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Fast Food: Dunkin' Donuts Smokehouse Sausage Sandwich

hey sarahliz, you wasted you're 5 minutes your self when you clicked on this article. it is about dunkin donuts breakfast sandwiches, of course he is not going to like them (like you didn't already know)

Pop-under ads???

Autumn Specials: 7 Fast-Food Pumpkin-Flavored Treats

Culvers pumpkin custard shake FTW


if you think about how most people use the shift and or capslock keys, you will realize it is not very fast to do that with one hand

Mexican in NYC?

u might as well give up now. these californians are never satisfied with nyc mexi. can u say 'lost cause'?

Real Burger vs Unreal Burger

@ dylantrumble ... + 1!!

Add-ins can be great. The burger needs room to breathe

Paso Robles Dining in Summer

do they serve kona coffee there???

Video: The Story Behind Mast Brothers Chocolate

When did Brian Posehn start making chocolate?

Why Ben & Jerry's Relationship with Walmart Is Actually Good For the Future of Food

Hagen Daaz gets my money when it comes to corporate ice cream......

"I only have 1 item. Can I sneak ahead of you?"

It happened again yesterday. I was in line at the supermarket. Not too much in my cart ...... just about 12 items

When a woman behind me with 1 item asks if she can sneak ahead of me b/c she only had 1 item and "I'll be in and out"

I told her no, even tho I kinda looked like a jerk. It's the principal of the thing......right?

What do you do?

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