• Location: pa
  • Favorite foods: pasta carbonara, pierogi, any kind of smoked fish, fresh jersey tomatoes, really stong coffee with light cream, blue cheese, my mom's meatballs.
  • Last bite on earth: a really good meatball sandwich

Not Much Activity

I too am a fan of the content...I still voraciously read Kenji, Max and Josh... my interests obviously skew toward bbq and ice cream. ..but for me the boards got just so effing dull..same questions over and over and so much went ignored for too long so most of us jumped ship and created our own group to share triumphs , failures, questions etc with. I still check out the boards but the tone just got so snarky afterwards. But! I would love to see you guys build up a true community forum again...if you build it....we wil come.

Make Beer Can Turkey Easily With the Turkey Cannon

I just bought husband loves gizmos and gadgets, he will get a kick out of this...the name alone is awesome, but the fact that it's a toy for beer can chicken is a big plus. Thanks, Donna!

Have a milkshake today for Jakey. She will be missed

Adam, here is a link to her original cooler post on the carrot cake.

Have a milkshake today for Jakey. She will be missed

Terrible to hear, her voice was always one of laughter and good humor, I really got to know her as part of the 37 and she always made me smile...may you have a safe journey up to the big kitchen in the sky, Ames. xoxo

Some kind of dish with fish and mashed potatoes?

Salt Cod is Bacalao there are a lot of things you can do with it, some cook it during the feast of the 7 fishes, some eat it on New Years, there are numerous ways to prepare it, the salt is the preservative, it definitely needs soaking and rinsing before you serve it, it's not just italian, latin and other cultures use salt cod as well.

Staff Picks: What College Food Item Did You Depend on for Survival?

Fig newtons, popcorn, cap'n crunch, M&Ms and a 4 foot bong were near my bed at all times.

How long does homemade ice cream last in the freezer? can melt down and re-churn? why has this never occured to me...Max...this is yet another reason, why I love you.

A Sandwich a Day: Biscuit 'Wich at Lulu Belle's Pancake House

that egg looks rubbery...and why not at LEAST butter the biscuit...sandwich fails make me sad. This looks like somthing I make on hungover mornings when I can't even get to the diner. Microwaved Jimmy Dean sandwiches even have patties, though.

Do You Frequently Get Take Out?

we order takeout every friday, the beginning of this year (because we were bored, I guess) we decided to work our way through every pizza place that would deliver to us, and order just a plain pie and see how they stacked up, once we were finished with that challenge we moved on to burgers, and now were are on cheesesteaks, it's been fun and I now have a definite answer to the question who has the best pizza/burgers in town when someone from out of town asks...once we are done this we both agreed will start on chinese...that should be good for my sodium levels

Cocktail Overhaul: Prairie Fire

this is not an overhaul, so much as creating a completely new cocktail...I make a drink in the summer that is Hendricks Gin, Pink grapefruit juice, dash of cayenne, shake, pour into salty rimmed glass, perfect spicy salty sweet cocktail..just because it's spicy I don't call it a prairie fire, I just call it delicious.

SE needs a mascot.

The SE Rorshac? It's a mouth. The mascot is Hambone, for sure.

Video: Alton Brown and The Food Lab Play With Chicken

hunger is the best sauce indeed...very cool, Kenji!

No fridge, no freezer: what would you eat?

pb&j, grilled spam sandwiches, nuts with apples and pears, some hard cheeses can be left at room temp for a day or so, buy small wedges, tomatoes do not need to be kept cold, so a nice tomato salad with a big hunk of bread is always a good meal for me, ramen!

suggestions for blog name

vegetarian spam knitter

Cooking for seven. Big family Meals. What Is Yours?

just two of us plus the mini me who is still on purees, so we do mostly light fast meals M-Thurs, Takeout on Friday, I make a date night dinner on Saturday, and then a big meal on Sunday, usually family over then

Taco Innards -- What do you make at home?

lime and chili marinated grilled fish, shrimp with jalapenos and pineapple on skewers for taco "speidies", coffee braised beef cubes with poblanos, anchos, and chipotle, spaghetti squash with black beans and salsa verde

Pre-emptive Spring Cravings

this is the time of year I keep an eye out for strawberries from Plant City FL, they are almost as good as the ones I grow myself, sadly my local store is mostly carrying Driscolls which are AWFUL...but every once in a while, I get my hot little hands on the plant city babies and it is a happy day :) this is definitely the time of year I start to crave spring time fresh veggies, asparagus, sweet peas, fresh herbs...DILL! Also having massive cravings for typical barbeque fare, deviled eggs, burgers, dogs, etc....I am done with soups, stews, and braises, it's time to lighten up.

In Our Community Corner: Meet Erica Jacobs (aka: 'Teachertalk')

Boy, and yes! a definite SE'er, the kid is obsessed with beef...which may be why I ate so many burgers whilst gestating ;)

Mexican Mashups?

can we do a mashup on tortilla soup and albondigas?!

Need help with nutless pesto

My Uncle is allergic to nuts, but he loves pesto, I make him a batch every year without the nuts, I up the cheese and add a handfull or two of unseasoned breadcrumbs to help thicken it up.

What spice blends have you decided to make for yourself?

taco seasoning, cajun seasoning, chili seasoning, and about 4 different bbq rubs....I keep them in glass jelly jars and top up as needed.

WFO Dream Job--I'm in mine finally, what's yours?

Congrats, Di! You know the old phrase...if you do something you love you will never work a day in your life...sounds like you found it!!!

My dream job would be something along the lines of what Will Gordon does ;)

Or if my liver gave out,

maybe run a small honey/farm stand...very small, like ROADSIDE.

Place to eat in Philly?

Thai Lake, in Chinatown is's easily within walking they have are gonna need a drink after fighting off the crowds at the flower show.

In Our Community Corner: Meet Michael Therieau (aka: 'Pavlov')

Hi!!! Good interview, I didn't know you were a fellow Smuttynose fan! I thought we just shared a love of Jamesons, and mention of the cat? I am stunned.

Fancy Dinner Recipes

The first meal I ever made for my husband was boullabaise...I am pretty sure he married me so I would continue to make it for him on a regular basis. It comes together FAST so you can let him watch...I hear guys like that ;)

Let's talk about Eggs!

Even though the winter has been reasonably mild this year, I can't help but start to get itchy for summer foods about this time of year...Deviled eggs is usually one of the first things I get a craving for every year come early spring.
So, what's your favorite Deviled Egg recipe? My standard go-to is mayo, mustard, horseradish, and ground red pepper...but I also like to play with them, so depending on my mood, there will be sriracha, proscuitto, dill, capers, smoked salmon, paprika, or even (of course) bacon thrown into or on to the egg. What's your favorite? Are you starting to crave Summer foods?

What's on your kitchen swag gift list?

For me it will be a new food processor, mine just died a few weeks back, and I would love a nice ice cream cookbook (any recommendations are welcome) and I have been eyeing those cute little Le Crueset Kitchen crocks...and of course a bitchin new apron to go in my what's on your list?

Cheesy Holiday Party Apps

I am having my Christmas party this Friday and I think I am too cheesy, I am making:

Stuffed mushrooms with sausage and cheese
Blue Cheese and Sharp Cheddar Cheese Gougers
Cheese Board
Spanikopita - with feta and spinach
Hot Clam Dip- with bacon, spinach and two kinds of cheese
Puff Pastry with Pesto and sundried tomato and Mozzarella
Bloody Mary Shrimp
Roasted spiced nuts, olives, crackers, etc

Aside from the shrimp and olives and nuts I think I am too Cheesy- any good ideas for some nice light apps that don't contain cheese? I do only finger foods since it is a cocktail party.

Also bonus points for an app that will help me to use up some of the Chipotle peppers in adobo that have seem to grown in my fridge, I keep buying it and only using partial and now have 3-4 butter containers filled with it in my fridge, lol!

Salpico's ridiculous pecan pie

Just want to give a shout out to Sal....your Salted Caramel Bourbon Pecan Pie recipe was POSITIVELY BANGING. I gained 20 lbs just dipping the pecans in to the salted caramel sauce while I was making the pie. I used Kenji's Pie Crust as you suggested and your recipe for the pecan filling was just OUTSTANDING. I made two pies and one of them is already half gone...gonna have to make another 2 for Thanksgiving. So take a bow Sal, your inlaws don't deserve you. xoxo

anyone have a different version of pecan pie?

I am looking for a killer pecan pie recipe. I will be making my pies for Thanksgiving this weekend, I love my apple pie, and my pumpkin pie recipes but my pecan is just for those who make you put any sort of spin on it that takes it to another level? Caramel? BOURBON? Both? Anyone have a favorite recipe that they love and want to share?

Someone has to do it.....

Okay, come on. Favorite Apple it for Steve!
RIP Steve Jobs- I remember first hearing your name in my very first computer class in 1991-I will at the very least raise an appletini to you tonight, good sir.

Do you like to cook or be cooked for?

Over the weekend I had a family BBQ and did all the cooking. Smoked Brisket, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Cornbread, Blueberry Cobbler and Vanilla Ice cream. At the end I was exhausted and my husband asked me why I do it....well, I love it! Yes, I could have had a potluck but for this particular day, I WANTED to do it all....I love to cook for my family and do it quite often. So which do you prefer? Cooking or being cooked for? Is it a control issue to sometimes just want to do it all so you have full control of the menu?

A Standing Ovation for Jerzee

A little while back I was having some issues with my strawberry ice cream, the strawberries were freezing into little strawberry-sicles. I have been working on rectifying and trying different suggestions from you all.....WELL, Jerzee Tomato called it! I soaked the macerated Strawberries in some Grand Marnier and then added the juice and the strawberries at the end, and no icy hard lumps of fruit! Thanks for all the advice from everyone, the experimenting was delicious...Jerzee take your bow!

last supper

So according to all the crazy-pants billboards on I-95 the world is coming to an end on Saturday (gauranteed!) Whatcha gonna make for your last supper? I think I will drive to the beach for dinner, just in case :)

Strawberry Ice Cream Failure

I made a batch of simple (non-custard) strawberry ice cream over the weekend. Everyone loved it, but since I am my own worst critic, there were two things that bothered me.
1- The texture of the ice cream was good, but the chunks of strawberries were rock hard, is there a way to make them a little softer when they are frozen?
2- I ate the leftovers last night, and while it was fine on Sunday last night it seemed to leave a weird sort of coating in my mouth. Like overly fatty or oily. The texture was still the same and the flavor was still great, so why the weird oily-ness? I just started making ice cream over the winter and this is the first fruit based ice cream I have made, I would like to improve it since my strawberries are starting to come in.

Update: Garden warfare -Mint!

I just want to thank everyone who helped inspire me on my fresh mint post a little while back. Since then I have made fresh mint ice cream, lemon mint sorbet, and a few huge pitchers of mojitos. I will be having a Derby party and will be making Juleps.
I would like to do some savory dishes over the next few weeks(the lamb meatballs on the home page look great) - and am turning to you all again for some inspiration.
What are your favorite savory dishes that use mint?

Homeade Smoked Duck with Port Wine Sausage

My lovely sister, just dropped off for me a 2lb package of homeade duck sausage, made with smoked duck and port wine. She got it from her in-laws and she DID NOT WANT IT! One of the times where her being a super picky eater does NOT annoy me, lol!

So hit me with your best suggestions! I have never had duck sausage, should I just sub it for my favorite smoked sausage dishes. I feel like I should treat it with a bit more pomp and circumstance than that, since there is no telling when I will have my hands on something this lovely again.

Garden Warfare- MINT!

I purcahsed a house last summer, and said house has a lot of land (half and acre) which this apartment dweller was thrilled to have! However, there are 6 different flower bed, garden areas. I like to garden but there is one particular three tier retained garden that was just overwhelming with the sheer amount of weeds. No matter how many I pulled twice as many came back within days.

Anyhoo, I decided to do a little garden warfare and planted Mint, figuring (correctly) that the mint would choke out the weeds and at least then, I would have weeds that I could use. Well, now I got it...What do I do with it it all? It's gonna be around all summer, and besides smelling awesome, and using it here in there in fruit salad, cocktails, iced tea...what is some of your favoirte applications? Also, I love ice cream and will be playing with making a great mint ice cream this summer, so any good recipes for that would be appreciated too. Thanks!

Really late to the rotisseri party.

So I got a Ronco Rotiserri for my wedding shower 3 years ago. At the time I lived in a tiny apartment, so it stayed in the box, never used or even opened. I bought a house last summer and the Rotisseri was moved and put in the garage (still in box, still sad and unopened).
Yesterday I decided I would drag it out and see what the hell was in the huge box.
The Rotiserri, recipe booklet, instructional VHS(!?), skewers, basket, "flavor injector" (groan), silicone gloves, carving set....Man this box was loaded with stuff!
Since it was relatively nice out, and I was in yard work heaven, I decided to go ahead and "set it and forget it" lol.
I just put a small roaster on the rotiserri, gave it a basic rub (garlic, rosemary, s&p).
Ummmmmm....WOW! So freaking good! Now I feel like such an idiot that I left it in the box for so long! I know I am late to the party here- but what else do you use these for and get great results? I feel the need to play with my new toy :)

what are you drinking tomorrow?

So what will you be drinking tomorrow to celebrate St Patty's day?
A little Irish cream in your coffee?
A pint of Guiness?
A shot of Jameson?
Maybe if your still young and dumb, a ton green beer? (ack!)
Will it be a good strong Irish whiskey cocktail?
Since tomorrow is my day off, I will go the Irish coffee to start my day route, followed by a couple Irish Reds with dinner and a Tullamore on the rocks before bed.

Favorite Three-O flavors?

Heading to Happy Hour in about an hour. The bar we are hitting this week has Three Olives Vodka Drinks for $2!! I am mostly a bourbon girl, but for $2 I can suck down some vodka. so what are some of your favorite 3-O flavors/combos? I love their Espresso Vodka (but I like that more as a shot - not a cocktail)

Mini Sandwiches in bulk amount

Hello! At the end of this month my family and I are having a 80th Birthday celebration for my Grandfather. We are doing all finger foods: Stuffed mushrooms, bacon wrapped shrimp, beef Satay, Cheese puffs, etc.

I had the bright idea of making mini ruebens (they are his favorite) I was just thinking of the logistics of making them and i am coming up blank. Any suggestions of a good way to make a bunch of mini (2-3 bites) Reubens?

Serious Eats affecting my impulses

Ok, so after yesterdays "what would you make for the President" post, and all the pie comments, I had to stop on my way home from work and buy a pie (peach).
Does this ever happen to anyone else? You are reading SE late in the day and you get so hungry for something that is being talked about/photo'ed that you have to have it?
I feel like I was brainwashed (in a good way)

Done with comfort food!

Woke up this morning to be covered in an inch of ice....again! Haven't seen grass in over a month and frankly I am sick of it! I have made soups and stews and chili and casseroles....I have baked and I have cozied up in front of movies....but enough is enough. I am gonna make something totally summery and not at all "winter - y " tonight. I need some ideas! I can't get to my grill, but I am game for some other ideas to help me beat these winter blues.

Mall food court serious eats?

So I have to head to the mall right after work to run and errand and the hubby just emailed me and said her would meet me there and we would grab a bite at the food court. Ummmmm....I haven't eaten fast food in 6 years and the hubby is going on 7 years. At first I was a little repulsed but now that it is getting closer I am strangely excited - I am remembering the taste of the first bite of a fresh and sloppy Whopper, or a chick-filet waffle fry or (gasp!) the damn "bourbon chicken" from Chow Cajun that they are always sampling. So my question: What are some of your favorite seriously guilty food court pleasures?

My pasta tastes like cinammon?!

Okay, this is going to sound weird but I am gonna ask anyway. I bought a few boxes of Rienzi pasta at the store last week because they had it on sale. Last week I made a bos of "bronze cut" rigatoni. I thought it sort of tasted like cinammon. My husband said he didn't notice anything off. I was also on anitbiotics so I chalked it up to one of those weird taste things that happens when your on meds. Well I made it again last night, even when it was boiling I thought I could smell cinnamon. I definitely tasted "something" again, the hubby said he didn't notice anything. I know I am not crazy, I am eating the leftovers as I type, and am getting that same taste. It is not off putting, just really strange. Has anyone tried this brand and noticed the same thing? What the heck is "bronze cut" anyway? I did actually like the texture of the pasta, but what is up with the flavor?

Thanksgiving Bloody Mary Station

I always set up a bar area for diy cocktails on Thanksgiving, and the Bloody Mary is usually everyones go-to first drink of the day. I am gonna set up a separate Bloody Mary bar this year. Besides the usual garnishes/mix-ins (Celery, Horseradish, hot sauce, old bay, olives, clamato) I am looking for some different ideas to round it out. What do you like in a Bloody?

Sentimental food?

I've always been very sentimental about holiday meals, and for me, certain flavors are powerful memory triggers. They remind me of the warmth of the family gatherings of my childhood, and when I make certain dishes, I feel like I'm carrying on the memory of loved ones who are gone. What are some of your sentimental holiday dishes? If not holiday...what are dishes that remind you of family and just making them can make you happy?

what's your miracle cure soup?

So I feel a cold coming on and I know when I get home I am gonna whip up a batch of "cold" soup. My version is basically chicken broth and noodles with tons of garlic, onion and black pepper. No chicken, no veggies. Sometimes I will splash in some rice vinegar or fresh ginger. So what do you reach for when you need to curl up with a blanket and the remote and your feeling bad? If it's really bad, no cooking needed, it's a call to the local chinese place for hot and sour soup.

Beer Caramel Ice Cream

Really good caramel ice cream comes from playing chicken with your sugar. Don't let it intimidate you while melting it; the sugar should be the color of dark stained wood. I let it smoke, then slowly count to 3 before plunging in butter and cream. Those last three seconds are where those beautiful smoky flavors develop. More

Strawberry Balsamic Thyme Jam

This jam is insanely delicious; equal parts sweet and sophisticated. The balsamic vinegar adds depth of flavor and brings out the juicy, sunny taste of the strawberries. And the thyme, oh the thyme! It provides an addictive, lemony, herby essence.... More

Mediterranean Flavors: Tzatziki

You only need to follow a recipe once or twice when making tzatziki before the process becomes almost automatic. Thick tangy yogurt; crisp, sweet cucumber; pungent garlic and dill; sunny lemon. The formula, a staging ground for countless dip platters and a condiment for the thousands of gyros dished up daily, is as familiar to us now as salsa and ketchup. And its preparation is about as intuitive—recipes matter less than solid ingredients and a willingness to dip a tasting finger along the way. More

Scooped: Really Buttery Pecan Ice Cream

For most of my life, I never got the point of butter pecan ice cream. It always seemed like less than the sum of its parts: wan pecans poking out of bland vanilla ice cream? No thanks. When I started making ice cream, recipes for butter pecan didn't give me much hope. Three tablespoons of butter per quart? One? I had my doubts that the results would be all that satisfying. More

Irish Coffee Caramel Ice Cream with Shaved Dark Chocolate and Candied Pecans

It has buttery, smoky caramel, a dash of coffee grinds, and a generous helping of whisky for good measure. It's a bracing combination, but oh does it work. First you taste the coffee, roasted and rich, with the pleasant bitterness of an actual cup of joe. Then comes the caramel to sweeten things up just a tad, melting to sweet buttery goodness. Then the whisky: the more ice cream you eat, the more you taste it. More

Guinness Week: Pork and Guinness Hand Pies

I moved this week, and since I live in Oregon, that meant shuffling all of my worldly possessions from one location to another in cold, pouring ran. Mid-way through the scurrying, I came inside and pulled one of these hand pies from the refrigerator. I didn't even warm it up. Just inhaled the whole thing straight from the plastic wrap, and it was perfect. A bit savory, a bit sweet, and hearty enough to sustain me through the rest of the heavy lifting. More

Guinness Week: Beeramisu

This take on Tiramisu strays pretty far from the traditional. It calls for Guinness and Irish Cream instead of coffee and Marsala, but the requisite creamy, soft layers will surely please anyone crazy for this Italian dessert. More