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First scrapple experience.....

Loved the grilled scrapple which was served plain and seemed to be salty enough. Has that hash browns look to it, so I almost pretended it had that consistency. Did not even remotely churn the stomach. I will be back.

New Acropolis:
1200 Frankford Ave
(215) 634-2211

Don't know how popular scrapple is in comparison to cheesesteaks and soft pretzels in Philly, but I'm guessing it should have been on that '8 cities and dishes list' from 12/13

What to do with unwanted flavored coffee powder?

@ thinkingincrayons: love this answer. Appreciate the feedback, everyone. Going to experiment with a brownie mix with some of the samples.

Gluten-Free Tuesday: Smoked Paprika

Is smoked paprika related in any way to caramasala? I picked up a container of this delicious versatile spice at Damascus Bakery in Brooklyn (next to Sahadi's). It contains the scent of tomatoes, pepper, cumin, and even paprika. Great for meats, sauces, soups, and seems versatile for veggies tho haven't tried that yet.

First scrapple experience.....

Mine was yesterday at the homely Fishtown restaurant New Acropolis. Dined here while seeking apartments in the area. Good simple American diner menu.

Money shot from my facebook album:

What to do with unwanted flavored coffee powder?

The coffee powder in question are the 0.07 oz Taster Choice samples I bought 2 weeks ago at a local Pathmark. I positively retch at the vanilla flavor. Hazelnut is not as strong a scent, but, trust me, you won't want this with more than a bit of milk and whatever sweetener you have handy. It must be the artificial caramel color that gets me. Outside of using them for an ice topping, any other good uses?