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What is your favourite soup cookbook?

The Ultimate Soup Bible printed by Barnes & Noble Consultant Editor Anne Sheasby. It has been a go to, on several occasions for me

'Slice of Brooklyn' on The Travel Channel

Another horrible depiction of Brooklyn !!!!

I am proud to say I was born and raised in Brooklyn and I don't know anyone who speaks and acts like "wannabe" thugs. Where do they find these morons???

The level of stupidity was only matched by their vocabulary.

This guy is a complete Idiot! A disgrace to Brooklyn!!!

Poll: What's Your Slice Per Person Ratio?

Nice looking pizzas- I could eat a whole one!!!

Help! Research Topic

Pizza- it has a great history. Can be traced to BCE era. Certainly a popular food! The great common demoninator of people.


Serious pizzerias only have Pizza because they don't have a kitchen to boil pasta.

If you have a wood-burning oven you have to dedicate the exhaust to the oven alone, or you need another exhaust for the kitchen line with gas. You can not exhaust a gas kitchen line and a wood oven together.

Wood sparks and grease don't mix

and further " serious pizzerias" are serious about PIZZA Period!

Pizza Delivery and the Economics of Reputation

Please allow me to suggest a solution:

When you order from such a place- tell them not to cut it.

While you are waiting for it to be delivered, put your oven on 250 degrees

When you receive your pizza- take it out of the box and slide it directly on the oven rack- In 2-3 minutes, you will get rid of the extra moisture the steam in the box put on the crust and get the pizza hot and alot closer to what the pizzeria would have served you if you went to the restaurant.

Try it, it works!

Ok- So What's Your Favorite Sandwich ?

Thank You Everyone! They all sounded great except the Starving Student's Grandmother's - Peanut Butter, Lettuce and cheese

Video: Happy San Gennaro, from Rubirosa!

Well That's a good looking staff- especially that Julio Guy


Kosher Appetizer Recipes

Mostly anything (except pork, shell fish and certain fish) can be used for your appetizers.

Purchase Kosher products and never mix dairy and meat-

Eggs are neutral

I have some extra braised short rib....

I have had Short rib ravioli on my menu for years.

Shred the meat, add ricotta, parmesan. it's a great filling for ravioli.
If you don't have any pasta sheets, use wonton skins.

Whatever sauce/braising liquid you have left over swirl in a little butter and finish with a few drops of red wine and little squeeze of lemon.


Poll: Do You "Do" Cheeseless Pizza?

A Classic Marinara, done well, is as good as any other. Just Tomato, Garlic, Oregano and Olive Oil

Can Your Daddy Cook?

Very Simple- Brine them for 2-3 hours before you cook them

Beer Pairings: The Best Beers to Drink with Pizza

I prefer an Italian Beer- Peroni is my #1 choice

If you are eating Pizza in Brooklyn- Then it's Brooklyn Lager

Paris, France!

Robechon- le Atellier-
Pierre Gagniere - both the seafood and the 3 star
Maurice Hotel

Kitchen Gardeners: Garlic variety to Fall plant for next year?

I have been successfull with White Porcelain, particularly - Leningrad and the Purple Striped Racombole- German Red.

The bigger the clove you plant, the Bigger the head will be.
Only plant the bigger ones and make a little pasta with the rest!

Heading back to Kennebunkport, Maine...

You Must Go To Arrows!! It is one of the best in the country.

How do you dress your salad?

Whatever mixture you come up with, coat the lettuce leaves in the oil first and then your acid, etc. It will leave you a crisp salad all the time. The acid can't wilt the leaves, especially this time of year when there is wonderful head lettuce in Farmers Markets, which are normally more delicate then store bought lettuce

Scott's Pizza Chronicles: The Story of Coal

Scott, You really have become quite an authority on pizza!! Keep up the good work. It is always a pleasure to read your posts. Keep'em coming!

Scott's Pizza Chronicles: A Brief History of the Pizza Box

Great research Scott! Very informative!

Look forward to your future posts

Ps. Easy there, Umana.

Souffle snafu....

When souffles are done they should still be a little loose in the middle. You are not baking cake!

They are done when they rise over the ramikin ( or whatever else you are baking them in- I have used flower pots. etc) about 1 inch for small and increasing more for larger. The top should be brown.

But I Never cook souffles in a water bath!!! That could have been your problem. PS:I have served more than 100 sometimes close to 200 souffles a night in one of my past restaurants. A nice sauce to finish would be nice- Creme Anglaise maybe even with a little Gran Marnier.

An old Chef

Mint Extract in NYC

go online to amazon- peppermint oil- it's also used as a natural mice repellant

Best Breakfast Pizza Dough Recipe, Anyone?

Fornino will give free dough for all on Mother;s Day


sorry for all the noise- was thinking spicy at the time, which WOULD BE BOLD!