Novelty Ice Cream Week: How to Beat Mister Softee at His Own Soft-Serve Game

@Max try using a ziplock with a hole cut on the corner.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: High Road Ice Cream 6-Pack

Chocolate-covered pretzel with caramel, white chocolate chips, and a fluff and chocolate swirl

Ask The Food Lab Anything, Thanksgiving Edition 2013

When making desserts that involve chocolate -- my chocolate is never smooth enough. What oil/ how much do you use to make the chocolate smooth but still able to harden at room temperature?

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36 Hours in New Orleans: Where to Eat

Ah, New Orleans. It's safe to say that no U.S. city—at the very least, of its size—crams in quite so much deliciousness. From boiled crawfish at seafood shacks to oysters on the half-shell in jacket-required dining rooms, from adventurous chefs to century-old sandwich establishments, eating in New Orleans is an unparalleled delight. And if there's a bit of guilt that accompanies all that butter and roux, it should be assuaged by the knowledge that eating in New Orleans these days is essentially an act of civic service. More

Sweet Corn with Toasted Coconut (Thénga Makkaí) from 'Indian Cooking Unfolded'

This toasted coconut and chile spice blend from Raghavan Iyer's new cookbook, Indian Cooking Unfolded, is a wonderful way to jazz up a pan of sautéed corn—the nuttiness of the coconut tones down the sweetness of the kernels, the dried chiles add intensity, and the citrus notes of the coriander seeds brighten the richness of the coconut. More

Celeste: The Italian Restaurant Every Neighborhood Should Have (But Doesn't)

"You want a bottle of red wine or white tonight? Or maybe rosé for the weather?" our waitress asked shortly after wedging us into a four-top no bigger than a couple of folded newspapers. Her delivery was spectacularly close to the Billy Joel song lyrics, which may have subconsciously influenced me into spending the rest of the meal thinking to myself, this has got to be the most neighborhood-Italian-y of neighborhood Italian restaurants in the city. I have a couple of friends who got married two weeks ago and used to live on 84th and Amsterdam. I asked them if they'd ever been. "It's where we had our first date!" said the newlywed wife. It's that kind of a place—one that engenders equal parts pride and nostalgia. More