Caitlin Croswell

Foodie, restaurant extraordinaire, and marketing enthusiast hoping to one day be involved in marketing/communications for the restaurant industry! I'm every waitress's nightmare (polite but lots of menu questions/substitutions) but will try anything once.

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  • Location: CT
  • Favorite foods: Greek food, coffee w cinnamon, Mexican seafood dishes, crispy thin crust pizza, crusty bread and olive oil, awesome veggie sides, baked potatoes, veggie chips, chips and salsa, fro yo, fresh fruit, salad beasts, red wine, pickles, garlic
  • Last bite on earth: Flatbread w/goat cheese, roasted veggies
    J. Gilbert's filet, baked potato w/butter, grilled asparagus
    Red Robin's garlic steak fries + Catsup & Mustard's half-sour pickles
    J. Gilbert's chocolate ganache cake w/banana liquer

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epic meatloaf sandwich! Share yours.

Meatloaf sandwich with spicy yellow mustard, baby spinach, on a toasted wheat english muffin. YUM.

Are you a serial menu changer?

I am a serial menu changer - I always apologize about 50 times to the waiter. But I do change a lot of stuff. My friends know me for it.

How do you like your eggs?

Poached with a runny yolk. Had a disappointing brunch experience last month in which I was served smoked salmon Benedict with a solid yolk. BUMMER.

Win Tickets to 'Farm to Film to Table' at NYC Food Film Festival

Union Square! Seems to be a fair consensus. Locally my favorite is in Coventry, CT.

Win Tickets To 'The Food Porn Party' at NYC Food Film Festival

Sweet breakfast foods. Examples: pancakes, waffles, french toast. The drizzling of syrup/sauce onto the surface of whatever breakfast-bread-based meal is being photographed is a match made in food porn heaven.

Poll: Fruit on Pizza - Way or No Way?

I made a fruit pizza once that was more like a fruit tart - dough with cool whip, and then tons of fruit on top, drizzled w/chocolate sauce. Yeah that's a tart not a pizza, but it had that pizza look!

Hot Drinks, NY: Rose Tea Latte at Grounded

That looks awesome! The frothy milk just makes me want to cozy up with a good book on a comfy couch in a cafe.

Win Tickets to Plate by Plate, October 14th

Hate to say I've never tried any of the restaurants but I'd be most excited to try Spot!

Win Two Tickets to the 2011 Wines from Spain Great Match

I've never tried a Spanish wine but would love the chance to do so at this event. My favorite spanish tapas dish is anything involving shrimp!

What do you get at Subway?

@PoorOldMama: Really?! The smell of Subway stores is what drives me in! I love it! Anyone else with me on that?

What do you get at Subway?

@ Tupper Cooks I think Quizno's is a whole lot better too, for sure!
But since they are all rapidly closing in my area and if I go to Subway, I love honey oat bread, it MUST be toasted. If I'm not that hungry I do veggie delight with everything except jalapenos (spinach not lettuce), with yellow mustard. If I need some protein I do all the same stuff but add the sweet teriyaki chicken to make it a sweet onion teriyaki sub, and of course I do the sweet onion sauce instead of the yellow mustard :)

Let's hear it for the food service people!

On Thanksgiving, I think that eating in is fun. You've got your traditional meal and your traditional items that people have been making each year that you can't miss out on. But for me at least, Christmas dinner has always been meh. We are together all day as a family, and that's great, but by about 2pm you just wanna go do something! I don't like how the world seems to shut down. We almost always go see a movie on Christmas for the reason that we get bored (how many times can I watch "A Christmas Story"?) and we often are disappointed that barely anyone is open for dinner on Christmas day.

What Would You Advertise?

I'd say Starbucks if we are counting them as a food company!

For all the Chocoholics!

My favorite of the big three, in order of most to least liked (but least liked = love), goes dark, milk, then white.

If McDs breakfast was served all day

LOVED that post about eating breakfast at McD's. I would definitely like the ability to get an Egg McMuffin anytime. My grandma is a huge fan of the $1 menu breakfast burrito too and often says she wishes it was served all day.

Pizza and FlatBread... what's the difference??

@ajmill1978 a Venn diagram of this sounds cool. Could even make for a good post in Slice.

I think a flatbread is always very crunchy, a pizza dough has to be chewier but obviously not gross chewy. Also flatbread doesnt always have a sauce on it, in fact it often doesn't, but when you hear pizza you default to sauce unless it's white pizza.

Win Tickets To Brooklyn Beefsteak, September 25

I think I could do 3 or 4. Can't drink too much beer though, agreed with bdglide.

What type of pickle with your burger?

I don't know who wouldn't want a pickle with their burger! Or who would want sweet pickles. I don't really think of those as the pickle default though. I rarely see those served at restaurants. I only use bread and butter (sweet) pickles in my salads.

I like to have about 5 slices of dill on my burger, and then either dill slices or dill spears to munch on the side.
I also love half-sour spears on the side but not on the burger.

Gherkins are a last resort.

Christmas in NYC

There is a good place we go to every 23rd of December called Brendan's. It has a nice fireplace and Christmas tree, a small intimate place with delicious foods and prices that aren't too crazy. Highly recommended.

Going Bananas!

Completely recommend banana pudding as well. My mom does it with bananas, cool whip, vanilla wafers, and Jell-O brand banana pudding.

When you gotta have a taco.......

I would only behave that way for a crunch wrap supreme.

Win Tickets to Pizza at Pulino's at the New York Wine & Food Festival

My dream pizza party would have pizza provided by the folks at Luna Pizza in CT!


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