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The crackling pork shank with firecraker apple sauce at maloney and porcelli's on 50th (between park and madison) Though this may not be the "most trendy" or "hip" place in the city. This is certailnly the best pork dish I have had! Something about the confit preparation, then frying it till crispy perfection coupled with the sweet and subtly spicy applesauce is Pork perfection!

Butternut Gnocchi

or drain the squash through a cheesecloth? that worked for me but it was a long time ago.

National Sandwich Day: 31 Sandwiches We Love in America

anyone try to make the fennel sauerkraut?

hard sparkling cider

forgive me but, what does racking to a secondary mean?

Raw Milk...yay or nay

absolutley yay if you know where it comes from!

Goodbye, Dumpling

wish i could have met him. so sorry to hear, i dont know what i would do if i lost mine. hang in there.

Super-authentic Sauerbraten recipe?

i have one but i have to dig into the archives. i will try to get it tomorrow.

Has the internet changed the way you cook and eat?

2 words: serious eats


awesome thanks.
that shrimp recipe looks great i will try it!

only reason i am thinking of the smoked chicken is for 2 reasons. 1) i had smoked chicken tacos at this brand new kind of posh neuvo mexican restaurant in my town last weekend and they were out of this world suprisingly, and 2) i just got a new smoker and wanted to try it out. maybe ill tone it down with the mole and just do some other more mild sauce of sorts..

thaks for the help.

Ahhh! So much leftover ham!

ham salad:
grind it in a meat grinder
hard boiled eggs
homemade bread and butter pickes
pickle juice.

ritz crackers, wonder bread or a potato roll

my grandma makes it every year with her own homemade pickles which are very sweet.

Im not even a big ham kinda guy, but i cant hardly wait till lunch on dec 26th every year!

Help with New Years lamb dinner

if you want to save money and not worry about over cooking the rack...i would totally go with shanks, braised with root veggies. and wine/s red white and marsala. slow and low.
of go with the greek style of lemon, garlic, oregano. maybe a cup or two of white wine for some braising liquid. serve that with some sort of risotto and garnish with a little feta and maybe some warm pita and you'll be good to go.

good ceviche tips

good ceviche tips

im totally ok with the rawness. im just worried about making the investment for a group of and having be a flop! thanks!

Your Favorite Meal?

THE greatest cheese burger ever

Straw and hay pasta from Gino (now closed) in midtown nyc.

How Would You Make Surf and Turf Pizza

I would go with shrimp and hangar steak. I would sear the hangar steak after marinating it in whatever you want...cast iron if you have it. let it cool and slice it thin. I have done it with a smoked mozzerella and pesto base, fire roasted tomatoes and a red wine and balsamic reduction drizzle. add the shrimp raw and the steak half way through the cooking so it stays med rare.

need a good restaurant in midtown east

looking for a good italian place in Midtown East/West (either is fine), Going to a concert at MSG and want to make reservations tonight. I used to live in Manahattan but have been out of the loop for the past couple of years. any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Doesn't have to be italian if its awesome either.

hard sparkling cider

i have a batch of two gallons of cider that have been fermenting with chamagne yeast for two weeks. tonight is bottling night. i have some carbonating drops that i am going to add to each of the bottles. has anyone used honey as a sugar to increase fermatation and add alcohol content while the cider is fermenting in the bottles? any other tips would be appreciated! thanks.

crackiling pork shank

i had the crackiling pork shank at maloney and porcellis in ,anhattan last weekend and it literally changed my life. It was that good!

Has anyone ever attempted to make this before? i have some heritage shanks coming in tomorrow and need some pointers on how to recreate.

if you havent had it...go. its ridiculous

nyc for the day

1 oclock today will be the close of a 75 hour work this week, eating pizza a crappy take out and literally loosing hair by the day from stress. I am offically ready for some good food and libations before going to a crazy surprise party. I am a ct native but have lived in nyc in the past. its been a while and am a bit out of touch. I am looking to have a GREAT meal. I am up for anything in the entire city, ethiopian to german. It will be a late lunch at around 2 or 3.

What yould all of you "foodies" do if you were in my position? where would you go? is Eataly as cool as i have heard or is it over-rated?



Going up to ski in VT this weekend and we have some old fondue pots that we are looking to put to use for 8 of us.

What are some of your favorite things to cook fondue style?

What kind of oil should we use?



top three types of taco recipes to make at home?
Entertaining tomorrow and am having a hard time deciding what to make.

I was thinking carnitas with green chile.

smoked chicken in a mole sauce

and some sort of shrimp or fish.

what would you do?

5 favorite red wines $20 or under?

need to get a late xmas gift and would love to hear some feedback on some of your favorite reds. all types, vintages, blends, whatever, as long as they are awesome.

much appreciated!

good ceviche tips


I have been dying to try to make homemade ceviche but am a little nervous. Has anyone had any success? if so what have you ised, what kind of acid:fish ratio are we talking? what else have you added?

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