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Cook the Book: 'The Pioneer Woman Cooks'

Pioneer Woman Cooks, Amateur Gourmet, and Serious Eats. In no particular order :)

Wig & Pen Offers an Iowa City Twist to Stuffed Pizza

iahawk89 is right about Pagliai's. Best pizza in Iowa City, hands down.

And when you're in Iowa City again, be sure to check out:
- Airliner (an Iowa City tradition. There's a booth named after Tom Brokaw, who dined there several times, and they have a delicious thin crust)
- The Wedge Pizzeria (some of the best specialty creations. delicious.)
- the new Mesa Pizza (caters to the drunk crowd, but some innovative and pretty good topping combos)

Threadless T-Shirt Giveaway: A Piece of Cake

The Cake Doctor cookbook has a recipe for boxed cake that substitutes melted ice cream for the liquids. I love to make devils food with melted Ben & Jerry's Half Baked – then, there are chunks of brownie and chunks of chocolate chip cooking INSIDE your devils food!

(White cake mix with melted Ben & Jerry's Pistachio Pistachio is a good choice, too…)

Threadless T-Shirt Giveaway: Baron VonFunburger's Haunted Castle Cavalcade

Chick-Fil-A's chicken sandwich – perfect combination of pickles and chicken and soft bun.

Cook the Book: Grill Every Day

Grilled corn on the cob and pasta salad

Cook the Book: Nigella Express

Freezing homemade chicken stock to use in virtually anything later. So much better than the canned kind!

Cook the Book: Win a Copy of 'Cook with Jamie'

My grandma really spiked my interest, teaching me a few basics and some special recipes of hers. Since then, it's all been just me experimenting and learning.


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