• Last bite on earth: a hefty chunk of whomever did me in...

Big Bud's Beer Can Chicken 

Please stop perpetuating the myth that the liquid inside the can matters. Thank you. The bacon, however, is intriguing...

Fruit on a Sandwich?

Turkey and cranberry sauce?
Figs and some funky cheese?

The Food Lab, Drinks Edition: The Ultimate Fully Loaded Bloody Mary

A virgin mary's proper name is a "Bloody Shame"...

The Food Lab, Drinks Edition: The Ultimate Fully Loaded Bloody Mary

Also--use the lime wedge to moisten the rim for the salt---extra citrusy goodness in every sip. I also use no-salt-added tomato juice so I can add it all back in with my own preferred salty deliciousness. Damn, Kenji-now I'm thirsty!

The Food Lab, Drinks Edition: The Ultimate Fully Loaded Bloody Mary

Frank's, Leah and Perrin's--totally! I, however, use gin instead of vodka.


Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Cheap Light Beer

@Bitchin- watch out for the "Hammover"--nasty stuff.....; >

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Cheap Light Beer

For god's sake, get a grip, man! Walk to the goddamn liquor store to burn the extra calories to allow you to guiltlessly drink good beer. The path you're treading now leads only to madness, and mediocrity, at best.

Overrated, Overpriced, Overhyped !!! Rant If You Like

how hilarious--the San Marzano ad totally was on this thread. tee-hee!

Sunday Supper: Beer Can Chicken

Sunday Supper: Beer Can Chicken

It was. It's all a lie. Drink the beer, ( hopefully a goid one), and replace with water.

Providence Pizza?

Ohh, Caserta! (and Al Forno too...) drool.......

The Need for Cheese

@dm----do you use a smoke gun? or is it in an offset smoker?

shrimp veins

Only if they were ever alive. Otherwise, you're vein-free.

Favorite meat recipes! Meat Duel! :)

um, yes. to all.just depends on what's lookin good at the time of of purchase.

I need your best cheap cookout recipes!

Pernil! Check out SE archives---pork shoulder is like $1.29/lb--low n slow for 7 hours, and you're in cheap eats heaven!

easy, dairy-free anniversary dessert?

As a busy parent, I would try to go for some, uh...."sexy-time"!!! Lingerie/skin is gluten-free, and can be a sweet treat for busy parents....just sayin...; )

Pizza + Lasagna = Pizzagna

nice. My pancreas hurts just thinking about it. Keep tilting at those windmills, Kenji!

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

Monster thickburgers!

"Art?" (tee-hee)

yeah, but if you then baked it off....

Eyewitness Booze Investigation: Early Times Mint Julep

Another Cooking School Success Story

Not to be snarky, but the same could be said of many holders of college degrees. We went in thinking we'd all have great jobs because of our shiny new degrees...

What have you done to the design of the site?

The mobile site changed recently, for sure... since change always seems bad, I'm still on the fence ...

Help! I need cookbook name ideas

The "Who Cares About the Title ( Hey! Feel Good About Donating!!) Food Recipe Extravaganza Book"...?

Eyewitness Booze Investigation: El Jimador Premixed Tequila Cocktails

hilarious, as always.

Um, why did my last post get censored?

It was concerning the new technique of synthesizing proteins ("meat") from sewage mud, or put more simply, human feces. Sure hope it was a glitch with the new site, 'cause otherwise it smacks of cliquishness... I clumsily included a link, and wondered what y'all thought about the prospects of eating this way.

Dumb cheese question.

Can blue cheese be frozen with no adverse reactions? We're not talking artisanal here, but there's a sweet deal, and I'd love to stock up. Whey in here...(see what I did there?! ; > )

need some pernil advice

Hey all---was drooling over the past post about pernil -(cuban roast pork), and wanted some advice. My ginormous bone-in picnic ham is happily marinating away, singing songs of the motherland in the fridge. The real question---when it gets down and dirty in the Weber--do I roast it skin side up, or down??? Obviously I know what to do with the g&ts. Thanks, and happy 4th!

Need some shrimp help...

Hey all- making some chorizo- stuffed, bacon wrapped shrimp for a birthday( i know it's trite, but it's what they like!) have 15ct shrimp, and thought i'd use center-cut bacon, cause it's thin and cooks quicker. Any tips on keeping my shrimp tender? I tried an unstuffed dry-run under the broiler, and by the time the bacon was even sorta crisp, the shrimp was past tender. Any hints would be appreciated!

Are oranges freezable? The interweb is at odds--please weigh in!

Scored what I thought was a good deal---5lb boxes of clementines for 99 cents apiece. Now I have a butt-load of clementines that are "on the edge". I checked the interwebs--some say you can freeze 'em (peeled and sectioned)...some say juice 'em (no juicer....yet). Will they be all moooshy when they defrost? Anyone have a killer sugar-free (no sugar added) jam/marmalade recipe? Thoughts? Thanks!

Potentially dumb bbq question....

Hey all----I'm pretty sure that I already know the answer to this, but.....I was reading that one could save orange rinds and throw them into an outdoor fireplace (chimenea, etc...) for a pleasant citrus-incense. This led me to think of food (as all things do), and I wondered if I could use dried clementine peels to do a "tangerine-smoked" (insert your favorite bbq meat here). Question: will the meat get fouled by waxy discharge from the food-grade wax applied to the fruit? Will the citrus oils create an acrid taste? Is this possible, or am I just hungry? Thanks!

A Holiday Cook's Tale

Thought it would be amusing to see all the creative toward more literary things. Please
feel free to add a stanza or five....

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring (except for my spouse!)

The lamb chops were thawing, and frenched with great care,
To assure everyone had a nice rib that was bare.

With Ma in her apron, and a towel 'oer her shoulder,
She was prepping a turkey the size of a boulder.

(please continue, and happy holidays!)

Help! Baking Ninjas needed!

First, disregard my earlier "Ba" post---my e-fu is weak.....
Secondly--Help! My SO and I were attempting sugar cookies---I'm a cook, and never really pay attention, and she's an aspiring new of course disaster struck.
I am the proud owner of a basic sugar cookie dough that had the sugar mixed in with the dry---so no egg, butter, or vanilla has been added. Can anyone suggest a crafty save for this bag of potentiality? I'm too poor to waste the ingredients, and too busy making stupid sugar cookies to research a fix----any recipes would be appreciated---here's what we have mixed---2.5 cups flour, 1/4 tsp soda, 1/4 tsp salt, 3/4 cup sugar. Thanks!

Need a cheese recommendation

Hey all- whilst plotting the next meal, I thought about a Thai-inspired pizza. I was thinking about using some ground turkey and doing a sort of Spicy Thai-Basil on wheat crust. I generally use Chihuahua cheese on all of my pizzas, (I find it to be creamy and tastier than mozz.), but wondered if there are other delicious cheeses that may pair well with this flavor profile. FYI, my SO is in the "family way", so old, yummy , funky cheeses are not allowed. Thanks!

Korean Pear?! What to do?

Wow---my friend gave me two gigantic "Korean pears", and I'm a bit confounded. I've used asian pears to nice effect in a shredded salad with jicama, apples, and light vinaigrette....are these brutes in the same taste category? Any advice would be awesome!

Provençal White Bean Dip

While in Napa recently, I found and loved a white bean dip at Thomas Keller's Bouchon in Yountville, which came served with pain epi. It was creamy, mild, and mellow, but not bland at all. And it had a distinct advantage over butter—I could slather on as much as I wanted without guilt. More

5 Herb-Infused Cocktails from Craftbar (And How to Make Them At Home)

The cocktail menu at Craftbar features some of the best herb-infused cocktails we've ever tried; Skiba uses spirits and liquors to bring out the essential character of each herb, from sage (with bourbon and Benedictine) to cilantro with jalapeno and mezcal to rosemary and lavender with gin. Check out the drinks and get the recipes to make them at home » More

Healthy & Delicious: Italian Wedding Soup

While those mini-meatballs are undoubtedly the high point, the generous helping of vegetables—onions, celery, kale, and escarole—really beef the soup up (so to speak), and make it thoroughly nutritious. A little Parmesan added at the end is a nice touch, as well, providing both a little bit of salt and a tiny bit of creamy goodness. More

Sunday Supper: Rubbed and Roasted Pork Shoulder

Pork shoulder is a luscious fatty cut that does very well in a low temperature oven for a long time. When picking out your shoulder, make sure that there's a nice piece of skin left on it so that once it's roasted, there is enough crackling for everyone to have a piece. The onions that the roast sits on become soft and coated in pork fat, so make sure to serve them alongside the roast. More

Cook the Book: Revelatory Caramel Cake

Adapted by D.C. chef Ann Cashion, this Revelatory Caramel Cake from strong>The Southern Foodways Alliance Community Cookbook, this caramel cake is similar in flavor to an angel food cake but with a much denser crumb. Once baked and cooled, it can be iced and filled any which way you please. But being a caramel cake, this one is really all about the icing. It's actually more like a candy coating. More

Dinner Tonight: Fish with Saffron-Tomato Cous Cous

Usually, my go-to technique when cooking fish is to crank up the heat for a smoking hot sear. The theory goes that fish, especially white-fleshed varieties, are pretty mild in flavor, so the more caramelization and flavor that can be built into the cooking process, the better. Of course, that all falls apart when you taste a recipe like this, with the fish resting in a broth so intensely flavored you don't need much else. More

The Food Lab: Homemade Tater Tots, Sweet Potater Tots, Twice Baked Potater Tots, And More!

Raise your hand if you like Tater Tots? (And remember, it's the Internet, so no one can see you)! Everyone, right? I thought so. They get a bum rap in public, and it's a travesty, because they are perhaps the second-most-awesomest crisp-on-the-outside tender-in-the-center fried potato-based snack ever conceived. This week, we try to make them at home. More

Chicken Roasted with Spiced Yogurt

It was kind of a revelation when I discovered the magical marinating powers of yogurt. When it comes to quick dinners, it's good for your arsenal—yogurt-based dishes tend to work their magic especially quickly, rendering meat flavorful and succulent and infusing it with the accompanying flavors and spices. More

Scooped: Prosecco, Lemon, and Ginger Granita

I often hear people lament their inability to make frozen desserts for lack of equipment. But nothing's quite as satisfying as pulling dessert out of the freezer at the end of a long meal—nodding, yes, it is homemade. For these occasions, we have granita, one of the easiest and most elegant desserts ever made. The ingredients couldn't be simpler, the technique no more elementary. And they wake up the palate like nothing else. No ice cream maker required. More

How to Make Feijoada, the Brazilian Stew of Pork and Beans

Pork and beans go together like, well pork and beans. Enough so that pretty much every bean-and-pork-eating culture in the world has figured out some way to put them together. Lentilles aux lardons, garbanzos con chorizo, sweet Okinawan pork belly cooked with beans, cassoulet, Boston baked beans, even good old beanie-wienies. Like all good pork and bean dishes, feijoada is a dish of economy, intended to offer complete nutrition and great flavor with a minimal amount of expensive protein. Indeed, it's made with all the parts of the pig or cow that most people don't eat. More

How to Make Pizza Monkey Bread

Monkey bread. Because kids go ape over it. You know what else they go ape for? Pizza. Let them help you make pizza monkey bread and they'll go positively King Kong in the kitchen. Making this stuff is way easier than making pizza, too, since you don't have to worry about stretching the dough or precise cook times. All you'll need are these recipes for dough and pizza sauce as well as and some Parmesan, mozzarella, and fresh basil. More

Ramos Fizz

In the ranks of New Orleans-born coolers, the Ramos Fizz (aka Ramos Gin Fizz) is royalty. Created in 1888 by bar owner Henry C. Ramos, the fizz that bears his name takes the already appealing Silver Fizz--a mixture of gin, lemon, sugar and seltzer, with an egg white to add foam and body--and advances it several steps along the decadence line, adding cream, lime juice and a few drops of aromatic orange-flower water (no, not orange juice--the perfume-like stuff usually sold in small blue bottles). More