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A must eat guide to San Francisco

What about Monterey/ Big Sur/ Carmel? What should I look for? Thanks again!

A must eat guide to San Francisco

Thank you very much for all the recommendations! I love this commmunity, and I´m sure you helping us to make this trip unforgettable!

We are travelling from Rio de Janeiro and staying 4 days in SF, a night in Napa Valley (Younthville) and a night in Monterey. So little time, so much to see/eat... We are trying to balance the can´t miss restaurants with what´s happening right now like the food truck scene while trying to not go crazy within our budget.

Thanks again!

Pizza in Sao Paulo

These are my favorites and I´ve arranged them in order.
I hope u like it!

Pizza in Sao Paulo

There are some great pizza places in Sao Paulo. The city had a huge italian immigration and paulistas (São Paulo natives) are very proud of their pizza, so much so that I think that they feel as if their pizza is even better than the italian ones!

You be the judge!

Here is a list of some of the city´s best:

Bráz Pizzaria (Consolação)
R. Sergipe, 406 - Consolação - Centro. Telefone: 3214-3337

Speranza (Bela Vista)
R. Treze de Maio, 1.004 - Bela Vista - Centro. Telefone: 3288-8502

R. Nanuque, 243 - Vila Leopoldina - Oeste. Telefone: 3836-2166

R. Jairo Góis, 126 - Brás - Leste. Telefone: 3229-0542.