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Carly Fisher is a food writer based in Chicago and editor of NBC's blog The Feast. She can be found praising local eats in publications like Food & Wine, Saveur, and McSweeney's, while lamenting her hangovers at the Chicago Brunch Blog.

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  • Favorite foods: beer, sandwiches, cake, pizza, sushi, pickled veggies, fancy cheese, charcuterie, smoked meats, anything my grandmother makes
  • Last bite on earth: The most expensive omakase menu known to man. Maybe a farewell cake.

Best place for brunch in Chicago?

Le Peep? Orange? Come on people!
Some other recs:
- Cai has replaced Phoenix as my new dim sum palace
- Birchwood Kitchen for croque madame
- The Publican for red wine poached eggs and fries with eggs
- Ina's for fried chicken and waffle; heavenly hots (R.I.P. Kith & Kin)
- La Boulangerie for crepes (okay, it's not a *brunch* spot but I love it)
- Rootstock for the best charcuterie stick ever on a Bloody Mary
- Lula Cafe for whatever the special is; also, the Bloody Mary
- Bill Kim makes the world's best breakfast burrito but unfortunately Belly Shack doesn't do regular brunch. If they ever host their rare pop-up, you must go.
- Eggs benny at Big Jones
- Nanadict and banana granola pancakes at Nana
- Doughnuts at Nightwood
- Cinnamon roll at The Bristol
- Breakfast tacos at Mercadito (though you'll have to deal with loud music)

Five Poutines We Love in Chicago

Not to be forgotten: the duck (and sometimes lobster) poutine at Goose Island is worth every cholesterol point.

Five Poutines We Love in Chicago

Great piece, Huge! I dig the poutine at The Rocking Horse, and the fact you can get it with tots :)

@Nick - How can you be warded off from poutine? It's basically a more snackable version of mashed potatoes and gravy!

Christmas Foods From Around the World (In Chicago)

Hey Texas Monkey, are you thinking of a pandoro?

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Five Poutines We Love in Chicago

Poutine. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Some people don't even know what it is. I, for one, can't get enough of it. Born and raised in Montréal, I've had a plethora of good and bad poutines, and I like to think that I'm experienced when it comes to this indigenous 'hot mess' of a dish. More