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Parker House Rolls

@dbcurrie What are your thoughts in freezing these at some point in the process?

iSi Whipper Flavored Soda?

The manual says to only use the soda chargers in the soda siphon and the N2O in the whippers. Since it's pressure and could explode I wouldn't try it.

Is there a Cilantro gene?

Can anyone explain what cilantro is supposed to taste like? I wouldn't say it tastes like soap but it does have an off-putting taste.

Video: How to Make Pizza Dough

Who else cringed when he used his knife on that granite countertop?

We Made a Thanksgiving Cherpumple, It Was Crazy

Can someone from the SE team give us a review of the cherpumple?

Milwaukee: Juicy Burgers and Bold Bloodies at the Wicked Hop

What are the garnishes on that bloody mary? Shrimp, noodles, and a sausage?

The lost Frosty

How is The Kitchn affiliated with Serious Eats?

Yeah, I know it's supposed to be for this, but...

I use a large star-shaped frosting tip to de-hull strawberries.

How come nobody ever told me this!!!!

That one-handed functionality gives a new meaning to "food porn" I suppose.

Need road trip food recommendations

Don't bother with Dinosaur BBQ in Rochester. It's mostly hype. There's better BBQ to be had in that area.

The Urban Gardener: Check Out My Garden

I've been planting Lincoln peas the last couple years and they've done great in the heat and dry conditions. Last year they looked dead but I didn't rip them out. They grew new tops and kept producing.

What's your favourite Canadian food?

Condiments sweetened with sugar instead of HFCS.

Why are some animals eaten and others aren't?

We mostly eat animals that are herbivores, not carnivores. We eat cows and pigs but not cats or dogs. This is partially due to diseases and parasites that meat-eaters catch from other animals. Mad cow disease anyone?

How to order my very particular type of eggs?

If you don't want the yolk why not ask for a fried egg with the yolk removed before cooking?

New Sous Vide cooker on Kickstarter.

@Becka I'm tempted to build one. How often do you use it? Do you see yourself using it less over time like the novelty is wearing off?

Ask A Bartender: Have You Ever Kicked Someone Out of Your Bar?

@HKGirl "for LIKE a year" Really? I don't think you're in a place to judge.

Where to eat in downtown Milwaukee?

I've read that the Miller Time Pub is good. When I was there I had a car and was able to explore. I had a butter burger at Kopp's and have dreamed about it ever since.

Which burgers have pink slime?

@Katie They might be using a different or custom blend of beef from Cargill. Allegedly 80% of ground beef, not 100%, is treated so they are probably telling the truth.

@Meat guy Thank you for your comments. I agree with your mentality that something doesn't get worse because you've become enlightened about how it's made.

Food Processor Alternatives

@AnnieNT Have you tried that recipe? I have the ABin5 book and have never had good bread using their brioche recipe. I don't think it rises correctly and it ends up very dense.

Do I need a crockpot?

I use the crockpot for meals at work. The food gets dumped in when I get to work and it's ready for the luncheon at noon. I usually make cheesy potatoes with all frozen ingredients and it works out great.

To @burger365's point about all of them burning on high and low, crockpots hit the same temperature regardless of the setting (source).

Free lunch?

Are you required to watch a short presentation about time-share vacation homes?


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