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10 Food Souvenirs from Germany

Mustard in a 'toothpaste' tube is sort of an odd way to put it. We Germans put lots of things into tubes. It's cool and convenient. In my fridge right now I have 4 tubes: Senf, Anchovy paste, tomato paste and Harissa (
The more the merrier! BTW, we have mayonaise in a tube in Germany as well!
My favorite - can't live without - German candy are Katzenpfoetchen made by Katjes. The BEST licorice on the planet!

10 Food Souvenirs from Germany

Mustard in a 'toothpaste' tube is sort of an d way to put it. We Germans put lots of things into tubes. It's cool and convenient. In my fridge right now I have 4 tubes: Senf, Anchovy paste, tomato paste and Harissa (
The more the merrier

"I only have 1 item. Can I sneak ahead of you?"

Liverwurst: Love it or hate it?

I grew up in Germany loving Leberwurst and still love it. Then I learned that it is really good on white raisin bread (not cinnamon raisin!) which is how my sister's family eats it, a Sunday brunch tradition. Don't knock it till you've tried it. Yum

Taste Test: Microwavable Popcorn

I will have try the brown bag method because I have been using the bowl method and it involves plastic wrap, which I worry about in the miocrowave. I put the popcorn kernels into a ceramic bowl and spray it with oil, (you can sprinkle on some salt too) cover with the plastic wrap. Poke in a few holes with a knife and set the microwave on 4 minutes. This makes lovely popcorn but the bowl ends up being VERY hot. Use a potholder! I use this method because as an old hippie I like nutritional yeast and soysauce on my popcorn.

Help! Keeping the kitchen cool in the summer

So my very first thought when I saw this topic was of course:
If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen! by which I mean--design your meals to be made in a cooler space. You can set up a mini Weber on the sidewalk if you have to but DO NOT turn on that oven. When in the kitchen cooking in the buff is good, but wear an apron so as to not burn any vital parts. Your BF might enjoy that look too :-)
There are so many great summer recipes like gazpacho and cool salads and gravlax (made in the firdge), fruitsoup (made in the blender), etc, etc

The Best Way to Reheat Pizza

Cold pizza is great but only if there is some flat beer around too. GO ALL THE WAY.
I heat my pizza in a dry cast iron pan over medium heat. It's perfect!!!

I need suggestions for new and different raw veggies to munch on

@S.Martel In addition to @AnnieNT's suggestions... They often have Kohlrabi at Russo's in Watertown, MA.
Suppposedly Kohlrabi also very easy to grow yourself (I have not tried). I believe it's a fall crop.
This may help:

I need suggestions for new and different raw veggies to munch on

You are all awesome, thank you!!

I need suggestions for new and different raw veggies to munch on

@hmw0029, you are my kind of person because you know about kohlrabi...I forgot how good that are raw. Thank you, I am off to a good munching start.

Living and Eating in Germany

Christel will be hungry no more!! Bitte, bitte!

Living and Eating in Germany

hungrychristel Make your own! I just started to do so with a yogurt maker and buttermilk. It's the real thing.
I use the large mason jars and three quarts of buttermilk. Makes about 1200g Quark which keeps in the fridge for over a week. LIFE IS ALMOST COMPLETE! Jetzt brauch ich nur noch das gute Brot!!

Living and Eating in Germany

Any Wild (game)
Smoked fish and also Schillerlocken from the Nordsee or weekly market fishstand. Fischbroetchen (also Nordsee).
Frikadellen (meatballs you can eat on the go)
At the bakery also 'Apfelkuchen vom Blech' (the flat apple cake with sugar glaze) in addition to the above mentioned Zwetschenkuchen and anything else incl the savory stuff if it looks good to you. Erdbeerkuchen is in season now (strawberry cake)
Milka, Rittersport, and if you are a licorice (black) lover you must have Katjes Katzenpfoetchen. 'White chocolate Crispy' (Nestle I think)
For at home add some Cremespinat (creamed spinach) from the freezer section of the grocery store to your meal. It's so yummy with the good patatoes and a Spiegelei (sunny side egg). This was one of my favorite simple childhood luncheons.
If you go to the north have some 'Lapskaus' (mashed potatoes with corned beef hash) and some Kohl und Pinkel (a fall favorite of kale with a barley pork sausage)
I could go on for ever...

Foodie game

I want to get to the 'I'cause I think it's really hard , so
Dark chocolate
Elephant ears (the pasrty also known as palm ears) or Edamer
Figs or Fontina
Ice cream

(this makes me wonder if we could do a cheese alphabet next....)

'Slice' Poll: Pineapple Pizza - Way or No Way?

WAY, and even better is pineapple and sauerkraut...don't knock it till you try was a favorite, on ww crust at the IDC in the early '80s.

Salty & Sweet

Along this vein, fresh pepper enhances the flavor of strawberries when you eat them plain.

The Crisper Whisperer: Strawberry Vanilla Agua Fresca

In my experience everything is good with a dash of bubbly!!

The Best Macaroni and Cheese in New York City

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Hits America

TommySalami I totally agree!

Our Peeps Diorama: Street Food Vendor Peeps

Here is this year's article from the Post

I am saving my last 5 orange peeps until they are a little stale before I EAT them.

Which is your Favorite/Least Favorite Culinary Herb?

Dill it is today for me. Dill in my cucumber salad and dill when I make gravlax. Dill pickles, yum. It rocks.
(I am just not like )

How do you brew your coffee?

Mushroom broth expired 9/09 - use or lose?

Definitely use it if unopened. To a degree expiration dates are just randomly made up to make you buy more (unless we are talking about that unopened ketchup bottle one of my family members brought to a potluck in 2009. Exp. date 1996---it had a weird overly dark color that made us suspicious. The bringer used it though, shrugging "but it tastes fine"...yeah, right)
Yours isn't even a year old yet :-) Just a babe.

Have Cardamom Left Over, Need New Ideas to Use It

I assume you have the powder, not the pods?
I once made a pineapple upside down cake with cardamom. It was amazing. I just googled that and there are quite a few recipes for it. Here is one

Lenten Sacrifices

A friend of mine has given up 'the second drink'. I thought that was very clever and creative, and I think it's a true sacrifice for a devoted microbrew dude like him.

I need suggestions for new and different raw veggies to munch on

I love to bring raw veggies to work to munch on but I seem to be stuck in a carrots and celery rut with an occassional red pepper thrown in. Can you give me some ideas for expanding my repertoire. I prefer to have the veggies be preppable at home and suitable as finger foods (tomatoes are only eligible in the bite size varieties). Tzatziki is my preferred dipping companion.
I live in Cambridge, MA and have good access to fresh produce.
Yes, I am open to trying the exotic too!

20 Fun Sandwiches for Your Sack Lunch

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Foodie game

Just for abit of fun. The object of this game is too simple, start at the letter A and post a food beginning with each letter keep going all through the alphabet. I don't know if its being done on... More

Time for a Drink: Painkiller

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Quark Cheesecake

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Taco Seasoning

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