Lizy Yagoda

A burger fiend stranded in a world of vegans.

  • Location: Philadelphia
  • Favorite foods: a good cheeseburger; fresh, crusty bread; bacon.
  • Last bite on earth: Hmm. An oreo dipped in peanut butter, Lindsay Lohan style

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Cake Shake from Squareburger in Philadelphia

I very much agree about the cakeshake. One of the best shakes I've ever had.

Freed Journalist Laura Ling an Apparent Hoagie-Lover

I really appreciate the use of the word "hoagie."
@gastronomeg, i totally agree on the laughter. It brightened my morning, before I had to go wake up my 9 campers.

Taste Test: Milks Not From a Cow

Oh wow. So very glad I wasn't around for this taste test. Any milk-like beverage with flecks of anything in it sounds horrible.

Emotional Eating: Strange Cravings when you're ANGRY!

I always want something I know is bad for me. The attitude of, "well, I guess I'm justified to eat my feelings, might as well do it right."

Meet & Eat: Lizy Yagoda, Serious Eats Intern

@carriebwc. My sausage thing comes from some really bad experiences with breakfast sausages and then carried over into other types. I do like dried sausage and italian sausage, but in general it kindof grosses me out.

@anysuchname. I guess I didn't see a place to describe the "foodie foods" I like, but be assured, I like veggies. True, I like some kid foods (Peanut butter and fluff and juice boxes in particular), but they're often the safest things to eat in a college cafeteria! :)

What Does Your Fridge Say About You?

@wrain. I'm sure that in general, grapes can go on the top shelf, but when they've been recently washed and in a holey bag, the water drips down over everything.

do you remember elementary school cafeteria food?

We had milk in plastic bags in my elementary school. This was also the first time I discovered Bacon Bits. I remember loving everything.
In high school, people only got two things. Either a limp salad in a plastic bowl the size of a fist, or curly fries.

Seriously Italian: Reflections on the Trattoria

Man, I wish I had read this a week ago! I just got back from Rome and this place sounds amazing, I want to jump on a plane and head back. What's the price range?

Serious Sandwiches: Tony Luke's Roast Pork Italian, Philadelphia

I'm so glad the other Philly foods are getting their props. We get a little sick of always reading about cheesesteaks and soft pretzels. I also have to agree with Delorenzosfan. I prefer Dinic's as well. I like mine with spinach rather than with broccoli rabe.

Pantry 'Ghosts': Do You Have Them?

My father has had a can of Billy Beer since it first came out. He moved it through 4 houses.

Top Movies Starring Chinese Food

"My Favorite Year." The main character, Benjy, says "Jews know two things: suffering, and where to find great Chinese food."

Photo of the Day: Cool Chocolate Mousse

wowza. like the tower of babel, but working towards deliciousness rather towards heaven...or perhaps the same thing?

College Eats!

This past semester, I lived on peanut butter and fluff sandwiches and juicy juice juice boxes (fruit punch). Some times it's easier/marginally healthier to live like a 5 year old than to eat 3 meals a day at a dining hall where the main offerings are fried chicken wraps and deserts.
The funny thing is, now that I'm abroad in Prague, I still crave those sandwiches on wonderbread.

Culinary Rule Breaking

Cucumbers and ranch on veggie burgers (or regular ones)

I don't like traditional condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc) nor traditional sandwich toppers (pickles and tomatoes) . Will avoid all like the plague.

Manhattan: Brooklyn Diner

This was the first time I was able to go to a burger place recommended by aht. I was wildly disappointed. Perhaps it is because I went to the Times Square location, but it was one of the most mediocre burgers I've ever had. I ordered my burger rare and it was more well done that the picture shown in this article. It was devoid of juice and therefore was a lump of ground beef, not a burger. The burger also had fat pellets, and was unpleasantly chewy. The fries and frizzled onions were lovely, and my dining companion enjoyed her pigs in a blanket. But, I've had better burgers in NY (Island Burgers, various fast food outlets, etcetc) that cost significantly less, but were not mentioned on this site. My faith has now been tested.