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Spokane/Bozeman/Idaho Falls/Boise

Wait - nevermind. Just saw the Sir Scott's menu. We are waaaay too poor (most of us are grad students) to afford it. I didn't realize it was a straight-up steakhouse, I thought it'd be more mid-range. Looks good, though!

Spokane/Bozeman/Idaho Falls/Boise

@dyrima - We're probably not going through Pocatello, as we're going the route past Craters of the Moon (it was a good assumption we'd stop there!). Thanks for the big tip on the Idaho Falls breweries - I had read about each, but certainly didn't see that it's run by Mormons (which is just weird)! Lucy's may be a good bet - we could drink at Idaho Brewing Company and get some pizza to take back to our hotel. Probably not the one in Roberts, though, as I doubt we'll be up for driving by that point ;)

@Tipsykit37 - the (emeritus) professor who's leading our group is named Scott, so it's almost our duty to stop there! Thanks for the tip!

Headed Cross Country, Need Suggestions!

I think it's almost necessary that you route through Pueblo, CO so that you can revel in a true Pueblo Slopper. Plus, you can easily route back up to meet I-70 west at Grand Junction via highway 50, which avoids the nice-but-still-an-major-interstate path through the Rockies on I-70. It'll even put you right through Montrose, which is Colorado wine country (yes, it exists). Also on that route (highway 50), Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park offers amazing camping and hiking.

Favorite Brewery in Your State

Cascade Brewing here in Portland, OR. The Commons Brewery is a close second.

Portland Burger Week - suggestions/info?

It looks like it's only a short list of places doing the $5 burgers. Seems they've been doing a rundown of the venues (and their Burgerweek special offerings) over the last week right here.

After seeing it, I'll gladly put $5 down for the Ate-Oh-Ate burger.

Figs in WallaWalla/Tri-Cities/LaGrande area

You could probably find some in Hood River, at one of the grocery stores there. Failing that, figs are plentiful in Portland stores, both right now (we're in the middle of the breba crop) and in August/September.

Sugar Rush: The Rose City at The Waffle Window, Portland OR

This place is amazing. In fact, it's been entirely too long since I last found myself over there. Tomorrow, I shall get myself the Three 'B's (Bacon, basil, & brie)!

US-101 from Astoria, OR to San Francisco, CA recommendations

I'd say Rosanna's in Oceanside, OR (due west 6 miles from Tillamook) has the best chowder I've had on the coast (not to mention an amazing view of Three Arch Rocks National Wildlife Refuge). Also, you can follow the Three Capes Scenic route (which starts just outside of Oceanside) directly to the Pelican Pub and Brewery in Pacific City. From there, it's a quick jump right back on to 101.

I assume you'll also stop at the Tillamook cheese factory, but avoid the cafe there - it's not really worth it. Save your calories for the ice cream and cheese samples!

Bags O' Bánh Mì at Tien Hung Oriental Foods in Orlando

They always ask at Best Baguette in Portland, even if you're only getting a single to-go sandwich. They'll even double up on the veggie fillings for free if you ask. Frankly, I'd be there thrice weekly if it wasn't across town.

I'll say that before going there for the first time a few years ago, I had never been given the option anywhere else.

gochujang sauce uses

I keep a squeeze bottle of Kenji's Sweet and Spicy Chili Sauce in my fridge, simply labeled "Korean Ketchup". Among other things (well, most things really), it's amazing on dumplings.

Any must-do places in Portland, OR?

I live in downtown Portland, and am getting hungry thinking about this post. That being said, thinking ONLY about downtown/NW (and places I have eaten; there are plenty of other places I've not made it to):

-Lardo (for lunch)
-Tasty 'n' Alder (Tasty n Son's downtown branch) for brunch
-Salt and Straw for ice cream
-Bamboo Sushi (next to Salt and Straw) for sushi (or an AMAZING Wagyu beef burger)
-Nong's Khao Man Gai (Thai chicken and rice)
-Ringside Steakhouse (NW) or Ringside Fishhouse (downtown) for Happy Hour -Verde Cocina (super locavore Mexican/NW)
-Little Big Burger (if nothing else, for the house-made ketchup)
-Kenny And Zuke's (Maggie is right - the pastrami cheese fries are a need)
-Voodoo Donut (The ODB is my personal pick - choco donut with crushed Oreo and a peanut butter drizzle)
-Stepping Stone Cafe (breakfast/lunch)
-Biways Cafe (amaretto french toast!)
-Ken's Artisan Bakery (or Ken's Artisan Pizza - but that's not downtown)
-Lonesome's Pizza (slice walk-up near Voodoo Donut. Best in town)
-Brunch Box (burger cart)
-Deschutes Brew Pub (don't be deceived - it's excellent food)
-KOIfusion (bulgogi beef burritos w/kimchee rice!)

For Beer:
-Tugboat Brewery (limited hours - check their website)
-Bailey's Taproom
-Deschutes Brew Pub
-Commons Brewery (just across the river, but the best beer in town, I think)

For Wine:
-Oregon Wines on Broadway

For Coffee:
-World Cup
-Coava (their roaster/cafe is on the east side, but they have a tiny annex inside Local Choice Market downtown)

For Cocktails:
Clyde Common (Jeffrey Morganthaler is a genius)

Sorry for such a huge list! I'm just a sucker for great food, and we've got that here in spades. If you're looking for something specific, just let me know - I know the other quadrants about as well as I know downtown, and I love being helpful!

Denver... Where to Eat?

Tom's Home Cookin' on 26th, just east of Welton. It's about a mile walk from where you're staying, but holy sweet fancy Moses is it worth it! I grew up in Denver, and it is always the first and last stop when I go home to visit. It's southern cooking by two guys (a couple, I believe) who seriously know their stuff. And cobbler is considered a side order here, not a dessert, if that helps paint the picture any. Just make sure to get there early (open at 11), as they get busy fast and typically sell out before 2. Also, they're cash only (at least the last time I was there).

Also, Wynkoop brewery was started back in the 80's by the current governor of Colorado (John Hickenlooper). They have great beer and an awesome vibe.

Lastly, Great Divide brewing on 22nd and Arapahoe has some killer (and award winning) beers as well.

Green Chile Chicken Macaroni and Cheese

The first meal I ever made for my wife was Hatch green chile mac and cheese. I was a recent transplant to Oregon from New Mexico, and she had never even heard of green chile. Luckily, she loved it. If she hadn't....well...who knows what would've happened between us.


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