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12 Great Dishes Under $10 in West Town, Chicago

THIRD on the D'amato's Pizza. Stupid-good. I have no idea what they're doing to it, but somehow inside of each slice, all lines between cheese, sauce, and dough are broken; all are one, and you are one with it as well. It's like COSMOS inside of your mouth.

Where is the Best Sushi in Chicago?

Macku on Clybourn is stupid good, refined, and creative to boot.

Staff Picks: What's Your Favorite Soup in Chicago?

HANDS SO FAR DOWN THEY'RE IN THE GROUND: Sweet potato lobster soup at Macku Sushi.

A Sandwich a Day: Italian Beef at Johnnie's Beef

Yeah Josh - the intro reads confusing - like you're telling people not to make the mistake of going there period...

Anyway, you are dead right - Johnnie's is spectacular beef. It's the one thing I miss from an awful 1hr-plus commute i used to take out to Addison, IL. Man, I miss that beef & italian ice...

A Sandwich a Day: The 3XL Corned Beef at Vienna Beef

Hey Josh - your dark rye looks like spinach bread and the beef a bit grey and dead... I'm guessing that's not really the case and your pic needs to get it's white balance/hues tweaked. Not doing good things for my appetite... looks blegch.

Deep Fried Chicago: Pleasant House Bakery

I recommend Corcoran's (old town) Fish and Chips. I'm not sure that it has hit on all cylinders every time I've gotten it, but when it's on, it's really on.

Is Little Goat TRULY a diner?


Yeah, for cereal, guys - I know that there are certain agreed upon standards, rules, and regulations that we all must live by - social contract and everything - but must we be sooo exclusive about the definition of a diner?!

I thought that Serious Eats is a friendly place where all are welcome - where snobbery is mostly eschewed in the face of plain 'ol good-food-discourse; a place for the enjoyment of all - workingman, or, white collar - just like a DINER! Can't we be a little more inclusive?

Clearly, I've been losing my bet, for the most part. Somebody throw me a frickin' bone here, people...


The Pizza Lab: Foolproof Pan Pizza

I read the title of this article - and I was totally about to instantly start talking trash like - "foolproof pan pizza is impossible since pan pizza is for fools" - but then I started reading your childhood recollection of the perfect pan pizza - and of course, I could only think "I'm an ass" - Kenji - the heart you put into serious eats makes all the difference!!

Staff Picks: 8 Great Chicken Dishes in Chicago

Kalamata Chicken at The Athenian Room! Juicy and savory chicken on top a load of greek fries soaked in that soul satisfying vinegary greek sauwce. Mmmmm....


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