outlook. Maybe it was the fact that we had 21 inches on the ground and were required to risk safety to go in to work when there was nothing to do that is making me cranky! :)

Snowpocalips 2010 - Free Pizza at the Office

@GinaPet...I had crappy free pizza in my Pittsburgh office today because we have been required to work every scheduled day since the snow started, including Saturday. The crappiness of the pizza was just the icing on the cake.

Cook the Book: Corn Pudding

Where I come in Virginia from corn pudding is sweet and has loads of kernels of corn. Definitely no cheese or veggies.

This still looks good, just in a Yankee sort of way. :)

What do YOU think the sexiest foods are? Why

Food is not sexy to me. Ever. It might be the food adjective that annoys me the most.

Debbie Downer, over and out!

Dinner Tonight: Cinnamon-Flavored Black-Eyed Peas

I'm sorry, but when I read "cinnamon" and "black eyed peas" I physically shuddered. In my Southern family, the only thing that belongs in black eyed peas (or purple hulled peas) is ham hock.

worst cooks

I hated this show so much...especially Jenny and Rachel.
I tried, but it was all just TOO DRAMATIC.