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Deviled Eggs With Shrimp, JalapeƱo, and Radish

Gah I thought I had everything to make these but no cilantro...going to try it with some chopped up green onion tops and a pinch of dried coriander...maybe have a few pieces of basil left on my plants. Any better substitute for cilantro??

12 Things You Can Do with Silicone Muffin Cups (Besides Bake Muffins)

I make what my kids call "frozen fruities". Mix up vanilla greek yogurt, chopped banana, chopped frozen strawberries, canned crushed pineapple (drained a little), freeze them and pop them out of the cups and into a freezer bag. Slightly thaw and mash up when you are ready to eat. Nice to keep in the freezer for the end of the week when our fresh fruit supply is dwindling.

We Taste 9 Fast Food Vanilla Milkshakes (and Risk Permanent Brain Freeze)

What is the deal with Wendys!! I have had this conversation with them before about the vanilla shakes. Why why why.

Real Texas Nachos

Yum! I make what I call Tostada Nachos often. Fry the whole corn tortilla, spread with refried beans, top with cheese and 4 pickled jalapeno slices. Pop it in the oven to melt the cheese then cut with a pizza cutter into 4 pieces. Kind of the same but the tortilla is squishy and crispy at the same time.

Trader Joe's is Like a Bad Boyfriend...

I miss my Trader Joes :(
Pork Gyoza please.

Substituting yogurt for sour cream in dips?

I make a ton of dip with Greek yogurt...for savory dips you may need to add a pinch of salt and / or a squeeze of lemon to kill that yogurt tang.

Alinea and 'Babygate:' Should Babies Be Allowed in Fine Dining?

Not to a 18 course dinner! To an early dinner on a weeknight in a fancy place. Sure.

New Ways to Prepare Oatmeal

How about dried cherries, sliced almonds, a drop of almond extract?

Chewy Brown Sugar Cookies

Yum!!!! We did not roll in brown sugar but pressed some M&Ms into the tops before baking. They are so so so good.

Cheap lunch ideas?

Chili, you can make a big batch and freeze in individual portions so you don't get sick of it. Put some cheese and onions on top before you leave for work or the night before. Super filling and cheap! Chicken noodle soup + homemade rolls, again you can freeze both (with noodles or without depending how picky you are about noodle texture). Picking up a $5 pre-cooked chicken can help a lot. Chicken salad sandwiches, microwave quesadillas, microwave some nachos with chicken/cheese etc, chop it up on a salad. Lots of options. The day after taco night was always the best when we packed lunches. Taco salad with all the leftovers!

No Knead Whole Wheat Buns with Honey Butter

Yum! These are really good! Thanks for the recipe.

Spiced Zucchini Layer Cake

Yum!! This was really great. I used Cool Whip Vanilla Frosting. I don't actually like that frosting but my in laws love it so this cake went over very well with them. I'm thinking of making some cupcakes/muffins to freeze. Thanks for the recipe!

Cooking Fatigue

Most recent things I've made: Beef enchiladas for my husband and a taco salad for me (my enchiladas are really cheesy, too much for me!). Also chicken/veggies with Trader Joes green curry simmer sauce. Random leftover mashed potatoes made into potato cakes by adding some manchego and tossing in panko, then pan frying. mmmmm.

What Are You Having For Dinner?

A salad with toppings I cut up last night then got distracted by my kids. No lettuce as I was again distracted by my kids. Just the toppings and chicken. Blech.

"kid" food??

If I saw it happening, I would intervene...make sure they all get a taste then tell them to back off and save some for the rest of us. Kids need to be taught manners.

Ice Cream not setting

Figured it out I think!

It was Jeni's "Milkiest Chocolate Ice Cream in the World".

Apparently there's a typo and it should be 1.25 cups heavy cream not .25.

Where to find a demi-baguette?

Freeze the other half and warm it up?

Bad wine club

We like the Wall Street Journal Wine Club. We supplement with a cheap case of stuff from Trader Joe's.

Flavor Overnight In Cookies?

I made snickerdoodle bars a few months ago. They were awful the first night, tasted like eggs to me and the texture was weird. Overnight they turned into perfect chewy vanilla/cinnamon dreams.

Down South: Lunch at the Museum of Appalachia in Tennessee

The chicken and dumplings pictured are exactly what my FIL grew up with. I have made them several times...took a long time to get the recipe right (of course Grandma's never write them down!!). For the dumplings I mix 2 c flour, 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp baking powder, 4 tbl Crisco, make like pie dough, roll them out and cut into fat strips. For the soup/liquid, poach a whole chicken in enough water to cover (you can add celery/onion/peppercorns but don't get too fancy). Reserve the broth and pick the chicken off and reserve. Bring broth to a boil, add 1 can evaporated milk and the dumplings one at a time. Add the chicken back in. Salt and pepper (go heavy on this) to taste at this point and stir often so that they don't stick to the bottom of the pot. They take about 30-35 minutes to cook, tasting is how I check for doneness.

Kitchen Gadgets: Unexpected Hits?

Pampered Chef Mix'N Chop. I don't own one myself (too cheap to buy one) but I've used one and it's great for breaking up ground beef and sausage.

Baking Party

What about some kind of pie or a pie spin off that takes less time to bake? Pie crust is super cheap to make yourself and can be done in advance. Then get everyone peeling apples, or whatever fruit and bake them! If you wanted to go all out make your ice cream base and spin it in the ice cream maker while they are there or make some flavored whipped cream.


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