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Prosciutto Knife Recommendations?

Thanks, all. I really appreciate the responses.

I've since talked to a friend of a friend, who has an actually deli slicing machine that he's offered to bring to me. Of course, I'd let him take home a few slices for the trouble.

But part of me thinks, after 8 months of curing (and likely more), that letting someone else slice the ham after all this time is like handing off the ball a yard away from the goal line.

In other words, this ham has been my own little project and I'd like to see it all the way through — including the ceremonial first slicing.

Maybe that sounds a little picky or flat-out crazy. But I'm guessing if you're cruising Serious Eats message boards, you understand where I'm coming from.

Anyway, I've got some thinking to do. Again, thanks you for the input. It's all been helpful.

Prosciutto Knife Recommendations?

Hi all,

First time poster, longtime Serious Eats fan.

I'm curing a ham and it'll soon be ready to slice. While I count down the weeks, I'm looking for a solid, inexpensive knife. And a ham stand, while I'm at it.

I've only done some casual research online, so I don't know what's best for the knife -- sturdy or flexible, for example.

As for the stand, there are some crazy expensive ones out there. I'm looking for something basic and relatively small.

Can anyone out there recommend some products?

Sorry if this has been asked before. I haven't seen a "search" option on the forums.

Thanks in advance.

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