How to Treat a Tourist Right in the West Village and Soho

Travel Carnet Is the Modern Luxury Site with Articles about New York City Fine Dining like Seafood Restaurant Lure Fish Bar Soho. When traveling during the winter season to New York City, it can be taxing on those of us who hate the cold, but are willing to put up with it for Christmas in New York City, the tree at Rockefeller, the Rockettes and the Vienna Boys Choir. With the insider addresses at Carnet and my Carnet walking map in hand on my phone I have a great hotel without worrying about the city taxi headache and I know each of my meals and events will be spectacular.

The Carnet online guide about New York City created by those that are serious about finding the special every things in the most special travel locations as well as insider addresses that are not far away or intimidating. It’s more about places that you may have thought were too stuffy, those in hidden locations, and even sometimes menu recommendations.

Lure Fish Bar Soho | Seafood
Seasonal dishes at SoHo's Lure Fish Bar include seared branzino with pumpkin risotto and pumpkin seed pesto, or roasted salmon and apple puree. We always find that the raw seafood, fried oyster shoots and maki sushi makes for perfect appetizers.

David Mamet Play On Broadway | Times Square
Don't forget to book in advance for the limited run performances of David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross starring Al Pacino and Anarchist starring Patti Lapone and Debra Winger.

A Christmas story - the musical On Broadway | Times Square The Lunt Fontanne Theatre presents A Christmas Story, the Broadway musical based on the 80s cult classic with performances based on stories by legendary radio humorist Jean Shepherd whose character Ralphie Parker's quest for An Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle- the ultimate Christmas gift.

There's only one site I use for my trip planner for things to do in New York City, London and Paris. This site is created by frequent luxury travelers who have the experience of travel advisers. Their team is called Carnet ( at ) and this guide is definitely very picky but right on the money when it comes to the good places worth a visit.

Gourmet Spring Delicacy Available In Venice, Italy; Castraura

If you are in Venice this March or April, there is one delicacy you should not miss; the castraura, a vegetable available for only 6 weeks at the end of March and into April. As a tourist, it's a perfect thing to buy at the Rialto market while you blend in with the locals, since you can buy it and eat it on the spot, no cooking required.

Castraura is the first bud of the artichoke. The Consorzio del Carciofo Violetto di Sant'Erasmo is a consortium of 20 producers on the island of Sant'Erasmo who grow these delicacies. They're quite expensive, around 3 euros for 10, at the Rialto Market. After plucking the outer leaves, you can enjoy them raw, with simply a dash of oil and a pinch of rock salt. I guess that's why the word literally means "castrated"!

They are also delicious braised in the oven with a little olive oil and white wine. The secret is not to overcook them. They are sometimes served fried, but it is a bit of shame eating them that way, as they tend to lose their most delicate aromas. (where I read about this) also has some wonderful tips on other foods you must try in Venice including: specialty Seafood, Veal, Soups, Pastas, Cocktails & Desserts. They also review restaurants, hotels, things to do, shopping, etc. in Venice, Italy.

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