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The Makings of Mi Quang, Central Vietnam's Must-Eat Noodle Dish

A whirlwind tour of Da Nang's incredible Vietnamese street food left me with all sorts of cravings, but one dish wouldn't get out of my head: mi quang. Part soup, part salad, it's rich with chicken broth and rice noodles, freshened up with crunchy vegetables, and topped with everything from chicken to shrimp to snakehead fish. I had to learn how to make it. More

Where to Eat Outdoors in Washington, DC, 2014 Edition

After a stubborn winter, you can be sure that everyone who can in DC will be out and lining up for every available seat on roof decks and patios. From scenic roofs to hipster beer gardens to historic, secluded courtyards, Washington has more than enough outdoor dining real estate to accommodate its Vitamin D-starved public. We picked 10 of our favorite outdoor dining spots for you to check out. More

Where to Go for Happy Hour in Washington, DC

Sure, there are bars with dollar PBRs or cheap, passable wings; those are a dime a dozen. But these Washington, DC happy hours are excellent on their own merits. Looking for a discounted impeccably curated beer list? Cheap well-made cocktails? There's a happy hour for you somewhere in town. Here's our guide to the best options. More

A Sandwich a Day: Mike Isabella's Chicken Parm at G, in Washington DC

A chicken parm is the kind of sandwich that's pretty delicious no matter how it's prepared, and even a bad one is still going to be pretty good. You can't really go wrong with fried chicken, mozzarella, tomato sauce, and bread. So elevating the familiar deli classic is best done by approaching it from a place of subtlety, lest you undermine the essential qualities that make it great. At Mike Isabella's latest project, G Sandwich Shop, his iteration of the Chicken Parm ($11) is immediately recognizable, but augmented just enough to make it its own delicious beast. More

How Derek Brown of Washington DC's Eat the Rich Pairs Drinks With Oysters

"Gin, Champagne, and crisp white wines are the triumvirate of great oyster pairings." So says Derek Brown of DC's The Passenger and the more recent Mockingbird Hill. Hot off of a mission to spread the good wood about sherry at the latter, Brown has now turned his sights on oysters. Adding another stone to his ever-expanding empire two doors down from Mockingbird Hill is the newly minted Eat the Rich. More

Where to Eat on 14th Street: 7 Places We Love in Washington, DC

If you've been paying attention to the food scene in the District this year, you'll have noticed a trend: Week after week of restaurant openings on 14th St. have flooded one of DC's already busiest corridors with even more options for diners. From massive, high profile operations like Le Diplomate to tiny, independent shops like Etto, there's something new on virtually every corner. Here's a selection of our favorites. More

The Food Lab: Miso Ramen With Crispy Shredded Pork and Burnt Garlic Sesame Oil

A Slice of Kenya: Building a Pizzeria in Nairobi, Part 1

Really wishing this place will open by the next time I'm in Kenya for work! Any info on where in Nairobi this will be located exactly?

First Look: Sherry and Ham at Mockingbird Hill, Washington DC

@Spaghetti Memoirs - Glad you had a good time! Chantal is the best.

First Look: Victor Albisu's Del Campo in Washington DC

@zakalwe - Bear in mind that each of those cuts is 10-12 ounces each. There's nothing in the photo to compare it to, but it's actually a very large board and meant for sharing.

So This Exists: Spherified Sake Dai-drop at Daikaya, Washington DC

@ryomuffin - Ah, whoops! Thanks for the correction.

First Look: The Izakaya at Daikaya in Washington D.C.

@frayed - Thanks for pointing that out! The menu there is the drinks menu.

Snapshots from Tanzania: Zanzibar's Street Markets

Good catch @XXDavidsonXX! Thanks.

10 Vietnamese Dishes You Must Eat at Eden Center in Falls Church, VA

@sobriquet Pho Sate is fantastic! So is Eden Center in general.

Washington, DC: The Flavor-Packed Cheeseburger from Palena Cafe

Hey guys-I agree that that photo does make the burger look pretty raw, but I'm going to have to say it was at least in part due to the lighting. I can attest to the fact that it was actually a warm pink center. I promise Palena won't serve you raw meat. Don't let that photo deter you from trying one of the best burgers in DC!

The Serious Eats Guide To Pizza In Naples

I'm determined to go to Naples within the next 2 years.

Paulie Gee to Open a Baltimore Location with 'Pizzablogger'

Sugar Rush: Mallorcan Ensaimada at Fiola, Washington DC

It's actually a toasted vanilla pastry cream. The toasting gives it a bit of caramelization. I wouldn't have minded a little bacon in there though!

First Look: Epic Smokehouse in Arlington, VA

@smprada, @RegrettableFoodie - OK, maybe not hard to get to. Just a little out of the way. But, as a MD resident, it's kind of a hike! That's my own bias coming through I guess.

A Sandwich A Day: Cubano from the Fast Gourmet Gas Station in D.C.

Thanks, @moca78. Good catch!

Washington DC: Overdue Impressions of DC Staple 2Amys

@Humberto - That's what I was told by the staff.

@Mmmph - Don't get me wrong, I'm also a huge Pupatella fan (featured their montanara back in June). Have to give credit where it's due though - 2Amys is a DC institution.

The 15 Best Things I Ate in Japan

@Where is Lola? @J. Kenji López-Alt - I did have a bunch of other stuff, but I can't lie - I love me some ramen!

The 15 Best Things I Ate in Japan

@b_ob27 Good catch! Fixed.

Kyle Bailey's Couscous from Scratch

@fwilger - The way Chef Bailey does it is just by dipping his fingertips in the water and sprinkling it into the bowl. Just enough to start getting the semolina to clump. If it's not, sprinkle some more. If it's too damp, ease back.

Deep Dish Pies from Washington, DC's District of Pi

Check our Armands's Chicago Pizzeria. There are a few locations around DC, although I've heard that the Tenleytown location is closing.

Deep Dish Pies from Washington, DC's District of Pi

I should have mentioned that!

The deep dish pies are 9 or 12 inches. The thin crust pies are 12 or 16 inches.

I agree, they are a bit pricey.

5 Great Beer Gardens in Washington, D.C.

You guys are right. I've corrected the caption!

First Look: Sakuramen, a New Ramen Shop in Washington D.C.

Good catch, nekojita! You're right, I meant tonkotsu.

Win VIP Tickets to the Sweetlife Festival on April 28

Postcard from 1952 - Explosions in the Sky

Road-Trippers: Where Did You Go and What Did You Eat?

On my third cross country road trip (less food centered than the first two), the notable spots were Uncle John's BBQ in Chicago (rib tips!) and Arthur Bryant's BBQ in Kansas City (burnt ends!).

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