Pok Pok: Chiang Mai Arrives in New York

The best 'western' Northern Thai food is easily hands down "House" restaurant in Sydney. Salty fermented pickled chilli char grilled goodness every bite!

What should I serve at a Scandinavian (Norway) dinner party?

I've recently moved to Norway from Australia and with the Norwegian National Day coming up and some Australian friends coming to visit I'm keen to do a special Norwegian dinner party but...Im having trouble getting inspired beyond smoked salmon and gravlax (yum)....

If I was doing a dinner in Australia I would serve things like chilli lemongrass prawns, BBQ duck, watermelon and feta salad things like that - but here it seems mostly boiled vegetables and meat or fish with not much spice.

Any ideas of some Norwegian or Scandinavian dishes I can modernise/ spice up a bit?

So far Im thinking yes gravlax and smoked salmon bilinis and maybe a swedish cucumber salad and maybe a fish soup..but what else? Baked salmon or lamb seems a bit bland to follow? I thought of making some sort of rich moose pies with berries but think moose might be hard to cook if inexperienced with it. And I dont want to go overboard on the fish..


Where is Sandwich a day?

I go to check Sandwich a day as I do everyday...but hmm my bookmark for Sandwich a day was broken. Ok no worries - new website design has launched. But then I try and find it on the new site to update my bookmark and its totally gone :( And you can only find the old content by searching tags..and that only seems to be for Sandwich a day New York.

Please please please tell me that Sandwich a day hasnt been dumped! If so could you at least restore the archive somewhere it can be accessed other than just on tags?

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