Cook the Book: 'Home Made Winter'

Beef short ribs with dijon, braised until they fall off the bone.

Cook the Book: The Grand Central Baking Book

Gunn's Bakery in Winnipeg, Canada! Try the challah, the apple jacks, the knishes... Heck, just eat it all!

Seeking a 1984 Bon Appetit Yule Log Recipe

Well Bon Appetite has told me that they cannot get me that issue. So if ANYONE can find a copy...

What are you cooking for Rosh Hashanah?

wellred, at least you should order Chinese food - that'd be about as Jewish as you're going to get!

Seeking a 1984 Bon Appetit Yule Log Recipe

Martini, I would forever be in your debt!

Seeking a 1984 Bon Appetit Yule Log Recipe

Thank you very much to everyone, especially to you, lurah!

Portuguese Farm Bread

Teach me how to make bread (by hand)

I actually just baked a loaf of bread for the first time this weekend. It was a piece of cake (or bread)! As for equipment, all I used was a loaf pan, a large bowl, and a wooden spoon. That was it. No hand mixers, no stand mixers. Nothing. I just made a basic white bread. The recipe is here: The process is time consuming. But really, really easy.

Would you rather give up bacon or french fries?

It's like asking me to choose between my children - but harder.

What's your go-to dinner for one?

I, too, live alone and am single, so most of my meals are for one. My go-tos involve what I like to call a faux-zotto - rice with a generous helping of cheese, cream of mushroom soup, and some sauteed mushrooms/onions - or grilled (on a grill pan, sadly no bbq) chicken or steak with roasted vegetables (zucchini, carrots, onions and sweet potatoes).

What to dip my french fries in...

Perhaps it's just that we recently celebrated Canada Day an Quebec just celebrated its birthday, but there's nothing like a good poutine. Some fresh cheese curds (squeaky if possible) and some thick gravy. Then you've got yourself a heart attack worth having.

Serious Sandwiches: Is There a Better Condiment than Guacamole?

While we're on the topic of guacamole, I was wondering if someone had a really good recipe. Having just recently moved out to the west coast it seems to be as ubiquitous as ketchup.

Yule Log/Buche de Noel Recipe

I'm searching for a good yule log/buche de noel recipe, but with a couple of requirements...

1. There should be alcohol in it.
2. There should be Oreo cookie crumbs involved.

I'd greatly appreciate any help you can provide!

Seeking a 1984 Bon Appetit Yule Log Recipe

I know this may sound like a rather odd request, but a very important woman in my life has her heart set on finding a copy of a recipe for a bouche de noel/yule log from Bon Appetit in (I believe December) 1984. Is there any way that someone has this recipe kicking around?

Portuguese Farm Bread

I found a recipe ( for Portuguese Farm Bread that I would really like to make, but it calls for a food processor. Unfortunately, I only have a mini prep processor which will obviously not suffice. How would I make this by hand?

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