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Culture Club: 6 Made-in-NYC Yogurts Worth Seeking Out

Agreed- are there significantly less contributors? It's mostly advertisements at this point.

Cook the Book: 'One Good Dish' by David Tanis

The best dish I cook is the most simple- fish en papillote with some lemon and herbs. With a side of M'Hamsa couscous, it's perfect.

Win Tickets to the Joy of Sake Event in NYC

It would have to be Taro in Park Slope. Good sake only gets better with good sushi.

Sugar Rush: Samali Cake at Artopolis

Max, you clearly go to Columbia University.

What food makes you excited?

Honestly? Anytime someone takes really good quality, fresh vegetables and does nothing else to them but enhance their natural flavors- whether it's to grill them, steam them, drizzle them with a bit of olive oil, etc. Also, a really well made pastry, loaf of bread, or something intriguing with one ingredient that you just can't put your finger on...

I'm a vegetarian, he's lactose intolerant...

Thank you so much everyone for your advice! In terms of Asian cuisine- I'm just not used to cooking it, but am definitely up for giving it a try. His sensitivity to dairy is pretty mild- enough so that he's never considered it severe enough to take a pill, but I can speak to him about it if this relationship becomes serious ;)

Cook the Book: 'My Bread'

banana bread with too many bananas= an oozy mess that broke in half and erupted like a volcano.

Very easy soup recipe.

A lot of three ingredient purees are really simple, and delicious- you can try carrot, parsnip and vegetable stock; broccoli, potato, stock and mint- maybe with a little creme fraiche on top? There's always leek and potato soup, which is a classic. Also, Martha-Rose Shulman just published a recipe for 'garlic soup' in the NY Times:
Those ingredients which you've described, however, would make a very acerbic and thick soup...

meat eaters dating vegetarians

curious to know if there are any vegetarians/vegans who wouldn't kiss a meat-eater...


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