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Weekend Cook and Tell: A Sandwich a Day

One of my favorite sandwiches ever is my Caprese breakfast tartine. With fresh basil, tomatoes, and lots of melty Mozzarella -- its perfect! Topped with fresh herb butter and a fried egg, this sandwich is perfection.

Tips on food blogging?

My biggest tip is take good photographs of your food. Then you can submit your photos to photo-sharing sites like Foodgawker and Tastespotting, and those drive TONS of page views to your blog everyday. The biggest source of traffic on my blog is Foodgawker. I am only in high school, but I still get thousands of page views a day. Check out my blog at

How to save recipes from magazines

I have a super fun way of organizing them that makes this "chore" into a fun arts-and-crafts project. I compile the clippings in a big notebook and I have a collection of visually appealing recipes and pictures at my fingertips. It would also make a great gift for someone. Here is a post describing my project in greater detail:

What to serve with baked zucchini fritters?

Thank you so much! These are all wonderful ideas! I ended up serving it with some grilled salmon, but I will have to try and make them again sometime -- and that sauce sounds amazing!

Best baked goods to bring as a gift to a friend

If you don't want to have to carry a ton of cupcakes, I have perfected a few recipes that yield just 2-4 cupcakes, enough for you, her and a friend! (carrying a dozen cupcakes while traveling is no fun!)

Chocolate cupcakes for two:

Funfetti cupcakes for two:

Pre-5K race menu option during a heat wave

Here are some foods that have a natural, Ayurvedic cooling effect:

coconut water (keeps electrolytes going)

Best pie in Washington DC ?

Leopold's Kafe in Georgetown has a killer apple strudel! Check out my full review of them here:

Make at home breakfast sandwich

I made these and they were AMAZING! The recipe is designed to be frozen and reheated, so you can make a bunch and enjoy egg-mcmuffin goodness whenever!

This Hole-ee Day

Why not try and make your own? I made my own donuts, and they turned out beautifully! Such a simple recipe as well!

Rhubarb recipes?

I just made a stellar rhubarb pie -- one of the best pies I have ever eaten!

Pie of the Week: Strawberry Rhubarb

I love this! I have almost perfected the recipe! Check out my strawberry rhubarb pie here:

Sunday Brunch: Pound Cake

I love pound cake! This looks like a great recipe -- I have a slightly funky recipe for a killer lemon pound cake, that uses olive oil and yogurt instead of butter :

Cook the Book: Lemon Olive Oil Cake

I made a recipe similar to this, and it is the best lemon cake I have ever had! Check out my slightly modified recipe here:

Lobster Roll Rumble: 18 Lobster Rolls in America

Hank's Oyster Bar's lobster roll is good, but I actually like my lobster rolls with a lot of mayo! (call me crazy!). If you do end up going to Hank's though, ORDER THE MAC AND CHEESE! It is crazy good, with bread crumbs on the top, and creamy cheese on the bottom.

6 Spots for Delicious Strudel in the Washington, D.C. Area

YES! I am a D.C. native and Kafe Leopold's is hands down one of my favorite venues. The apple strudel really is to die for! Check out my review on my blog here:

Where to eat in D.C.?

You got it right with the food court at the Native American Museum (the fry bread is TO DIE FOR)

1) Rasika -- the hottest restaurant in the city.

2) Leopold's Kafe -- a quiet, European-style restaurant tucked away in the chic neighborhood of Georgetown.

Check out my more detailed reviews of the places on my blog:

Baking Inspiration

Everyone loves cheesecake -- why not make it portable with Oreo cheesecake cookies?