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Oven Rack Cleaning

I tried putting spraying on easy off then putting the racks in a garage bag and closing the bag. The racks were easier to clean the next day. Thank you bareneed and remander.

Grass Fed Burger at Burger Lounge in San Diego

Have tried Burger Lounge and it may be politically correct because it is grass fed beef but doesn't live up to it hype for deliciousness. The patty is slim and not juicy. My taste for burgers is similar to Frank Bruni's and he did on burgers that was great.

Best Roasting Pan for a Chicken

The All-Clad small stainless roasting pan called the peti roti does not have an aluminum core. It is all stainless steel. I confirmed that with All-Clad's customer service. The folks at Cooks Illustrated recommend the Cephalon stainless steel roasting pan which does have an aluminum core. They state that the aluminum helps with even heating and prevents the pan from buckling if you deglaze the roasting pan on the stovetop for gravy.

After reading all these good suggestions, I'm not sure a roasting pan is the best bet to roast chicken.

Best Roasting Pan for a Chicken

Regarding the flatter pan idea, does it make rack and oven cleanup more of a challenge?


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