Cherry-Honey Blondies with Marcona Almonds

I am looking forward to making these. Would this recipe double alright if I bake in a 9x13 pan?

How often do you price compare when you shop?

I will take the time to compare unit prices, watch sales, do regular coupons and e-coupons.

I shop about two times a week, generally dividing my grocery dollars between a Kroger store, Walmart and sometimes Target, stocking up on the good deals.

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

I love a low sugar jam! Thanks for this recipe. :D

Lazy Daisy Coconut Oatmeal Cake

Thanks! I'm going to make this recipe. It has all my favorite elements... easy; moist cake; easy yummy frosting. :)

Behind the Scenes in Daniel's Home Kitchen

@emmarr, Cool! :D Thanks!

Recipes for Cooking Demos?

How about various fruits on a stick. Healthy, pretty and appealing.

Have a heavy bowl with sturdy styrofoam inside at the base, holding the fruitsticks like a flower arrangement.

Maybe make a fruit dip as well.

Behind the Scenes in Daniel's Home Kitchen

In a recent DIY post in Talk, I wrote about how I used a wide drawer to lay my spices on their sides, label side up, using pieces of yardsticks to keep them from shifting.

Thanks for sharing your kitchen. :)

Cadbury Creme Egg in Hole Toast

Oh my, now I don't feel bad about making and eating too many homemade zingers the other day, these are their decadent equivalent! :)

Paska Recipe for Bread Maker

I searched "paska recipe for bread machine" and found this:

There were many links to choose from but as you say, they may not be specific to cooking it in the machine. :)

cooking with frozen rhubarb

I buy extra rhubarb in spring. I chop and freeze it on a cookie sheet then bag it so the pieces stay loose. When I cook with it, I don't thaw it. If I'm making a pie or crisp, I'll stir in a few Tbsp. of tapioca to absorb the extra moisture.

If it is in breads or cake, I don't add any thing extra.

When Breakfast Gets "Weird"

I like anything but lettuce for breakfast.

Simple Pleasures

My first cup of coffee in the morning.

What do you guys prefer plastic or wooden

Plastic. I like the soft plastic over the more rigid types.

what are your favorite DIY kitchen hacks?

p.s. @tea-and-syncope, loved the video! Thanks, interesting topic.

what are your favorite DIY kitchen hacks?

My DIY: Spices in a drawer

My spices were always a jumble in the cabinet.

I have a wide drawer that held seldom used items. I removed these things from the drawer and put them in a clear plastic tub elsewhere.

I made alphabetical rows of the spices, placed on their sides, label-up in the drawer and put cut-to-size yard-stick pieces between the rows to prevent shifting.

What will you make for Easter?

We'll start the day with eggs Benedict.

I just bought the spiril honey ham today and we have already started in on it! Fortunately, it's big.

With the ham, we'll have scalloped potatoes and salad.

Happy Good News!

Deviled eggs

I generally like a mayo, mustard, salt, pepper and paprika version.

The following recipe link is a favorite. I use regular mayo rather than the reduced fat.

Ask a Bartender: How Do You Prevent a Hangover?

@eam492! Great post!

My variation is Cheerios, they are all I want when my stomach is not happy.

How do you like your hummus?

I like mine smooth with lots of garlic then light in the oil and lemon.

What To Do With Leftover Pork Roast

How sbout chopped and sprinkled on top if a salad.


Make a batch of homemade mayo and dunk pieces of cubed pork (or any cold meat/poultry)in it and eat that like a fondue. Rich, decadent, delicious.

Culinary land mines

I am abhorred by veins and arteries in meat, chicken or fish (like talapia).

Marinating meat in beer in reduces cancer risk?

I have heard many times that marinating meat reduces the amount of cancer causing elements. I just found this:

Dinner Tonight?

Spring rolls and caramel pie.

How to Make Macaroni and Cheese Waffles

I am going to make these with whole wheat macaroni. Healthier! No? Oh well.

Thanks for another great idea and recipe. :D

Did you Plan how your kitchen is organized, or did it evolve?.

I enjoy organizing and for me, the best way is to empty the areas you wish to change, hopefully organizing these things as you take them out then putting things back as you like.

As for where things should go, that is a matter of preference. I like my dishes easy to grab and put to away.

I like my plastics cupboard which is large,under the counter and is where I like it but my husband finds it difficult to find the right lids as I have them organized in the back and sides of the shelf and you can't see them all very well. So I need to make some kind of adjustment myself there. Probably moving extras to another place, leaving just what may be needed daily with the lids better placed. Good question!

Chilies Restaurant and Veterans Day

We were happily surprised today that Chilies had a free meal for a veteran or active service person. They had a special menu with various items, things to suit most diners.

We want to say thanks to Chilies for their 'give back' to our brave armed forces personnel.

Your favorite pancake/topping?

I just made pancakes: used half ww flour and half regular. After a spread of butter on the pan and then putting on some batter, I sprinkled some frozen blueberries on each and then a little granola.

Served them with some chopped walnuts over the top and regular syrup on the side (maple would have been better but I'm out of it at the moment).

Do you have a favorite pancake/topping?

Goodies in the mail?

Now is the time of the year that I plan my packages for mailing as gifts to friends and family.

These include toffee and a couple of different fudges, some cookies and maybe a sweet bread. Then something new and different that I haven't sent before.

Maybe you can give me some new ideas? What goodies would you want to receive in the mail?

Bruising the fruits/avocados rant

I am tired of bringing home avocados and fruit that people pick up and squeeze, pick up another and squeeze, again and again. When I end up purchasing such fruit, there are the bruises from this squeezing.

When shopping, I can tell when I pick up a fruit or avocado if it is ripe/soft without squeezing it and when I see people doing this at the market, I can only turn away, annoyed.

What bugs you?

Message font harder to see now.

Wow! Lively new look! :)

I see that title fonts are much larger than before but it also seems that the post messages are in a smaller font?

While you are getting the bugs out, is it possible to make the message font bolder or a bit larger?

Thank you for your consideration on this.

What are you eating on JULY 4TH?

I'm surprised no one has posted this yet, unless I've missed it?. So, Serious Eaters, what are you cooking up on the Fourth? I just got back from grocery shopping. I am making a low country boil with shrimp, mussels,... More