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Marshmallow lover, pie baker and food truck follower.

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  • Last bite on earth: My grandmother's beef stroganoff.

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We Eat Everything at Hot Doug's

I have to admit with half shame, half pride that on Sunday, I went on to eat two hot dogs from The Burger Joint and one form Portillo's. And I ate two 1/2 slabs of ribs. My body hates me.

Staff Picks: Our Last Bites in Chicago

I have to admit that I believe that it's truly impossible to pick just one last bite in Chicago. Especially if you have been privileged enough to grow up here. I truly couldn't do it and I hope someone just picks it for me someday---I am sure whatever it is, I'll be grateful.

Lunch in the Loop: Haute Sausage Food Truck

I have to agree that fundamentally, the lack of letting trucks cook on board really hinders the dining experience. Haute Sausage has been in the game long enough to understand quality control and I applaud them for that. Great series, look forward to reading more.

We Eat All the Doughnuts at Glazed and Infused

I did this on my own---on accident. I walked in for three doughnuts and kept saying, "Ooh, add the lemon, ooh, add the creme brulee." When all was said and done, I left with a little under a dozen and ate them all by nightfall. I have to say that the Raspberry Frosted was the one that tugged at my heart the most---one of the very first things I ate was a Strawberry Frosted Doughnut from Dunkin Doughnuts, and it has been close to my heart since. I feel like this Raspberry guy reignited my love for the frosted doughnut. Red Velvet was amazing, also...