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A Social App About Pizza - Seriously???

Thanks for your replies - as for what it would do, I am still working that out. At a minimum - it would let people quickly find, talk about, and rate pizza. maybe it could be gamified a bit - achievements, rewards, unlocks, rep, etc.

in order for the app to be a success - it would have to be compelling enough such that it was a lifestyle app vs. a casual use app. social apps that aren't used by the intended audience.. well aren't very useful.

the app would have to be compelling enough for pizzeria owners to want to put their shop on the site and let people socialize about it. they can already do this with FB, Zagatt, Google Places, and Yelp - none of which are exclusive to good pizza. I also think - maybe it could be compelling to make it available to only small family owned shops - i.e. mega / globo pizza joints not allowed.

people would have to be interested enough in pizza and the features provided by the app to keep the content fresh and alive - and to use the app, because using the app would generate fresh content.

my research is showing - that pizza is a huge market place - but that "pizza" isn't as much of a persons daily lifestyle as say "beer". my research is also showing that finding "the best pizza" isn't as much of a priority as say "how many beers you tried" from "pub X".

that being said - maybe I am doing my research in the wrong places - I will give it until 12/15/2012 or so... and see how it goes.

Thanks a ton for taking a moment to leave me some feedback.

A Social App About Pizza - Seriously???

@darklighter hmm - yes i see your point. The reality is - i don't care about my sites, i just care about the question being asked & the opinion. nothing is for sale - just looking for honest answers. If there is no interest - this thread will die and never be heard from again.

A Social App About Pizza - Seriously???

Is it spam - to ask a community related to pizza - if they are interested in a social app about pizza? I dunno - I guess that since you think its "spam" then you aren't interested?

I really want to know your opinion - is this the wrong place to ask?

Also - I gave my suggestion for the best pizza in Downtown Denver - have I violated the terms of your community in some way?


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